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  1. Really looking forward to this,been very busy on the car to get it ready,hopefully the weather will be on our side
  2. 1. Rossmk2 (Mk2 Escort) Telford 2. Rossmk2 (2.8i Capri) Telford 3. Steve Foden (Mk3 Capri) Telford 4. Rob Maeer (Mk2 Escort) Telford 5. Phil Maeer (Mk2 Escort) Telford 6. Mk2 ben (Mk5 Cortina) Telford 7. RobH (Anglia) Telford 8. Danxr2 (Mk2 Escort) Telford 9. Simon Wood (Mk2 Escort) Telford 10. Yamers (Mk2 Escort) Telford 11. Khanlad (Mk2 Escort) Telford 12. Mart67 (Mk2 Escort) Telford 13. Gabbo (Mk2 Escort) Telford 14. Stevegav (Mk2 Escort) Telford 15. 2521pf (Mk2 escort) Telford 16. Leo (Mk2 Escort) Telford 17. Popmotorsport (Mk2 Escort) Telford 18. Luke summer (Mk1 Fiesta
  3. I will be up for this if that's ok Scotty (Mk2 Escort) Telford
  4. Cheers for all your feed back on this guys,after reading this and a few reviews on the net,I'm going for the superflex ones
  5. Cheers mate,got them all out today (with a little help from my works fly press) and it makes sense when measuring them up,cheers for your help though mate
  6. Hello mate,I did exactly that with the anti roll bar,it was 20mm so fort that was the right one but fort I would double check,it's a mk2 escort,the leaf springs are still on the motor,I've tried to measure while on there,the only 60mm I found was the spring size across,so the 40mm or 42mm is the inner diameter of the spring hole?
  7. Hi all,I was wondering if someone could help me,was just looking on powerflex website at the bushes and on the anti roll bar it said 20mm or 22mm,what measurements are they taking them from? And the rear leaf spring bushes,It said 60mm but when I go on superflex web site they say 40mm or 42mm for leaf springs :-/,it's hard work being me sometimes lol. Any help would be much most great full
  8. Silverstreak how do you find them? They still alright? Have you done many miles on them? SmokEM yeah I know what your saying,just fort I would put it out there to see if anyone else has had any probs with them. I hardly do any miles,I wonder if they will be alright on mine :-/
  9. Just seen them on eBay,was wondering if anyone has tried them? Was going to get a full set for my mk2 escort
  10. Hi and welcome mate,not far from me
  11. Hi and welcome mate,look forward to seeing some pics of the mk2
  12. Hi and welcome mate,escort looks clean
  13. When I post up a pic,it some times comes up sideways :-/,plus when I go to my profile and try uploading a profile picture it comes out sideways :-/ is it my iPad? I'm not the best at this forum stuff haha.
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