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  1. oh vista your post today at 10.32am nobodys shunned what a crock of crap,if someone has an opinion on here either you or another moderator change what they have wrote and don't deny it!.if someone tries to answer back in the only way they can they get a warning point. the only reason who ever put that article in that mag was if they put their point forward on here they would have lots of nasty people like yourself ganging up on them. so come on then change my profile pic again,change my post again or use threating language in a private message again scott you really are a hypocrite
  2. its easy for someone to change their name,
  3. mikehunt

    mk3 escort

    I don't understand the neg comments surely a 34year old car is a classic
  4. mikehunt

    mk3 escort

    no problem with me but the mk3 escort seems to upset a few on here
  5. mikehunt

    mk3 escort

    so looking at your replies a mk3 escort wouldn't be out of place on osf ?
  6. I stopped buying cf its got far to many adverts in it
  7. I think if they start to cater for ALL CLASSIC FORDS I know I will sign up
  8. mikehunt

    mk3 escort

    its not about me or my point just wanted to see what other CLASSIC fords fans thought
  9. mikehunt

    mk3 escort

    mk3 escort classic car or not ,34 year old car,on classic car insurance and fords first hot hatch the xr3 what do you think
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