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  1. Thanks mate the end is in site just a couple more thing to get
  2. Welded on my coil over kit from rally design today welds are not the best but it will do the job 1 more to go they were not to hard to do either
  3. It's a red line racing one I got all of those bits from there I have fitted it today no problem iv took some pics so you can see how it fits used the original bolt and washer he was a nice guy and seemed to no what he was talking about he has lots of bits and will make any thing you need
  4. Good productive day engine in baught some new bits
  5. Thanks starting to look like a car again
  6. Done a bit more today starting to look like a mk 2 again glass and rubbers are a pain in the ass
  7. Couldn't agree more were the pride if you just went and baught it
  8. Thanks mate couldn't be happier with the colour and the paint job got lots of bits to start putting back on this is the fun part
  9. That works for me I don't have a remote mirror I found the ones on eBay but they don't look like there the right shape might just buy one and see what they look like
  10. Any one no we're I can get new glass for my mk 2 escort mirrors
  11. It's back from paint I love the darker colour
  12. Car looks amazing love a red mk2 👍😁
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