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  1. All the bits for this sump were removed from a cross flow engine (711M6015BA) Engine was out of an Escort and I put it into a mk2 Cortina hence I had to use my original front bowl sump. But I appreciate that in the years someone could have changed or modified. if anyone has pictures of what the sump should like like that would be helpful?
  2. Xflow 1600 inlet manifold. cortina mk2 1600e £20.00 Sukh 07762 818 269 Heathrow area
  3. All the parts needed to convert from front bowl sump to rear bowl sump. sump, dipstick, tube and insert, pick up pipe, front cover. this is what is need when running a steering rack. £125.00 sukh 07762 818 269 Heathrow area
  4. Fan and controller Pacet cf33 £20.00 sukh 07762 818 269 Heathrow area
  5. Xflow rocker cover 1600 could do with a repaint. £10.00 sukh 07762 818 269 Heathrow area
  6. Clutch fork from a mk2 cortina £10 engine mounts (bolt missing from one) £20 alternator bracket (top part has been welded) £10 Sukh 07762 818 269
  7. Two radiators, both were working when removed from cars, I think 1 is from a mk2 escort and 1 from a mk2 cortina. Sukh 07762 818 269 £40 Heathrow area
  8. Accuspark kit 21 for xflow/Crossflow. used condition. Heathrow area Sukh 07762 818 269 £25.00
  9. Do you have a contact number Regards Sukh
  10. Cortina mk2 1600e center section exhaust. Has minor surface rust, but still useable and no holes. £50 ovno West London 07762818269
  11. Hi A friend of mine is restoring a mk1 lotus cortina and needs pictures of how and were the strengthening bars are located in the boot and rear quarter panel, he is very fussy and the car is being built to concorse standards. any help or pictures would be appreciated. Regards Sukh
  12. Hi i would like the buy the throttle cable, but would need it posted to Heathrow. regards sukh
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