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  1. Had a looky at my crankshaft today, journal measurement was 52mm, so hopefully that is good for an offset grind, Need to find a set of rods next 😁
  2. have u got any idea the cost of offset grinding a crank, rumour has it, its very costly, tell paul I said hello back 👋 cheers
  3. yeah all good here mate, hope you are too ? its been a while, think it was one of the eagle meets we last spoke, will get up to the halfway house when its on again 😉 cheers
  4. that's a nice bit of kit, but not in my budget right now, plan is a bit at a time as funds allow Cheers dude 👍
  5. oh ok, 1.6 conrods, where did I get 1.8 from, doh, yes I was thinking the pistons to be the expensive part, lookin to go the forged route as i'll be running nitrous through it, and weve already roasted one set of cast pistons 😲 need to dig my spare crank out to measure the journals aswell when I get a minute cheers for the replys guys more soon 🙂
  6. so ive always wanted to build a big capacity pinto but the budget is a bit slim,(to many motors) but ive been offered a diesel bottom end out of a g reg mk4 escort van that is hopefully a 1.8 (need to check that) just wondered if this will have the right conrods for a low buck 2.2 litre pinto build cheers guys 🙂
  7. looking like a good project, would like to get a recovery to drag my escort about on, but we have to many toys already, look after them eyeballs dude 😎
  8. cheers guys, not checked it yet, but I got a feeling my rack is a 2.4 turns, I like the e pas idea, weve got a scrap corsa at work but I looked at it today and its a corsa d 🙁 the other thing is mines got a bias pedalbox, so maybe limited for space under there, need a bit more investigating cheers more soon 🙂
  9. cheers guys, will try to work out what the ratio is of the one ive got now, and go from there 👍 will be keeping quite a lot of the other mods, just making it so it can be used on the road, pinto power, straight cut 5 speed or stock 4 speed, aint decided yet, will be keeping the rollcage the slipper in the atlas and 7" rs alloys or 7" minilites 😁 cheers
  10. im looking at returning my escort back to road legalness(is that a word) as its been in motorsport use for a number of years, been run on the strip, and everything I didn't need was removed, still kept all the bits, as I knew I would be putting them all back on one day. so my question is has anyone taken off there quickrack and gone back to a standard steering rack for road use, I know the steering can a bit heavier with the qr but am im going to miss it, other part of the equation is wifey might want to drive it, and she was never a fan of the qr thoughts please cheers guys 🙂
  11. hi mark, yea its been a while, aint seen paul for years either, is he still transitless ? tell him I said hi next time u see him
  12. will be up for this in the new year, vans having a makeover at the moment, but will be back to active duty soon
  13. wow do they really sell at these prices https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Escort-MK-2-RS-2000-Dash-Clocks-Ford-Escort-MK-2-mexico-1800/282749405217?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  14. cheers, this one had a 1.6 pinto and an auto gearbox when I was given it, its changed a lot since then.
  15. thanks again john, that's the one I need, slowly getting it back together, cheers.
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