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    MK1 Escort Ignition Wiring

    Thanks Guys Had it spinning again by shorting the solenoid and its a bit slow but OK. There is no continuity from the battery lead to the +ve of the dynamo so it looks like the link may be down. I'll decide what to do over a beer tonight. Not sure that I want to break into the loom just to get the motor running. Thanks again Russ
  2. Rodintee

    MK1 Escort Ignition Wiring

    Hi Ray Good info there. I suspected there must be some form of circuit protection. Bit of a pain if it's in the loom but there you go. My cars running a dynamo. Is the 12v present in that case also? In reluctant to buy a starter as I wont be using the engine but do want to check if it runs before deciding what to do with it. Do you know which end of the loom is best to open up to find the link? Thanks for the help. Russ
  3. Hi Everyone Though I better say hello formally. I have posted in the MK1/2 technicals just but then remembered the intro section. My wife insists it's a midlife crisis. I've only gone and bought a left hooker 1973 MK1 to rebuild with (or without) my son. I previously (late 80's) had a couple of MK1's and was quite into the scene working at a small shop / engine builders in Chorley, Lancs. I moved on and went to university and had to get sensible. Only lasted to the end of my course when I found an X plate 2.8i in a garage in Staffordshire. Rebuilt it then built a B plate turbo technics Capri. Wish I still had it !!. Anyway now got a series 2 XJ Jag but wanted something to play with and encourage the lad in to some tinkering. Hence the MK1. Needs some relatively minor work body wise plus LHD to RHD conversion. Considering engine options - maybe Zetec but my daily is a 2.3 Duratec mondeo. Would be a nice option if some kind sole will write it off for me. No doubt lots of posts to come. The forum seems a mine of good information. I'll try to document what I get up to. A photo below of George in the car the other day. At the moment the plan of action is; 1. Get the x/f running to assess it's condition. 2. Remove engine / box and strip engine bay. 3. Remove interior and store. 4. RHD conversion 5. Front end repairs including itdying inner wings / flitch plates, mex wings, new front panel and wiper swap. Then we'll see. Thanks all. Russ
  4. Morning All Probably the first of many posts. Having been lurking for a while I have recently taken the plunge and bought myself (and my 11 yr old son) an imported MK1 to rebuild. The car is in pretty good state but does of course need some work. Whilst I have no intention of running the existing 1300 x/f it would be good to get it started so I can assess it's condition for potential sale or storage. Initially when battery power was applied the ingnition light would illuminate and the various bits and bobs worked OK but no starter at all. I removed the starter and found it pretty seized up. It's been freed off and now bench tests fine. Note this is a pre-engaged type. Yesterday afternoon I refitted it and had a cranking engine. It was cranking a bit slow so I removed the plugs and tried again. Engine was spinning fine for about 10 seconds then the solenoid was heard to click out and everything stopped. Now I have no ignition light at all. Some equipment such as heater fan works when the key is in position 2 but other such as headlamp flash doesn't. I have checked fusing in the engine bay fuse box- all good. Is there an inline fuse anywhere that could be at fault? Any suggestions as to what to look at? Thanks Russ