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  1. One for any servicemen on here The Royal Marines use the term YOMP (Your Own Marching Pace) to describe how they trek for miles across the landscape carrying heavy packs.... The Paras use the term TAB (Tactical Advance to Battle) to describe the same thing... In the RAF however, they use the term COACH......................It's a big metal box with luxury seating, wheels and a motor that saves their hair from getting dishevelled!
  2. Vista


    No problem. Have you sussed it?
  3. Vista


    Go to the bottom of the box you type into reply and click where it says "click to choose files. Choose the file you want to upload from yiur device amd wait till it uploads. Your picture should then appear. Click the +symbol within tje picture to get the picture display at a specific cursor location, or just click submit reply at the bottom if you want your picture to appear after all your typed text. Voila 😉
  4. They are, and they do. Though the engine number will only be the last two letters of the chassis number followed by the serial number
  5. When I had the 205 block 2.2 Pinto built for my car I didn't give much thought to that. The cars weren't worth a huge amount and I certainly didn't foresee the stratospheric rise in values that have gone on since!
  6. Vista

    Funny Signs

    Wait, what?? Gay squirrels?
  7. Welcome to OSF. Nice looking Escort 😎 More pics please
  8. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    The League of Extraodinary Gentlemen ride again?
  9. @tina2 hasn't logged in for 6 years but you never know. Post up some pics 👍
  10. Katana is referring to me. I can interpret your chassis and body plates for you and give you details of their meaning (for a small fee as he says) but nothing on them is going to give you a registration number from info I can provide, nor confirm that the shell is definitely the correct one to correspond to the chassis plate. Without the number in the strut top, there's nothing that can confirm that conclusively.
  11. The braveat little hobbit of them all (according to Leonard Nimoy anyway)
  12. Vista


    My son (10 years old at the time) climbed it last summer. Proudly sporting his OSF hoodie on the way to the summit here
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