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  1. early mk1 bumpers wanted, surface finish not too important but rust free and straight please th.jfif
  2. the thing i dont like about replacement LED bulbs is you have to be spot on directly looking at them to get the brightness, std old car light lenses reflectors rely on the all round glow of a candecant bulb, so from other drivers view yr lights hardly show up
  3. hello could you send Me a pic of them for a courier to price transport and the postcode for collection thankyou
  4. i tried Led bulbs in mine and no good, you will need resisters or a new led flasher unit so then you will have to put led bulbs in the rear, i've tried a few types / makes of led in my cortina and they are all useless, they do not project light the correct way to work in a candecent bulb holder / reflector, sorry but dont waste yr money
  5. Ethanol is corrosive to all non ferrous metals and rubber based parts, hydroscopic so sucks moisture in like a sponge so double crap in a boat enviroment, the xflow will run on it no problem but it will slowly eat away at fuel system, most super unleaded fuels except Shell Vpower are ethanol free but higher octane so you may have to alter ignition timing slightly?, but still use lead additive, the ethanol free super unleaded fuels are still labeld E5 by law as they may have trace elements of ethanol from cross contamination from delivery tankers. if yr engine dont like higher octane petrol use a ethanol killer addative with std fuel, I use Motorex ethanol booster in all my classics even the mower and in a few yrs not had any problems, even Toolstation sell an ethanol addative now
  6. should have a metal tag on slam panel i would of thought with paint code stamped in it?
  7. set of 5 knock on wire wheels, with new hubs and spinners, drilled for Ford 4x108 pcd, the spline is std MGB, loads of meat left to redrill anothe pcd, tyres are good, £495 the set, the hubs an spinners cost nearly £400 so dont take the piss with silly offers thankyou, collection is from Sutterton lincs, please note these are 14"
  8. actually it seems the hubs an spinners cost more that that, but He said to Haggle with you so how about £465 ?
  9. sorry but the hubs n spinners cost nearly that, but i will ask my friend in france who owns them about yr offer?
  10. 5 wheels with good tyres, 14" and 4x108 ford pcd hubs and new spinners, enough meat on the hubs to redrill to other PCD's?, £500 ovno the hubs an spinners werent cheap, I think the splines are originally MG type not jag, collection from Sutterton Lincs, I may be able to deliver to west sussex / hampshire borders
  11. yes i understand Vista, but surely it only really applies to people who are still wanting to get MOT exemption?, this We wont be doing,
  12. If We do DT yr be the first to know 😆
  13. Vista, i'm still not getting what your point was? " Rwd conversion will almost certainly fall foul of the rules on radically altered vehicles" fall foul of who's rules?
  14. 80BB is surely Mk3 Escort 120E parts are Corsair and may have been used in Mk 1 Cortina
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