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  1. It runs fine, trust me. Last on the rollers with just over 160bhp at the rear wheels.
  2. I have a short memory span......who are you again?
  3. Starting now on National Geographic
  4. 95 Ron for me in all my classics, they're all set up for it and run fine. That will change when 95Ron switches to E10, from then on I'll be using Super as that is reportedly staying as E5.
  5. Welcome to OSF. Are you sticking with the crossflow in it?
  6. Don't know, no ID or chassis number.
  7. Yeah I knew that.....but looking at my original post, they don't appear out of line from top to bottom (which was my recollection of the offset) so it threw me initially. The other thing was that you normally see the Koln on European LHD cars, but this is on a RHD car.
  8. can anyone ID this axle for me from the pig's head? SA Borg Warner axle maybe? Or a Koln? Edit. Answered my own question. It's a Koln. Check google first eh?
  9. Post up a pic for comparison?
  10. It's available on Sky movies just now. I wanted to go and see it when it was on at the cinema but didn't get round to it.
  11. Who's seen it and wouldn't mind explaining it so I don't have to sit through it again? 🤯
  12. Haven't seen that green mk1 Sig in a while. Welcome back
  13. Still got these Available. Comes with a used Fiilter King pressure regulator too
  14. If you were having problems with your rear screen heater and things playing up on the dash, and now aren't having removed a large cylindrical type object under the dash, that sounds like the rear screen demist relay you've removed maybe? Can you post up a pic of it?
  15. Don't know about the LSD question (parts for them are harder to find than for an Atlas / English axle) but they're certainly not weak like a Koln
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