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  1. I took some pics of the valve seats can any tell if they are standard or unleaded
  2. Cool car mate 4door or left hand drive it's still an escort 👍👍
  3. So I took the head off to see if anything was out of place as expected all was ok the pistons are not the original ones as they don't have 20 hc on then but they have some small Markings on them did any one know what they mean
  4. So total change of plan I took the sump off and found bring gunk like the head gasket had gone so I checked the big end shells and found they were like new
  5. True a couple of people have sed that now it's not exactly a hard job even wen it's in the car
  6. Just txt the guy that I baught it of it's still a leaded head
  7. Your probibley right is there any way of telling if it's unleaded without taking the head off
  8. Wel I third id just take the head off wile I was there changing everything else just to be sure apparently it was rebuilt and used for 500miles before the car went off the road for body work and the guy decided he would go zetec it looks clean under the rocker cover no sut or glupey oil or wear on the cam lobes plus I don't no if it has been changed to unleaded il take the sump and that off the week end and put some pics up
  9. Got the engine on the stand today had the rocker cover off and every thing looks mint and had the bore scope out and cylinders look good still going to take the head off and change the gasket duz anyone think I need to have the cylinder head skimmed
  10. 20l pinto I baught this for my car 2 years ago never used it needs a full 'rebuild just selling as I have baught another one and don't need it so selling for the price I paid £150 located in Redditch
  11. It's back life got in the way of pulled her out the of my unit and took her home baught yet another engine this one runs just needs a clean can't wate to get back to sorting it
  12. Hi I have a bare engine if any one has any pats avalible it would be a big help so far I have a starter and a flywheel I need everything else Thanks
  13. Any one no of any shows or meets on the week end in the midlands area
  14. I have 2 pepper pot 7j wheels need a refurb think they are Capri call or txt me for more info Also have a set of 4 pepper pot fiesta alloys £50 ono
  15. Thanks mate il check it out
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