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  1. Hi, i'm looking for an engine crossmember for a mk1 Cortina 1500 (not the 1200 type with smaller support webs) Thanks.
  2. Very long shot here on an old post, but i don't suppose you still have crossmember number 1 and it's for sale ???????????
  3. Code BN = Red II 65. Code CU = Dragoon Red. BS = Monaco Red . Hope this helps.
  4. Motomobil sell fuel senders, here's a link https://www.motomobil.com/products,3237.html?producer_id=1&auto_id=100&auto_mod_id=101&category_id=0&q=fuel+transmitter
  5. A swap would be easier i suppose. Value, well thats for someone interested in doing a deal to decide perhaps. I think most people on here know the value of most classic fords.
  6. Hi, looking for a mk1 cortina 2 door or escort mk1 2 door and wondered if anyone would be interested in a swap/deal with my mk3 capri 3 litre. Its a Nov 79 built 3 litre ghia 4 speed manual, engine is a fully rebuilt 3.1 stage one with Burton unleaded heads, high compression pistons, Kent V63 fast road cam with steel gears, all balanced, new carb, Aldon electronic ignition, Janspeed manifolds and system(stainless) 7" RS 4 spoke wheels(jbw) poly bushes all round. Engine has only done 800 running in miles . Fortune spent on the engine with all documented work done. Looking for a car of similar value ideally GT project ect....
  7. All 1600E's had 2000E gear ratio's as standard, be it single rail or 3 rail gearboxes.
  8. Hi, need a windscreen for my 1979 mk3 capri, Harlow, Essex based. Thanks, Brian.
  9. Don't think so, mk2 slightly wider rear axle and different bearings/oil seal.
  10. Hi, number 1 cyl is nearest the radiator on the drivers side, and you want 10 deg btdc. Sounds like you might have a carbon build up on the heads, whip em off and do a de-coke. Check the ignition timing first before taking the heads off.
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