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  1. Sorry been slow I can't open the messages and can't even see them text me on 07772 337965 matt
  2. I've got one but I'm in Hertfordshire
  3. Looking for a good mk2 transt bonnet thanks in advance Matt 07772 337965
  4. No problem dt36 I haven't got one anyway .I don' t have the linkage sorry and yes mate carbs still for sale
  5. I be in the garage tomorrow afternoon so will check for you mate
  6. I check tomorrow and get back to you
  7. Hi all having a bit of a clear out so I post as I find stuff so here goes weber 33/36 carb on pinto manifold £45. Cam cover £25. Pinto lifting hooks £15. Old style plastic air cleaner £25. Also I've got a totally bare 205 block £25 (sorry no photo at mo ) I'm in tring Hertfordshire prefer collection but can post at your cost any questions feel free to ask or phone Matt 07772 337965
  8. Sorry mate I drawn a blank we all the supplier s we use
  9. I work for a tyre firm I check what's about tomorrow and let you know mate
  10. Well done mate great improvement what did you do different then ?
  11. Nick no offence ment but that car is so nice you must be gay !!! And a cossie lump so last year ...and no rust your not a real ford owner !!! Only joking you must be made up mate look forward to seeing this develop even through the very green mist
  12. Sold to slammed pending collection this weekend
  13. Sorry no pick up pipe (lost in my messy garage
  14. set of falcons 2 6x13 inch 2 6x14 inch polish up lovely no curbing. tyres old but plenty of tread and no cracks. any questions call matt 0772337965 can post at your cost or arrange own courier. £75ono
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