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  1. Order no 287354 for 2 stand passes, 3 adult tickets and 3 showguides? Whether they've taken payment or not, your order is definitely on their system.
  2. Not really, the venue has proved to be one of the popular features. We have discussed (briefly) other options for the driving route (a coast tour maybe) but nothing concrete.
  3. It's already gone Chris, closed permanently at the end of last season. Lodges (aka large caravans) going there instead. When I asked in the bar what there was for kids to do now he shrugged and said "nothing but for the Pitch and Putt at £9.00 for adults and £8.00 for kids" . £34.00 for four of us an hour or two's entertainment? Thanks, I'll pass.
  4. And, as always with days out like this, the getting there is arguably more fun than the being there. We got ourselves a convoy.....ok, a pretty small one but it still turned a few heads
  5. Five of us pootled down in convoy the 35 miles or so from the Plymouth area today to take in the Duchy Capri and Classic Ford Club show at Trevornick holiday park. Glorious Cornish sunshine eventually broke through and, aided and abetted by strong winds coming in off the sea, has left me quite rosy cheeked this evening! Arriving fashionably late @deltamal had beaten myself, @steve caf577k and three others by several hours so there was already a fine array of Classics (and a few not so classics) on display by the time we arrived. Good to catch up with @PeterWestaway, @capriaddict and @mk2 matt, no sign of @hellblue today but I did see @sab6024 lurking somewhere in the background. Respect to Dale of DB Autos for barrelling down the "freeway" at high speed keeping up with the Escorts in his big F150. I think at 6mpg he probably used more petrol than the rest of us put together! "Gas" must have been pretty cheap in the US in the 70's! The only slight fly in the ointment was bringing along two young kids who had expectations of being entertained at Holywell bay fun park....only to find it had been closed down and was in the process of being bulldozed! Cue "I'm bored Daddy" from about 30 minutes after we arrived! Asked a member of the park staff what there was for kids to do and was pointed in the direction of Pitch and Putt at £9.00 (yes you read that right) per head! Apart from the bored kids, a great little show with some fine metal on display. Stand out car for me was a mint looking mk1 Transit camper, I got distracted though and didn't get a picture of it. The RS1600 sporting the numberplate 5 BDA looked quite special too.
  6. How about the transit one I linked to? The connection pattern looks the same.
  7. Vista

    OSF flag at Spa

    Have a good one JP, sorry not to be seeing you and Linda this year.
  8. I'm not clear what you're asking. Is it whether it should illuminate? Or how to make it illuminate? For the record, mine does illuminate in a standard mk2 switch so they are out there as an option. You could try this transit one, the triangle is a different orientation but I bet the plug connections are the same. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-TRANSIT-MK2-HAZARD-WARNING-SWITCH-NOS-GENUINE-FORD/283438429874?hash=item41fe3f36b2:g:uMcAAOSwSxVcUbPA
  9. Vista

    funny signs

    Hmmmmmm, yes they are!
  10. Vista

    funny signs

    Think I'll avoid visiting Kansas!
  11. It's here. I get all the "if you've nothing to hide" stuff........but it's because I have nothing to hide that I object to being filmed. BBC News - Could facial recognition cut crime? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-48228677
  12. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    So what was the thinking behind this? Owner of cheap people's car for the masses decides he needs a chauffeur, and one that has to suffer in the outdoors too?
  13. Vista

    Top idea

    For Jeremy Kyle now his show's been axed. (Yay ) He should team up with Channel 4 for a cooking show where lowlifes cook each other microwave chips and pizza then fall out and hurl food abd abuse at each other. Title: "Scum dine with me" Badum Tish
  14. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Because I've zero interest in drag racing, I see a nice classic car ( a 2 door Mk5 no less) with a giant nose on the bonnet, enormous wheels and tyres at the rear, likely horrendously loud and uncomfortable to be in, very heavy up front and no practical use as a car..............whereas you no doubt see a race car that's enormously powerful, huge grip, very fast off the line and gives a great adrenalin rush when the lights go green (just don't mention corners eh )? Lol, it's MOT'd too. Though I'm laughing my off at this advisory from 2017. No shit sherlock! Date tested 20 June 2017 PASS Mileage 3,689 miles MOT test number 9412 4915 7130 Expiry date: 19 June 2018 Advisory notice item(s): Exhaust noisy (7.1.4)
  15. Use of black and white / silver plates is now linked to the rolling 40 year VED exemption. I prefer the raised letter plates to the pressed aluminium ones. I bought the set I have on the Alfa from a company displaying at the NEC classic car show a few years ago but can't for the life of me remember who they were.
  16. Not sure, it sounds like a tapatalk problem rather than a forum problem though. Have you considered ditching tapatalk and just using the forum's mobile skin? Which it should default to automatically when using a mobile device.
  17. I'm sure the Drag fans will like it and I recognise it's built for a purpose........but it's a no from me
  18. Wow, that is a collection! Where do you keep them all? I struggle with 3!
  19. Welcome to the forum. A set of 5.5J RS alloys off a mk1 will fit fine, or 6J RS alloys of a mk2, or the budget option is Capri laser alloys but be aware that they take a different type of wheel nut to the RS alloys. There are plenty of other choices of after market alloys from Minilite, Alleycat etc but steels with polished hub caps are pretty fashionable right now too. As to 5 speed, the standard swap is for a type 9 but I'm not sure how being LHD would affect what you need for the swap, a different bellhousing than we would use on a RHD one I imagine? There are two types of type 9, the 2.8i Capri and the Sierra box. The former has a slightly taller 1st gear ratio but isn't as straight forward to install as the 1st motion shaft is longer and needs shortening.
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