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  1. Shouldn't be any issue, but for the rear axle and different colour and trim ranges, they are pretty much the same cars. Follow the links through to any of our insurance based sponsors on the home page and I am sure they'll all be able to help you
  2. For you ordering from the UK for delivery to Australia, things shouldn't have changed.
  3. Depends how much they were. Though Turkey isn't in the EU, as we aren't either now that doesn't make any difference. If your purchase is under £39 then you should be ok, anything over though and stand by for a bill.
  4. I don't mind the front arches on the white one......but the rears are way too Max Power
  5. Those people selling the Welsh Lady Ass Fudge have been up to their old tricks again
  6. Is this what you're looking for? https://www.escortrs.co.uk/mk2e/bonnetreleasecableclip.html
  7. I started this thread with a Capri over 6 years ago, do here are a couple more to bump it up the pecking order
  8. Send us an email from the "contact us" link at the bottom of the forum.
  9. Same observation for a set of Cobra Le Mans. These are mine trimmed to my spec. Available to order though, as per 2nd pic.
  10. So the Royal Navy made the headlines in the UK today........and have now decided on a new direction for the services they offer
  11. How's that Transit coming on?
  12. Still looking good though Chris. Get some rear belts added for the littlun's seat whilst it's there.
  13. I know you should inform them.......but I hear from a lot of people needing support getting their cars legal again having contacted DVLA, thinking they're doing the right thing, only to have DVLA inspectors sent out and their registration and chassis numbers pulled. These are extreme cases that usually involve more than just a cc change.....but I can see why it puts people off contacting them.
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