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  1. Still getting bits done, managed to get my new bumper fitted tonight, its a bit flimsy, have fitted the genuine end caps for now, might have a go at making some glass ones at a later date, trying to get it back together asap, want to go racing More soon
  2. I replied to ur pm mate, thanks chap 👍
  3. I bit the bullet today and ordered a new gripper diff 😲😜😁 i hope we get as many trouble free years as my zf gave me ( i bought it second hand in 1992 😲😆) More soon Still on the look out for a case for my old zf as i could chuck it in my v6 transit 😁
  4. Yeah i was going to do that, but the case had closed up a bit, and it was hard to get the internals out, i made a lump of steel to bang down the groove to try and open it back out, but its split the case down both sides, did think about welding it up, but dunno how safe it would be or how long it will last Cheers
  5. small update, been making new bumper mounts out of aluminium for my new flyweight rear bumper, gonna chop the ends so i can use my rs end caps on it. might get round to making fibreglass end caps eventually, but will go with the ford ones for now. pics soon 😁
  6. as the title says, long shot but im looking for a diff case for my zf lsd wioll put a pick up tomorrow cheers.
  7. oh forgot to mention, i bought a pair of kawasaki bike calipers to go on the rear, 1.05kg each, think there light enough, will need to skim the discs a bit, will see when they arrive more soon 🙂
  8. the zf has always been a bit clunky, yeah ive read some good stuff on the net, but nice to hear it from someone who is using one cheers 😉
  9. its slowly getting to look like a car again, gutted about my diff, just bought new clutches to go in it aswell 🙁
  10. So my lead on a diff case has dried up, so looks like i gotta buy a new lsd 😕 Been looking at a gripper lsd, anyone using one, are they any good ? We managed to get the battery box bolted in (cheers Jack) needs a touch up of yellow around the top More soon 😁
  11. So we got the boot fitted tonight, and the spoiler (cheers jack) got a lead on a new diff case, fingers crossed and been drilling some more holes in my new battery box mounting plates More soon
  12. So the plan today was to whip the diff out and replace the clutches for a quick freshen up,,, err no 😕 We knew about the mangled case, from a previous owners mishap after the pinion bolt came loose and the pinion gear ate the diff case 😕 We managed to get it apart eventually after my son came up with the idea of making a tool to help free up the internals. Looks like im needing a new diff case 😕 More money 😊
  13. carbon body seems a bit extreme, and very expensive, nice idea though, motorbike calipers should be ok on this as its only doing a bit of drag racing, its only got to stop it from 100mph or so, not like a track car thats going round and round for 25 laps 😉
  14. Stayed a bit longer and got these done too More soon 😊
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