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  1. In some years past I haven't put them in the store this early. I do wonder if there's a general reluctance to accept the new venue. Many liked the Drag scene at the Pod.
  2. So last weekend we took a road trip to Bournemouth to look at a car for sale. Long story short, drove the car, liked it, haggled a bit, agreed a deal and going back to collect it tomorrow. And this is where it gets interesting. Tonight I look at their website to get the post code for the Satnav in the morning and what I though was a small independent car dealership actually has a few very expensive and exotic cars. Browsing their other stock, amongst them is this Hmmmmmm, how much do you think I'll get for one of my children?
  3. Holy thread revival Batman! Used my escort as a daily for a little while in 2008..........but then the values, and accordingly the theft risk, went through the roof and I was afraid to leave it anywhere!
  4. Track time is available to book when you book your stand passes through the links in the first post. 15 cars booked on stand so far folks, get your ticket orders in early to avoid disappointment later.
  5. Agreed. I think those rad hose adaptors are really meant for switches to control the rad fan rather than for temperature gauges.
  6. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    I have a pic of you somewhere
  7. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    Can we use this thread for people too? #Monobrow
  8. Nice.........but by the time you add the VAT, that's a £43,000 van. I can think of much nicer ways of getting around and carrying a load for that money. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201902064670256
  9. I rather fancy the king cab version, but am less sold on these decals and would prefer the 2018 body shape https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201901304435646
  10. Get it on the road and use it? 😎
  11. Well done😎 I don't see a mention of OSF from the elitist AVO club though, just of your car............and implying it's on their stand too
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