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  1. Love this car ! what has the price been dropped to if you dont mind me asking .
  2. price dropped to clear £120 need the space anyone ??????
  3. Price dropped to sell £250 wheels are in great condition after the refurb and tyres new are worth £80 each buyer must collect , or I will be coming to London on Wednesday 30th September p m me to make arrangements
  4. After a horrible time trying to sort out my mk1 escort project which has taken 2 and a half years and was still not completed I decided to bite the bullet and sell it along with my mk2 Cortina ! Here is what I purchased !!!
  5. I have for sale 5 Capri laser wheels that have just been professionally refurbished they are 6j x 13 they also come with nearly new 165/80/13 off road tyres which have only done about 150 motorway miles. They do not come with the centre caps! They are all in great condition and would make a great addition to someone's old skool ford I am located in Telford , buyer to collect , I am asking £400 Ono Pm me if interested Thanks barry
  6. Hi as promised here are some more updated pics of my MK1 2 DOOR ESCORT just sent to me by a friend..... kind regards Barry
  7. Hi guys first of all let me say that since joining this club i have managed to participate in the Midlands to Wales run 2015 and the Classic Ford Show which i enjoyed both immensely and that is mainly down to you guys! all the people that i have met and those that have given both words of wisdom and opinions. for that i thank you all Sadly and with a very heavy heart the time has come for me to let go of my old fords for a while at least !. I have The mk2 Cortina 1600E "in the almost Alan Mann colours" which has the 2.0ltr Pinto EFI engine which was originally built by a guy called Luke and has featured in 2 or 3 ford magazines . I also have my mk1 Escort 2 door which so far has had almost every panel replaced with new ones and is in the welders shop right now being almost complete. Panels ..... 2x front Mexico wings new. 2x inner wings new. front panel new complete floor pan new rear seat brace new 2 x rear arches new 2 x sills new 1 X SLAM PANEL all of these new panels are on and the shell is almost complete. Obviously i have spent money on all new parts for when the old girl was ready to put back together the list is as follows. ROOF GUTTER TRIM CHROME £34.98 EUROQUIP BLACKLINE S/STEEL BRAKE LINE HOSE KIT £44.25 AVO RS2000 HEAD LIGHT RELAY LOOM £26.99 MK1 RS2000 FUEL LINE PIPE AND GROMMET £68.98 ESCORT MK1 PANHARD ROD KIT £70.00 POWERFLEX LEAF SPRING SHACKLE MOUNTS £19.14 MK1 RS2000 ENGINE BAY HEADLIGHT W/LOOM £13.98 MK1 ESCORT 6 DIAL DASH STEEL BACK PLATE £36.99 REAR LEAF SPRING SADDLES GROUP 4 £12.95 ACCELERATOR PEDAL COVER MK1 RS2000 £14.10 FORD MK1 ESCORT SEAL KIT RUBBER doors + windows £269.00 MK1 RS2000 QUICK STEERING RACK 2.4 KIT +TRACK ROD ENDS £190.90 MK1 ESCORT RS2000 SINGLE PIECE PROP SHAFT £119.90 MK1 RS2000 FACTORY CORRECT PROPSHAFT BOLTS £15.49 MK1 ESCORT S/STEEL DOOR MIRRORS (PAIR) £44.95 MK1 ESCORT ¼ BUMPERS WITH BOLTS £172.99 MK1 RS2000 PINTO COOLANT HOSES BLACK TWIN CARBS £126.90 MK1 ESCORT REAR AXLE BUMP STOPS IN POLY £25.57 MK1 ESCORT FULL GRILL CLIP SET RS2000 £13.93 MK1 ESCORT PEDAL RUBBERS, BRAKE + CLUTCH £11.50 REAR MK1 ESCORT BUMPER SPACERS RS2000 £6.39 MK1 RS2000 WIPER ARMS S/STEEL £36.14 MK1 RS2000 WIPER BLADES £36.14 MK1 RS2000 FRONT COIL SPRINGS 170LB -2” £50.00 MK1 RS2000 FRONT BUMPER SPACERS £14.10 TRACK CONTROL ARMS RH +LH MK1 ESCORT £45.99 MK1 ESCORT 7” SEALED BEAM HALOGEN CONVERSION KIT £99.99 MK1 RS2000 REAR LEAF SPRING SHACKLES £26.94 MK1 ESCORT ROLL BAR ANTI DIVE KIT £49.94 MK1 RS2000 ANTI TRAMP KIT £67.94 MK1 ESCORT DOOR SEALS X2, BOOT SEAL X1 RUBBER KIT £37.00 ACCUSPARK ADJUSTABLE REV LIMITER 4 CYL CARS £37.90 MK1 BOOT AND BONNET BOLT SET RS2000 £6.99 MK1 ESCORT S/STEEL DOOR HINGE PINS £7.59 MK1 ESCORT DOOR CHECK STRAP PINS S/STEEL £5.69. Mk1 ESCORT REVERSE LIGHTS NOS LIGHTS £53.00 Escort AVO adjustable rear Mk1 shocks £155.00 MK1 ESCORT PEDAL BOX +CLUTCH ATTACHMENTS £36.00 MK1 ESCORT IGNITION WIRING LOOM £26.00 MK1 ESCORT IGNITION BARREL AND KEY £98.88 MK1 ESCORT -2 INCH LOWERING BLOCKS+ U BOLTS £27.42 Total £2258.53 And that total is without all the panels welders fees and of course the car was sand blasted when i first purchased it. I purchased the car as a running car so all of the other bits are there aswell . it would take someone to finish the little bit of fitting/welding and then put it back together again there is a full wiring loom that comes with the car and it cam off of a mk1 escort that was running a pinto engine. I also have a pair of black almost perfect condition original mk1 escort seats to go with it , back seats and rear roll cage. I will add some Pictures at the bottom of this post but please bare in mind that i am just waiting for the welder to send me some updated photos the ones of the Escort were taken 2nd May. alternativly if you look on Retards Club at paint wizards hes profile pic is of an orange and white VW camper you can see the pictures he has posted, he is also a body work / painter too so if you wanted him to complete then im sure you could come to some kind of arrangement. There is also a HARRIS 2.1 PINTO on running twin 45S that still obviously hasnt been fitted yet as is still in the same condition that i picked it up from Jeff and James. i supplied the 45s and the Harris`s did the rest. you can see the engine on this forum in the HPE thread As i reluctantly sit here writing this post i am still racking my brain as to find other ways of finding the money i need , but i cant, and yes im sure i will regret it once its all gone!!!!!! Okay down to the nitty gritty everything must go as a one off deal, "how to put a price on it all? £16000 BUYS THE LOT OVNO I AM OPEN TO VERY SENSIBLE OFFERS AND EVERYTHING MUST GO TOGETHER i SHOULD BE GETTING SOME MORE PICS SENT TO ME OVER THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS AS THE WINGS ARE NOW ON AND AS I SAID THESE WERE TAKEN MAY2ND, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CHECK OUT THE Retards Club PAGE "PAINT WIZARDS" AS I AM AWAY AT THE MOMENT ITS BETTER WE CORRESPOND ON HERE OR ON MY EMAIL bazoffshore@hotmail.co.uk ANY VIEWING CAN BE ARRANGED FOR INTERESTED PARTIES ONLY PLEASE, ALL THE BEST GUYS . Barry. will end up on EBAY but thought i would put it up here first , i am sure i have forgotten some new parts i have purchased but as you can see there is a lot. I AM IN THE WEST MIDLANDS (TELFORD)
  8. NO !!!!!!!! and Guess what its not the real Alan Mann car either!!!!!!!!!!!! dont you just love those people who point out the bloody obvious. it doesnt have the same number! It has 4 doors! and to be honest im not even sure that they are the same shades of red or gold!, but ill tell you something that does happen is that 98% of people that are old enough to know who Alan Mann racing team is , say " thats a really nice Cortina and done in Alan Mann colours". I guess people may be forgiven for thinking such things especially if they do not happen to have a photo of the original AM car on them. ask people to think of a colour of a double decker bus? 99% will say red, although there are lot of other colours too.
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