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  1. Vista

    Just a quick check

    I fitted mine on the van where you have yours on the Anglia Col (though with the hoses coming out the bottom and therefore hidden from view) the RS though has it vertically and tucked in to the side as per James' picture. Chris, you are welcome to come over and take a look at mine. I fitted it 14 years ago nearly and it's never given any trouble there. Pretty sure it's helped keep me out of trouble in heavy traffic a few times too.
  2. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    😂 though I have owned a couple of BMW's myself (3.0 Z4 and an E61 535d) both were superb cars.
  3. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    And the winner of the bad taste award goes to...
  4. Vista

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    This I mean. 😎😁
  5. Vista

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    This. 👍
  6. Vista

    Christmas Wish list....

    No, I just want to go back to when they were affordable! Or fwd to next weekends lottery draw.
  7. Vista

    Christmas Wish list....

    As we are clearly talking fantasy, I want one of these
  8. Vista

    Buying from USA

    And import duty.
  9. Spotted this auction listing and thought it might be a worthwhile project for someone https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/saturday-26th-january-2019/1963-ford-anglia-van/
  10. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    In Europe car makers have, for some years, been creating more evocative ways to jazz up the name in order to sell you an estate car (think you probably call them station wagons?). There have been many derivatives, Shooting Brake, I think, is a Mercedes moniker, Sports Tourer is another from BMW, Jaguar calls them Sportbrakes, Alfa uses Sportwagon etc etc.
  11. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    A skyline estate? I am not sure whether to laugh...... Or to applaud the eccentricity of it!
  12. If you are in Devon, there's a few of us with Fords who have used AM Restorations with great results. They are a Triumph specialist but also do other marques and the Owner is A Ford enthusiast too and recently restored his own 2.8i mk3.
  13. Vista

    Australian Twincam Thread

    175/70/13 or 185/60/13 on 5.5's. 205's will almost certainly rub on the arches and are a bit fat for a 5.5J rim anyway.
  14. Vista

    Australian Twincam Thread

    That's what I was saying, "but" for the gutter trims we don't have all the extra chrome bling.
  15. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    I quite like that. So do I........I think it would hurt at the pumps though. Allegedly it's 4WD too.