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  1. We visited the JLR factory last year and watched robots assemble F-Types. floor pan just glued to the upper body, and done in seconds. Quite how you'll repair it if it's 2040 and you're restoring one I don't know.
  2. ...and having to get off the couch to go to the telly and change channel.
  3. How do you explain that to young children now "1970s Dad wasn't your friend but a slightly remote authority figure who earned the money, had a mostly separate social life to the family, and gave out physical punishment."
  4. I still use that, have an exam in the autumn.
  5. A good turn out of Cortinas. Sorry I couldn't make it, I spent today pressure testing my engine - no nearer knowing what's wrong
  6. The time has come. While driving to Rawspeed in Plymouth the rocker cover bolts came loose. On the Tour of the Moor the tie rods came loose. I found the alternator bolts loose while preparing to drive to Scotland and had the indignation of the crank pulley bolt coming use on the way to Scotland. So something is definitely wrong, I'll have a chat with Mike on Monday with a view to balancing the crank all in one.
  7. When I was looking at changing from a standard Ford master cylinder with servo to bias pedal box, the guy who was going to do the work suggested an electric booster for the front circuit only - to replace the vacuum servo and help with front/rear bias. The other idea we had was to change to a Transit turbo diesel alternator which has a vacuum pump on the rear for running the brakes. I haven't actually done any changes yet though, so can't give any more info.
  8. It looks like you let Storm drive for a bit in this photo!
  9. No, there's usually more Cortinas wanting to exhibit than places.
  10. True, most cars are in very nice condition. But it is often the wreck of a car, pre-restoration or whatever that gets the most interest from people. You can get desensitised to row after row of beautiful cars. Last year there was a Fiat Panda 4x4 painted in army green and absolutely covered in mud. Looked good and got interest.
  11. Yup, whichever date you choose will clash with something.
  12. But it was a top effort to limp home and return later with a new cable fitted!
  13. Hello! We're doing a magazine write-up for the event, but we didn't get a chance to speak to all of the participants. Except that I know a lot of people face-to-face but don't know what everyone's user name is. So if your car is in this list would you mind sending me a message and we can pose some questions to you for the write-up - nothing too onerous, just name, car model and a few words about car's history. Thanks! CAF577K FLC154C JGK217T JNO693V JVH880S LEU367P LFX36G TEB808S UKO232H Red Mk1 Escort RS with "Sou
  14. Yup, big thanks to Chris and Scott for all their effort. We had a great time.
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