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  1. I sold that blue one to a mate in summer 91. He wrote it off not long after, I remember being pretty gutted at the time.
  2. So this thread has been running for 9 years and I have just realised haven't ever posted my own pic in it. Age 19, 1989 with the first non banger I ever owned. A properly nice 1.6SR mk1 Astra I bought in 1988 when it was 5 years old. Loved that car.
  3. Yes, exactly the same and yes, they fit perfectly
  4. Must be in Wales this one! #KeepItInTheFamily
  5. Welcome to OSF What kind of square are you talking about? Like these on mine? They are Tex mirrors
  6. Welcome to Old Skool Ford Nice to see there are still people out there who don't default to Facebook for everything
  7. I last used my mk1 RS as a daily for about 6 / 7 months in 2006 or 7. Then the values went crazy and whilst there was always a high risk of them being nicked, that risk went through the roof and I, like many others, stopped and kept it for fun only. The more recent V6 swap than the old Essex is the Cosworth V6 fitted in the Scorpio but even that's knocking on a bit. Not heard of someone using a V6 probe engine but doubt that'd tick your economy box very well.
  8. I'm afraid she's two timing you as she sent that message to most of us!
  9. Vista


    Yes, they joined up with about 40 different accounts and managed to send nearly 6,000 PM's before I got them locked out. Sorry.
  10. I'm sorry you have received these, a number of spammers got through our registration vetting system yesterday, they have all already been blocked and their IP addresses locked out. Please delete and disregard them.
  11. Vista


    Thank you all for your various reports, I knew something was a amiss when my phone started going crazy in my pocket! 40 odd spam accounts through the net in a single afternoon (likely all the same person / bot) they're all now banned and IP addresses blocked so please delete whatever crap they sent you and don't click any of the links. Now off to update the re-captcha settings, report their IP addresses for spam and amend the question and answer challenges
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