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  1. Chris' dog is a she, she'll be squatting and pissing rather than cocking a leg.
  2. Blimey, where did you dig up that pic of him, 1979?
  3. Like as many people's cars as you want, it's the total at the end that's important
  4. Need more cars and likes in this thread folks
  5. Glad to hear you recovered in full Ian, sad news about the Cortina though. I am doing ok now. I had to have surgery on my spine back in January but ok now. Recuperation went well and finished just in time to go in to lock down!
  6. Hello Ian Some of us are still around from days of old. Do you still have the Cortina too?
  7. No idea, sorry. Other people seem to be posting using Tapatalk.
  8. I guess I'm not allowed to enter (being one of the judges)
  9. Tell me what length you want it and I'll ask if it can be scaled up proportionally and let you know the cost.
  10. Which specific forum are you trying to reply in?
  11. How do you mean? A blue one like the one in the pic? Yes, they're in our online store, link below
  12. And I have posted it
  13. Wow, were those two runs 12 and 13 years ago?
  14. Both marmite cars. Love them or hate them depending on your interests. Not a fan myself but I can see why the big horse power and huge rear tyres would appeal to dump the clutch and hold on fans
  15. Or a dating certificate from a V765 registered owner's club........but it will need to have the chassis plate still attached and the chassis number stamped in the strut top for that to be possible. RHD, Malta by any chance?
  16. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    I have no idea, it came up in the Old Skool Ford Twitter feed.
  17. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    How many Porsches had to die for this then?
  18. Welcome to Old Skool Ford, nice looking Escort
  19. I can get you back in to your account https://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/ipb/index.php?/profile/13861-mk2ratter/
  20. Vista

    Corona virus

    Elaine Page has clearly found a fun way to entertain herself during the lock down. You go girl!
  21. Welcome to Old Skool Ford. As above, that's a nice looking Cortina
  22. Do you remember your old username or the email address you registered with?
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