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  1. This is a fun way of doing it lol
  2. Thanks I couldn't be happier just need to do the last little thing to it and then its mot time VID-20200518-WA0007.mp4 VID-20200518-WA0008.mp4
  3. Nice build keep up the good work
  4. Dont worrie I sorted it
  5. Have you got a link for the small stickers I need one in black for my back window
  6. Nope it just fits I drove her out the garage today for the first time
  7. The last bits are here and they fit win win
  8. Not done much more since I now have the prop cluch cable accelerator cabel just wating on a clip and a fan to finish I have now fitted the cables and the washer pipe just wating on the last few bits to finish
  9. Yes mate cant wate to go to a car show exhaust is finished
  10. Done the same sort of thing for the middle
  11. I have finally done the wireing and raped engine bay is looking abit more full the exhaust has arrived fule line are in exhaust painted just the last little bit to do now waiting for parts again if anyone has a pic so how the spedo cable and cluch cable are routed that would be a help fule tank and pipes are all plumbed in getting there now
  12. Any one have an rs2000 exhaust I dont need the manifold just the centre and the rear
  13. I have had to cut the tank from around it so there is some damage to the threads it will be ok along as it dusnt leak il try it and see what happens
  14. Any one know were I can ge one of those from or if anyone has got one I need the filter to thanks
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