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  1. Looking for a type 9 for a mate preferably south/south coast anyone has one give me a shout!
  2. a guy who use to work where I do knows the person who owns the yellow one from Farnham!
  3. could someone please do me a sig please? haven't had one done in yonks and this one without the saxo ! they are huge photos but I don't know how to size them down etc!
  4. thanks guys sorry its a late thankyou>> havent really been on the computer much but cheers anyway and i am lookin forward to makin some of the osfdc rounds next year
  5. Im new to this big photoshopping world and i thought i would give it a try... i have'nt yet figured out how to change the wheels but here are the first couple i done.. Before (photoshop comp march'11) After Before After Before After Cheers Jordan
  6. Would it be ok if i had a go ?? i aint that good but i will have a try
  7. mk2Jordan

    I got it

    I got my gcse english results back today and managed to achieve higher than my target grade and ended up with a D
  8. Got bored over the summer so i built up the mk1 that i got for xmas and messed up soo it turned into a drag car lol il put pics up soon
  9. mk2Jordan


    i got bored so i decided to make up a fan club for mdra so feel free to join http://www.Retards Club.com/#!/group.php?gi ... 008&ref=mf
  10. hope soo lool they got a mk1 escort bein built out the back
  11. im loving it ive been told by people all it will be is just making tea and sweeping up so far i have serviced 7 cars change 4 sets of brakes and on thursday i will be servesing a capri on my own wooop
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