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  1. Rolled the escort = dramatic headline 😆
  2. Welcome to Old Skool Ford Paul 👍
  3. Think I'd still have preferred it if we won mind VID-20210716-WA0000.mp4
  4. Welcome to Old Skool Ford Andy. If you don't know already, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what a mk1 2 door is worth these days.
  5. The above is what I am getting at @Veemax just offering cautionary advice that the DVLA are really tightening up on modified vehicles and increasingly I get enquiries from people the DVLA have pulled the car's ID from.
  6. It doesn't have to be old to count as a radically altered vehicle, it just has to be radically altered.
  7. Rwd conversion will almost certainly fall foul of the rules on radically altered vehicles. Did you get a current style V5C with the car?
  8. Quite far for me to travel mind
  9. My first was a stardust silver 2 door mk1 1300L. RGN27N served me well given that I paid £60 for it as a 16 year old in late 86 / early 87. I couldn't drive it (legally) of course.......but still managed to extract some fun out of it.
  10. Another old thread for you @BIG G
  11. The other two Dodgems clips
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