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  1. Thanks mate it's the original was going to have it white at the start but grew on me
  2. If anyone was to go iv found a club that are trying to get people for the stand just search Midlands ford owners on Still retards club
  3. Have we got a stand for the ford show at santapod I'm going was good last time I went
  4. Finally finished just wating on a steering wheel now iv done a few little drives in it starting to trust it now I had to change the carb on it it has a 38 degas fitted now iv just gon to a 32/36 carb drives like a dream finally got round to painting the roof rack now it's time to think about what's next thinking a mk 2 cortina 2 door 🤔
  5. Any one else going to ford fair on Sunday to have a look at some plastic
  6. I have to work tonight gutted I might go ford fair just for something to do go and have a look at all the orange and green focuses lol
  7. I fancy taking my car for a run this weekend I no the weather is abit crap but dying to use it now anyone no if there's and shows or runs on this week end
  8. does any one have an rs2000 diff or know the ratio of one thanks
  9. Anyone know how I work out what speedo spindel I need for my type 9 to make the speedo read right
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