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  1. Is there an app or something that I can load onto an iPhone to dave having to go through my email everytime I get a notification?
  2. Ooosh that sounds fun dt36!! Mine died after my brother lent his push bike on the quarter panel and it fell off! Could have been fixed, but I came home the next day to see my Dads mate loading it onto a flat bed to scrap it before I hurt myself! VERY sad times!
  3. Seriously thinking if buying a project!
  4. Hi, I'm Bev, 30 from South Godstone. Just wanted to say hi. Saw a load of you by the jolly farmer in Weds and a few more at Brighton tonight! Lovely motors, wish I had one! I'm a real car enthusiast and LOVE my old Fords. My first car was an XR3i. Now I drive a smart car and drool as you all drive past!
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