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  1. I do hope so. Ive 3 looms on the garage floor and trying to cobble one decent one out of the 3. Miss driving the old girl and thats what spurs me on.
  2. Col my wiring skills are litrally nil and by my own admission im thick! Theres alot goes right over my head. Wiring is one of them things. But i give things a go! Not always succesfully.
  3. Glad i seen this was about to part with £1800 for a bespoke loom from Autosparks. It was basically an early Mk1 escort GT loom modded to run pinto.
  4. As an Escort owner I cringe at them prices. There good but not worth that. Value wasnt why i bought mine. Mine was bought beacuse it was noisy and fast and looked good to me. Value wasnt even a factor.
  5. It has indeed but osf has this habit of never leaving you its always there
  6. Most of it is spam oh and the van looked lush last sunday Hi Jo
  7. As per title really been on oldskoolford before old account was mk1super however due to my poor memory can't remember the login for it so admin feel free to delete the mk1super account. Bit about me for those who won't know me. Im Alex and up in Aberdeen in not so sunny Scotland I used to build 1:18 models then got my own 1:1 scale mk1 escort that's was taken over from Malta intialy it was thought to be a nice sound 69 2 door super model with a rather fruity x flow well seems it wasn't so sound or a super and after a catalogue of issues I took the plunge to restore it this didn't quite go
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