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  1. actually it seems the hubs an spinners cost more that that, but He said to Haggle with you so how about £465 ?
  2. sorry but the hubs n spinners cost nearly that, but i will ask my friend in france who owns them about yr offer?
  3. 5 wheels with good tyres, 14" and 4x108 ford pcd hubs and new spinners, enough meat on the hubs to redrill to other PCD's?, £500 ovno the hubs an spinners werent cheap, I think the splines are originally MG type not jag, collection from Sutterton Lincs, I may be able to deliver to west sussex / hampshire borders
  4. yes i understand Vista, but surely it only really applies to people who are still wanting to get MOT exemption?, this We wont be doing,
  5. If We do DT yr be the first to know 😆
  6. Vista, i'm still not getting what your point was? " Rwd conversion will almost certainly fall foul of the rules on radically altered vehicles" fall foul of who's rules?
  7. 80BB is surely Mk3 Escort 120E parts are Corsair and may have been used in Mk 1 Cortina
  8. First drive off the trailer, We had a working clutch / gears and brakes 👍 the engine soon cleaned up and sounded lovely a few minutes later 20210626_152320.mp4
  9. Not old enough yet anyway Vista so Were not bothered, not latest red V5 no
  10. Yeh We are amazed how rot free it is!!!
  11. Start Ya Barstad 😆 VID-20210626-WA0021.mp4
  12. Helped My Son the other day Rescue (drag out) this Mk1 out of a hidden down hill drive way, the cars been grown in for 7 yrs!, I think the owners kids had been dancing on the roof!! it was the only part of the car you could really see at first viewing, anyway the owner cleared the hedges an undergrowth and We arrived mob handed, Transit van an trailer, Landy 90 with winches an set about dragging it out the garden, the tyres pumped up but wheels seized!, a few lump hammer whacks and we were rolling, 20 yd drag up hill with the winch then the Landy pulled it out on the road and We got it on the trailer, back to My Son's work yard We set about seeing if it would have any life?, batteyr on we had some ignition an lights but engine would not turn? seemed solid!!!!!, anyway it had oil and clean antifreeze in it so plugs out sprayed loads of anti sieze down the bores an decided time to wrap up, put tools away an I thought lets just try the key one more time? Hey up the bugger spun over an gave oil pressure!!!!, plugs back in but no fire, turned out the small carbon brush in the dizzy had fell out (prob why the car got parked up in first place?), repaired dizzy cleaned points, air filter off and spun engine again, with some brake cleaner the bugger only went an fired up, put some fuel in it unsiezed the accelarator pump on the carb and hey presto within 2 hrs of rescue it was now running and actually driving!!!!! pics an vids to follow, now the question is what route to take with the car?, I told my son i have a Mk3 cortina 2.0 pinto an box he can have so lets RWD it, He's thought about it but not sure He'll go for it?, we'll see later ay. He has since give the car a clean and looking like a bit of welding at battery tray next to turret and a foot patch on Passenger rear door sill, hardly any rust at all!!!!!
  13. Not sure We're gonna get the dents out so maybe looking for a roof to replace it?
  14. My Metal Guru mate made Me some Spring perches for My Cortina. put some pics on Feckbook and lots of Peeps asked for some, So we made a batch, these are actually Mk1 Cortina English axle replica's which are not available anywhere?, but will also fit Escort axle just cut the shock mount off, These are £45 a pair inc Uk std post.
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