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  1. many thanks for replies all, yes it had all its covers on ( i did make that mistake in the past) i tried the gearstick both ways (also made that mistake in the past) honestly i dont know what gears i could or couldnt select! I could move the gearstick into what felt like first and second, and maybe reverse. This all started when i thought the main shaft bearing needed replacing so i started disassembly, i only got as far as removing the selector rod and the forks, then time passed and it turned out the bearing was fine so i put everything back together, following any literature i could find. Long story short ive done something wrong putting the selector shaft and forks back in, oh i forgot to mention while i was fighting with it part of the selector mechanism for 5th gear (i think) came apart, then i cut my finger. Plus the differences with the tail casing, there was i pin that needed swapping over as they were different lengths. So ive thrown in the towel and called a local gearbox place that specialises in these boxes, im taking it there tomorrow. Many thanks again all.
  2. Turns out its just an oil gallery rail and not an issue, next problem is why i cant select all the gears.........
  3. Hi all, This gearbox is really kicking my butt. After months of trying to sort a replacement tail housing, i was going to start re-assembly today, ive now realised my two tail housing are not as similar as i hoped, the old one has some kind of rail travelling down the side but the replacement doesn't, i cant see anything that would be attached to this or use it as a guide? can anyone tell me what this is? Is it important? and why for **** sake are they different! i just want to put my car back together so i can enjoy it!! is that really so much to ask!!!!! The pictures below will hopefully show what im talking about.
  4. Set of 4 Compomotive CX 6x13 wheels, 4x108 PCD. had tyres on until the other day and all 4 held air. Are currently on eBay for £300 but i will take £250 on here. Collection only please from coventry, or i can meet within reason.
  5. Thanks! i chose signal orange, XSC1260, i called my local paint place and thats what they recommended, and im very happy with the colour. i didn't do the best job of applying it, it was a bit too cold on the days i did it and despite my best effort the paint has dried a bit flat and has bloomed slightly in one area, but fixable. No runs tho so im pretty chuffed about that!
  6. Great work! looking forward to seeing more on this!
  7. SO! Many things have happened in the last couple of years! and most recently suddenly having a lot more free time on my hands ive been able to crack on with the escort! First job was crispy rear arches, this is my first time replacing an arch in this way so i was nervous to say the least. But i cracked on regardless and after filling, sanding, filling, sanding, filling, sanding, filling, sanding. i think the result looks ok........from 10feet away. Most of the other jobs have been correcting, upgrading or repairing things that were rushed when trying to get it on the road all that time ago. So new fuel tank set up in the boot Replaced the very rusty and seized wheel bearings started tidying the engine bay (still needs a lot of work) As id finally got the axles out i cleaned up the diff and made sure it was happy. After many more days of body work the car is finally one colour again (almost) And finally found the wheels i want for this car, a very nice set of 7x13 compomotive CX's, ive just spoken with a very nice bloke from compomotive and have sorted out the steel bushes and NOS centre caps! Many other things have happened like getting the tailing housing sorted on the gearbox (managed to find a good second hand one that just needed some minor repairs) changing wheel studs for longer items, (found out that the front hubs are a different spline size to the rear!) cleaned and painted the front suspensions and treated myself to a set of KYB dampers, nothing fancy but better that the old blown ones! So im glad to say after a long time im finally back into getting this done, im looking forward to bringing him to some shows next year!! Hope your all doing well during these crazy times!!
  8. Hi All, im looking for 2 compomotive cx 7x13 wheels, dont need tyres and not too worried about condition. Many thanks James
  9. Hi All, On the long list of jobs for my escorts road to recovery was checking the gearbox, sadly i've found a gaping hole in the tail housing (not sure how it happened or how i missed it!) and there is an excessive amount of movement in the bearing for the input shaft, after further investigation the entire bearing is moving in the casing, can someone please give some advice as to whether this means the casing is pooped? also does anyone have a second hand tail housing!? Ta muchly
  10. Really nice car mate! You can tell a lot of care has gone into this!
  11. Thanks man it's a good feeling! I think when i originally put it together the gasket just didnt seat properly and so when i tightened the sump down it just squeezed it out the wrong way. But thats a good point i could do with a more effective breather set up. My main problem is i rushed to get it all together but now ive got a bit more space i can take my time and try to do it better!
  12. Hi All! So over a year later and not much has really happened! To the Escort anyway! A few months after passing its mot the sump gasket blew out the back of the engine leaving a full on james bond style oil mist behind the car. Not ideal. I gave it a lot of thought and decided to wait until i was in my new house (as i was planning on moving at the time) so i could concentrate my time on it and finish some other jobs while the engine was out. So im now in my new house with a nice garage and work has finally started! the engine is out, parts have been ordered, more silly ideas have been thought about.
  13. not really sure im qualified enough to comment on this but il share what little i know! for the spacers between the gearbox mount and the car floor i made some slotted spacers so i could add and take away as i felt necessary, i originally just used 25mm box (found a how too on a different forum) but this put my driveshaft at a funny angle, (i guess it has a lot to do with ride height, which xmember your using etc). For actually bolting the gearbox mount to the floor i just cut out some 2mm steel plate rectangles, drilled the holes in the same place as on the gearbox mount and welded in some bolts, made it a lot easier tightening them up from under the car. for relocating the gear stick hole if you measure it good and propper, you can just spin it around and weld it back in, il be honest and say i got it a tad wrong but i made sure my gearbox was in the correct position then i just looked through the whole to see how much i had to move it back, i think mine had to come back roughly 2.5 inches. a lot of that is probably teaching you to suck eggs and im sorry if i got anything wrong!
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