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  1. Nice video. Is it still on track to be ready for Retrorides ?
  2. Personally, I think the paintwork looks cool as it is. Awesome looking Cortina.
  3. Thanks, I’ve sent you a message 👍🏻
  4. Hi All, I’m missing the sight of an escort in my garage. I’d really like a mk2 Mexico to fill the void. but I’d be also interested in either mk1 or mk2 rs2000, Mexico etc. something clean, tidy, roadworthy. Not a project, not concourse, I want to drive it. Give me me a shout if you have something tucked away. Thanks warren
  5. Hi I’m sure by now you’ve managed to find a car, but if not.....I might have something you’re interested in. olympic blue 2 door Mk1 Escort, zetec 16v, Jenveys, omex ignition, quaiffe 5 speed, tran-x diff, safety devices rollcage, discs all round. Cibies. Needs a bit doing to finish off. No welding or paint required. Just time I don’t have.
  6. I haven't driven the car in months, but if I remember correctly, it was 1 of the UJ's. after cleaning it up until it was silky smooth in operation, most of the vibration disappeared.
  7. Hi all looking for a steel dash panel to go in my mk1 escort. I currently have an all fibreglass twin cowel jobbie that I'd like to remove. It's stalling the fitment of my steering column and as per usual, whenever you want a specific item, no one is selling it on eBay
  8. Thanks for the offer Bigfish. But think I'm gonna but the prop idea on hold for now, and have a crack at the steering column and wiring loom instead
  9. Hi all Am I going about this all wrong? (All) I'm after is a propshaft for my mk1 escort running a Type 9 gearbox. So far I've purchased 2 off eBay and both have been wrong :0( In my mind mk1 escorts used the small flange and mk2's the larger flange? All type 9's had the same diameter and number of splines. So I figure an advert describing a single piece prop, compatible with a mk1 escort, running an English axle and type 9 gearbox should be a spot on. Prop number 1 arrived with the larger flange. Prop number 2 arrived with a smaller diameter input shaft. Type E? My current pro
  10. woz1976

    Geoff Lane

    Thanks all. Somebody always has an answer to a question on here
  11. woz1976

    Geoff Lane

    Hi all Anybody know if Geoffrey Lane, the original builder of my mk1 escort is on here? I have very little history of the vehicle BBY 913H. Well except for the stack of invoices I've accumulated so I took ownership
  12. I already have a prop with the correct flange. If that's the easiest way to go. What's involved to swap it over? I'm trying to cure a horrendous vibration that starts around 65mph! Been like it since I bought the car. I've swapped diffs, wheels, tyres, gearbox, gearbox mount. I'm starting to run out of ideas.
  13. Hi all I'm looking for the larger flange that bolts to the pinion on the diff. I've just bought a new prop but can't connect it up as I have the smaller flange. Cheers Wozza
  14. So a little update....... I got the gearbox back in with a couple of mates. Finished bolting it up and fitted the retro ford gearbox mount last night. This morning I took it for a quick spin, got a mile from my house and the cast bell housing cracked where the clutch cable is mounted. Gutted! Limped her home in 2nd gear and shoved it back in the garage. It must of got damaged when we were fitting it. :0(
  15. Nah, I bought it off a nice chap called Marcus. I believe he's on here somewhere. The shell was / is spot on, just lacking in the exotic goodies that an escort deserves. The Jenvies and Omex were the 2nd big purchase after the Tran-x diff. The sound they make is just gorgeous! Once the straight cut box is finally in, I'll be really happy with it. My plan was to have that sorted for Christmas Day, but now I'm aiming for New Years Day. You know how it goes. The GT you have in your signature also looks very very tidy.
  16. A little update. Got the raiser plate welded in and also purchased a better gearbox mount at the same time. Had a quick go at lifting the box back in, but I was at least 2 weetabix short of the lifting power required. With a bit of luck my little big bro will come to visit over the holidays and supply the extra muscle power!
  17. Glad you sorted it. It takes a fair few extension bars with a few wobbly joints to get the correct angle hey ;0) Hope you put a bit of loctite on the thread too.
  18. Same happened with mine. In my situation it was the nut that came loose on the back of the lock behind the barrel. I took the rear seat back out and attached loads of extension bars to a socket and poked it through 1 of the small holes in the metalwork behind the seat and a torch through another. It was a mission! Hope that helps.
  19. Thanks all. Think I might just chop the top of the tunnel, fit up the box and see what the crack is. I can always weld it back on if needs be. It'll drive me mad if the tail shaft cover on gearbox is vibrating against the top of the tunnel. Although last Sunday's welding exploits involved a trip to A&E. So wish me luck! On another note, has anyone used Retro Fords gearbox mount? I like the idea it is height adjustable, so I can tweek the height. My current affair looks a little Heath Robinson. I have mounts bolted to the car, then another set of mounts bolted to these...... And t
  20. Can I ask, do you have the alloy Quaife top plate fitted on your box? There just doesn't seem enough room to get it back in, even with the breather removed that is fitted to my box. It's an ex race box and a breather is fitted where the oil filler cap would of been.
  21. Yeah 5 speed. Excuse my ignorance. I thought all type 9's were 5 speed and the 4 speed was a type E or earlier? Learnt something new today So are you saying don't bother with a large tunnel. Will defo have to either fit raiser plate or remove gearbox breather otherwise it'll bash the top of the tunnel big time.
  22. So today's acheivement. I've finally managed to remove the type 9 from the completely std transmission tunnel. What a mare that was. God knows how the original builder got it to fit? I reckon he bolted the box up to the engine and dropped the car over the top! So before I fit my newly purchased Quaife straight cut back in, I need to make a decision on what to do with the tunnel. Do I buy Retro Fords raiser plate or chop the tunnel and fit a replacement larger gearbox tunnel? Thoughts please.
  23. That's where I am in the engine bay. Std injection and Mondeo alternator junked. Std ecu swapped for Omex and coil pack moved under inlet manifold. Tomorrow's job is to tap inlet for brake vacuum. I'm building up to that one!
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