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  1. Coming tomorrow come and see you
  2. My mk2 van with pinto and type 9
  3. Smith and deakin one of best fitting. Only need about 10 mm taking off around the top lip.had about 4 off them
  4. Kyb do a gas insert think its listed for 3lt capri. Ride good. Unscrew top of your strut remove old unit bit of clean fit new inserts
  5. Just download pictures Brilliant marcel. Thanks for sharing
  6. Was decent show easier for me to get to.not bad getting out .definitely room for improvement. One bridge was a bit awkward especially when buying parts .then the rain came .Nice to catch up with a few faces though
  7. Im coming sunday to classic ford Got 3 mk2 racks bringing with me.not new but all good
  8. Not been to Ford fair for 3 years. Nearly all modern stuff lines of blue grèen red white 😂😂
  9. I'm going in my escort van to new venue because it's closer for me santa pod was good 2 hours in normal car plus getting in and out..be first time on club stand .got cumbria weekend after
  10. Kyb do a gas insert .that fits in bilstein .think on ebay for about £90. Think listed as 3lt capri. Been there done that with billys too hard
  11. mk1del

    Street Outlaws ...

    Would love to go to sema ,hmm see what next year brings
  12. Looks good, different set of wheels would set it off, have you seen the lotus copy john brown wheels do
  13. Have you tried graham at g's escorts , or Darren at escort Tec
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