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  1. They may pay that figure but it absolutely isn't worth that, even with all the bells and whistles. It's a simple 4 pot 16 valve belt driven twin cam for God's sake. Profiteering on parts prices is what drives that cost up.
  2. I think these prices are absolutely absurd. These are fabulous cars but they are not £80k machines when far more exotic cars in similar condition sell for less.
  3. Tax expired in 1997 and no MOT on record since records went digital in 2006. Not looking hopeful.
  4. It was the talk of the adult room amongst certain former members circa 2007.
  5. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    Did I add these horrors previously?
  6. Not that I've ever seen. Don't worry about deleting stuff, you never know when someone might come back to it.
  7. Every new thread on here gets automatically posted on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Sometimes people answer on there.
  8. Answer from the thread link on twitter
  9. Not me Jo, this is 90% down to Chris' efforts. People could achieve the same with club stands in their local areas if they wanted to manage them.
  10. £29,995 the link to the Ad is in my post. Dug out a few pics of my old one, D808RDV. I remember going out for a day out in Paignton many years ago and by random coincidence ended up parked next to a mark 2 XR2 in the same colour with the reg no D807RDV. Interesting on checking the DVLA's system that the Capri was recorded as Grey but the Fiesta as Silver. I bought this car in 1992 or 3 with about 30k on the clock. Sold about 4 years later with around 60k for not a lot less than I paid for it. Loved this car, standard but for the electric windows and walnut dash trim I fitted. The Door cards and dash had already been butchered for non standard audio by the time I bought it. I saw it up for sale 10 years or so ago (still with the same owner I sold it to) but it was on 120k plus by then and was in need of a full restoration. I considered buying it back (briefly). It's currently showing as MOT expired in 2013 so not sure whether it survives or not.
  11. Mercury Grey 2.8i Special, I had one in this colour for about 4 years in the early to mid 90's. It's currently for sale but is pretty expensive being very low mileage
  12. It's always a great show with a huge variety of tin on display.
  13. And sailed around the world in a number of different ships and not met any sea monsters (well, other than in Curacao! But that's another story and definitely not one for an open forum) nor fallen off the edge, I was already fairly confident that the world was not flat. Today however I feel I need to see more proof
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