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  1. Engine looks good in there, your flying along with the fabrication on this one 😎
  2. Think were gonna need it 😲😆
  3. We managed to sort out what tyres to run on tonight, pirelli slicks 200 wide and a bit taller than the old Michelin's which were a bit old and hard. Hope my stock halfshaft's can handle these 😲😁
  4. New resr number plate just turned up 😁
  5. Bit more done, lightboard mounted 😁 More soon 😊
  6. so weve been back on it today, had a few wires to tidy up and put the dash back together which Jack did while i was tidying the wires in the engine bay, then played about with the seat position, then we started it up again to make sure we were still all good, 👍 Then we checked the fuel and nitrous solenoids, all good and the nitrous fuel pump, which i did have apart to fit a new fuel filter inside, just need to get the slick tyres swopped over from the minilights and need to make a couple of simple brackets to mount the light board to the back of the car looks like were ready for t
  7. yep, definatly a weird one, we tested the led for ohms resistance and was crazy high, its now in the bin 😁
  8. oooofffff, very nice, they gonna look koool 😎
  9. earth point didnt make any difference, only the charge light, funny thing is, that led has been in there for at least 2 race seasons working fine
  10. This is what you get in the basic kit, then you need a fitting kit for what ever make of dizzy your fitting it too. The 2nd pic shows the gold coloured bit in the dizzy 😉 Hope it makes sense 👍
  11. so tonight is the first chance weve had to fit the new luminition, we also fitted a new battery, and the brand new borrowed (now bought) alternator, another thing we thought about was the earth point in the boot which i had removed and refitted recently when i did the painting inside the boot floor and underneath. quick removal of said bolt and a buzz up with the belt sander underneath and refitted with spider washers on both sides. it fired up no problem, but still showing the charge light and still not charging the only bit we had not changed or bypassed was the charge light itsel
  12. there is a couple of points on the brake applicator that takes a cable with nipples on each end, bit like on a push bike brake cable, then there are 2 points on the a frame for the other end to connect too, the a frame has a push coupler like on a trailer, that operates a mechanism that pulls the cable that operates the mechanism in the car i'll get some pics when i try it out 👍
  13. i will take some pics of kit before i fit it 😉
  14. Cheers mate 👍 So my luminition turned up eventually, aint fitted it yet, id made a start on making a bracket to hold the brake applicator for my a frame during the week, and had an hour today, so nearly there with it 😁 Dont think the lightweight rs is gonna be under the 750kg limit for an unbraked a frame so hopefully we now will have brakes Turning my escort into a braked trailer 😆 More soon 😉
  15. Your not gonna take long with this one dude 😎
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