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  1. Test fitted some bit and ported the manifold out car comes back from paint for the second time on Sat getting closer
  2. Baught some bolts from eBay for the pinto something satisfying about shiny bolts
  3. Fair enough I baught the engine of a guy that had had it in his mk 2 years ago it was rebuilt 200 miles before it was took out so I thort I'd just keep it the same the cam looked like new all iv done is had it ported
  4. Standard everything in the engine is stock
  5. Engine is going back together if had the head ported polished and converted to unleaded and got some more bits pedal box and rad witch was a bit of a bargin for £100 from eBay to be fair if it's any good ofcorse
  6. I have a head needs a rebuild and a cam but it's all there
  7. Got some more bits for the old girl got a brand new carb and some will wood 4 pot calipers
  8. Show was good lots to do just over run with plastic fiestas and focuses
  9. Engine is all cleaned up and painted just waiting for the head to come back and the alloy parts to go for soda blasting
  10. Ok kool just wounderd I'm going to camp there I'll let you no if it's any good
  11. Are we having a club stand at the ford show ?
  12. I like the idea just think it needs more organisation and maybe a better location like donington or somewhere like that
  13. Couldn't agree more total shambles people were stuck in the middle of the track for an hour and half wating to cross like the idea of it beaing a track don't like the venue they were to strict on tyre screach and slowing people down I think they need a better location it's more of a motor bike track all seemed very cheap and last minute
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