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  1. looks good, you wouldnt get a finish like that from a rattle can, keep up the good work and posting your progress πŸ‘
  2. yes mate, been drilling loads of bits, its free horsepower πŸ˜† took out the indicator lamps, but wanted too keep the lenses so it still looks like a whole car, so my son made these little brackets out of alloy and drilled them full of holes πŸ˜‰
  3. cheers chaps, nowt wrong with a bit of green πŸ˜‰ bumper brackets were put on a diet aswell 😁
  4. well done on the test, that looks like it will be fun 😎
  5. im for anything that makes a job easier, and im sure both of those will for sure πŸ˜‰
  6. cheers huge small rust repair of the anti roll bar mounting points, had to do both sides, and a tidy up of the skanky wc crossmember πŸ™‚
  7. cheers huge found this today, its from 2013,wow, thought it was long gone, gotta love an old pinto, hope it works πŸ™‚ 1795.mp4
  8. my transit in its slammed on its arse phase.
  9. thats without the nitrous, was all fresh at the time, had'nt done any running in miles, was bad enough thrashing the arse off it to set it up, without putting it under more strain, we did a couple of rwyb's with no gas then we got some really small jets and tried it with those. 14.5's is where its at now, bit slower than its best, but still puts a smile on ya face πŸ‘
  10. cheers huge, yeah got a few pics to share. engine back in, we took it for a tune up, was a few years back, went to peter baldwin, just outside of royston, about 2 hours on the rollers ended up with 167 bhp, not bad for an old sierra engine screwed together by me 😎
  11. Cheers Donka, will try to get some more pics on, but most of the pics I have the files are too big, managed to get back on it today as I haven't touched it for a few weeks ☺️
  12. oh yeah, had'nt thought about wheel size comparison, thought it might be a better shifting gearbox than my crunchy old type 9, i did read on a caterham forum last night they can be quite rattly aswell, looks like i'll stick with what ive got for now cheers guys πŸ‘
  13. I did a bit of a search, couldn't find any info, so thought I'd just ask the question, has anyone stuck a Mazda rx8 gearbox on there pinto, we use mine on the strip, so it's gonna get some abuse, Any thoughts guys ? Cheers
  14. ok mate, no worries, was worth an ask πŸ˜‰ cheers.
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