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  1. Unlikely, mk1 will be imperial thread and mk2 metric thread. My money is on it being an m8 bolt. Just pick one up from your local bolts and fittings shop and it'll do.
  2. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    I like this to look at .........but I might be a tad embarrassed if I was seen driving it
  3. V6's......but for ultimate poke you want an AMG SLK32. A supercharged V6 with 354bhp Like this: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201809220754341?atmobcid=soc3
  4. I think you were on the money with the series 1 SLK. Get a 6 cylinder one though.
  5. They look great. How do you create the cut away drawings though?
  6. Has it been off the road a long time and do you have a current style V5 for it? If the answer is yes to the 1st question and no to the second, then be a little wary of non original engine transplants and any outlandish mods until after you have the car up and running, restored, registered and on the road. The DVLA have become very difficult to deal with over re-registration of modified cars in recent years
  7. Was that the red one? I hadn't seen it for a few years but it looked ok then. Beauty only skin deep eh?
  8. What happened to your old one?
  9. Kerplunk, lol, now who's been around a while?
  10. I'd also go with around the £10k Mark for a two door mk1 in that condition. Opening the window out a bit, say £8k - £12k. You need to find the right buyer and advertise wisely in the right place though. Are you actually selling it or just want an idea of value?
  11. Post up some pictures. And most importantly, 2 or 4 door?
  12. Welcome back. Wow, 2005 joined? That even predates me a little. There are a few old faces still around but many moved over to using Facebook.
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