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  1. ok folks thankyou, pics an prices to veemax77@gmail.com please
  2. 1 or 2 Essex V6 rocker covers wanted please condition not too important, either side or a pair, i'm in Newark but can pay post.....Cheers
  3. Just cleaned a Nikki carb i got for the cortina to play with for time being, filled the carb with fuel on the bench to test float level an check for leaks as not been used for yrs, anyway tried the throttle lever action an noticed there is no squirt down the venturi from the accelerator pump like the webers an zenith carbs do, the pump valve is going up an down ok an nothing on the carb seems worn out or perished?, or am i wrong that the carb needs vacume or draw down the throat with engine running to cycle the accelerator pump circuit? or is it strip down again an see if the pump valve has something missing or broke?
  4. I'll measure the rack arms when it comes back from reconditioner in kent, heres a pic of it when i got it off
  5. Thanks Fella, so probably back to stick on Ford ones ................
  6. Ok I looked at loads of struts for sale yesterday at the Cortina nationals show, these legs are Escort, the rack is capri, so We have now just got to sort out which track rod ends to buy?, as the rod ends on the car didnt fit the taper hole in the strut properly
  7. have a look the plastic spacer didnt crack when you tightened it up?, blue hylomar or grease for me
  8. I'd still need some sprung steel to make the mount clips, I've not even found anything about Carmona wheels on the Net?, they likely magnesium mix as they are very light, 6x13 an look like minilites, but printing a good idea
  9. Mmmm trouble is, TCA's are adjustable ones and the xmember is part modified, engine mounts welded to chassis rails
  10. so did I, but seller reckons front end is Capri?, the rack is, but i'm not sure about the legs
  11. Pre xflow dizzy's were lucas 25D, should fit xflow i would of thought
  12. I need 2 of these alloy centre caps for my minilite style wheels, anybody help or clues as to where?
  13. A Mate has bought back an old car of his from yrs ago, 2.8 V6 cologne with a carb in it, should be back on the road in a month or so, full refurb start in the winter. does anyone recognise the front legs xmember, rack, brakes seem to be capri, so thinking the struts are too, any ideas chaps?
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