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  1. mk1del

    Street Outlaws ...

    Would love to go to sema ,hmm see what next year brings
  2. Looks good, different set of wheels would set it off, have you seen the lotus copy john brown wheels do
  3. Have you tried graham at g's escorts , or Darren at escort Tec
  4. Brilliant, bless her that could be anyone of us at that age, glad to see still go her sense of humour,26years in a nursing home though scary thought
  5. Section in classic car weekly ,same thing ethanol in unleaded fuel rotting fuel pipes stored over winter, something we should all check
  6. mk1del


    have you tried longstone tyres at bawtry
  7. If only life would be much easier ?
  8. Think found problem with mine,the spacer has got a ridge at the top not allowing the nut and top mount to tighten down to the top of spring cup, had to space between strut top and lower part of rbtm ,then drill the lip ridge off top spacer allowing it to tighten down further get them back on tomorrow and see what happens
  9. Same problem .got mine from historic rally spares. First time out tonight. Both knocking done my head in. Just back wheels cracked off and jacked up ready for tomorrow evening going to take off and see what problem is
  10. My mate has pre ordered a new focus RS red edition,300 made ,he has now decided to sell the pre order car will be ready 22nd April Will obviously be a 18 reg pm me and give you his number very serious enquires only and doesn't tolerate timewasters
  11. Just seen on rallye sport escort forum fast Eddie has been admitted to hospital with heart problems, just sending best wishes and get well soon. to fellow enthusiast ? So he can get this car finished
  12. Do another test or get a competent garage to do it , personally dealing with pintos over the years, I would expect 140psi just ok to 180psi good Anything close leave alone if runs good
  13. Try gs escorts ,escort tec or place called edf restos Should get numbers off Google
  14. mk1del

    Slurp, #Heineken

    I don't think he's impressed ?
  15. That was price for a gallon then not a litre
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