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  1. Agreed mk2 Mike, I have others from Exeter and Oxford wanting to come and few!!
  2. Price reduced £3,200 need space as new car coming ASAP
  3. Let me know if your still interested...... Thanks
  4. Escort mk2 4dr (unfinished project) 1.6 X-flow twin 40's 2" lower all round Ashley race system from a 4-2-1 1.6 sport running gear, (clocks, seats, badges, spoiler, glovebox etc) New front and rear rubbers, door sills, lights, 1/4 bumpers with rare clear lenses, even got the signal yellow paint all ready to spray the car with. Loads more to list...... Reason for sale, new promotion meaning I'm staying away more and not getting a chance to finish off or even work on it. £3,500 West Sussex
  5. Nope ;-( sob sob The person who was going to help me out on the spraying doesn't seem to want to help anymore!! Keeps saying we'll do it next week, then next week ( been 5-6wks since) So been saving up now and getting quotes for the spraying to be done. - got a few quotes now just need the pennies to pay for it!!
  6. Hi lee, I'm just down the road from you over Yapton/Ford way
  7. Top man I'll take the lot. That's a great help. Thank you. PayPal ok?
  8. Excellent stuff, if that's the case I'll be interested in the lot I'll wait to hear back. Thanks again
  9. Mike, I was after a set but just belts is a start / help
  10. Wanted Mk2 Escort front seatbelts What you got??
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