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  1. Vista

    Mk1 Fiesta - What are they like?

    Now's your chance to get your tickets booked early for Classic Ford Show 2019 See Classic Ford Show Thread for details.
  2. Vista

    Terraclean - anyone ever done it?

    That's Swampy, he has loads of videos on youtube and is now doing (or finished) a second mk3 GXL cortina. I saw one of them finished at the NEC in 2015. Talk about wreck to masterpiece!
  3. Vista

    Terraclean - anyone ever done it?

    Here's a short video back when Ed China used it on Wheeler Dealers not long after it was first introduced in the UK And here's some other dodgy northern geezer 'avin a go. You might need subtitles 😉
  4. Vista

    Terraclean - anyone ever done it?

    It's a 2010 Jaguar XF - S. a 3.0 twin turbo diesel with 87,000 miles and full Jaguar history. No faults displaying and I've never had any DPF warnings. Ok, that's interesting Ray thanks. I too have read some feedback of people's engines lunching themselves soon afterwards and the Terraclean agent saying "Nout to do with us Jack, not our problem". I think I will probably leave well alone.
  5. Vista

    Logging on

    Do you get any kind of error message when this happens and have you tried clearing your cache? If you do get an error message, can you copy and paste it into this thread?
  6. Vista

    Logging on

    Still now? Or earlier today?
  7. Please see requested below and if interested, contact Alex directly mentioning this forum as the source of the contact. Alex Thaxton (alex@wxve.co.uk ) said: Hello, I'm a director at a film production called WXVE based in King's Lynn. I'm just getting in touch to ask whether any of your members have a MK 1 Escort and would be interested in featuring in an upcoming film which will be released on Influx.co.uk. Influx is an online magazine run by Adrian Flux and videos we create for them usually reach over 100,000 views on Youtube. We're looking to film it on a weekday preferably in the next couple weeks. It would be amazing if this could be passed on to members or if you have anyone in mind I'm happy to get in touch with people. Thank you, Alex Thaxton
  8. Vista

    Sky scam

    I get scammed by Sky every goddamn month! They take a shed load of money from my account and in return supply shonky slow broadband and, "40 channels of shit on the TV to choose from" (who sees what I did there? 😎) I keep telling myself I must leave but I don hear great feedback about the other options out there either. Oh, and thanks for the warning.
  9. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    If a still wasn't enough to put you off, now see it in video!
  10. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    Always thought those Darts were pretty ugly even in standard trim.
  11. Vista

    Hello from Edinburgh

    Welcome to OSF and thanks fo instantly signing up as a contributor What info are you after on your car?
  12. Vista

    Terraclean - anyone ever done it?

    I've owned my daily diesel for 5 years and 67k. I have never added any additive to the fuel but it's serviced annually and does plenty of motorway miles. I too have never had a DPF warning, I just wondered if it's worth doing as a belt an braces type approach.........or if it's just some snake oil type hokum designed to increase profits for the manufacturer.
  13. There's nothing currently wrong with my car but has Anyone got real world experience of having this done as a preventative maintenance measure? If so, any feedback / comments? I.e. did you notice any difference? Was it worth it? What do they actually do? Do you get to see the results, i.e. the removed debris? Thanks in advance.
  14. Vista

    Mk1 Fiesta - What are they like?

    Here you go @Rally Pack 2000, get yourself a completely unmolested, mint original, but poverty spec, Mk1 Fiesta here James