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  1. I think I'd have added a few $ as a cover charge for the service and the waiting time!
  2. A few more things to bump this thread
  3. Abd being an engineer married to a solicitor myself, this one is particularly pertinent for me.
  4. Ish. You wont like this one then
  5. Keep it clean (ish)
  6. Vista

    funny signs

    Fart filtering underwear? Now I have seen it all! It's not a pisstake Either
  7. Two years ago here, this car sold for nearly £100,000.00! Edit, sorry just realised that car is in this thread already. https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/events/2017-auctions/nec-classic-motor-show-sale-2017/nec-classic-motor-show-sale-2017-sale/2pm-saturday-cars/1980-ford-escort-mk2-rs2000-custom Have we done the £93,000 Escort Pope mobile? https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/7160665/ford-escort-once-owned-by-pope-john-paul-ii-sells-for-93000-at-auction/
  8. Staying in Cartagena through work this week and this f**king bell on this naval yard gatehouse chimes every 15 minutes 24/7 just outside my hotel! I don't care how pretty it is, it's driving me nuts! How do local people sleep through "Bong Bong Bong" outside their bedroom windows every night! 😠😠😠😠
  9. I thought you had sorted this. Is it still playing up?
  10. I didn't know Australia didn't get the estates but knew they were available in New Zealand.
  11. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    Have we has this one yet?
  12. White Sierra long roof in pic 4 (there's a Sierra in pic 2 too). Sierra was not sold in Australia.
  13. I've been to Tasmania and don't remember it being that green.
  14. I reckon it's New Zealand. Green, wet, number plate format and windows in the escort panel van sides
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