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  1. Yes the jets came out and the chamber sediment cleared,the carb received a thorough job. It starts first time without fail and settles nicely with the choke pushed back, idles fine. It's as it left the factory with no mods. I've considered fitting electronic ignition but this shouldn't be necessary following the new Distributor fitment.
  2. I purchased this Fiesta 4 years ago and for the duration of this time I have been trying to overcome the following symptoms: when moving in slow traffic ( 2nd & 3rd ) the car is pulling & jerking and will not run smoothly. It goes like something off a Shovel upon acceleration and is no problem once up to speed in 4th. Love the car to bits but am most frustrated at being unable to solve the problem. I have carried out the following work to no avail: New plugs/HT Leads/ New Distributor Cap,Rotar Arm,Points & Condenser & finally I purchased and fitted a new (old stock) Distributor. New Coil also fitted. New Air Filter & Carb stripped & cleaned out. The timing was adjusted upon fitting the new Distributor. I have now run out of ideas. If there is anybody out there that may be able to help this would be truly appreciated. Many thanks Norm
  3. Hi there If you google " how can I obtain old copies of mot's" and then click on "check the history of a vehicle-GOV.UK it will give you mot history back to 2006 and you can copy without any charge! You probably already know this but hey it's nice to help Regards Norm
  4. Can anyone help with advice on removal of mk1 fiesta rear seats
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