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  1. Got some more bits for the old girl got a brand new carb and some will wood 4 pot calipers
  2. Show was good lots to do just over run with plastic fiestas and focuses
  3. Engine is all cleaned up and painted just waiting for the head to come back and the alloy parts to go for soda blasting
  4. Ok kool just wounderd I'm going to camp there I'll let you no if it's any good
  5. Are we having a club stand at the ford show ?
  6. Auto jumble was great btw👍
  7. I like the idea just think it needs more organisation and maybe a better location like donington or somewhere like that
  8. Couldn't agree more total shambles people were stuck in the middle of the track for an hour and half wating to cross like the idea of it beaing a track don't like the venue they were to strict on tyre screach and slowing people down I think they need a better location it's more of a motor bike track all seemed very cheap and last minute
  9. I took some pics of the valve seats can any tell if they are standard or unleaded
  10. Cool car mate 4door or left hand drive it's still an escort 👍👍
  11. So I took the head off to see if anything was out of place as expected all was ok the pistons are not the original ones as they don't have 20 hc on then but they have some small Markings on them did any one know what they mean
  12. So total change of plan I took the sump off and found bring gunk like the head gasket had gone so I checked the big end shells and found they were like new
  13. True a couple of people have sed that now it's not exactly a hard job even wen it's in the car
  14. Just txt the guy that I baught it of it's still a leaded head
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