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  1. you still looking for one of these mate ?
  2. ahh yeah i see it now, thats very good 😎
  3. if you wanted some music but wanted to hide it, when i built my hotrod i bought a small amp with a 3.5mm input that you can plug an ipod into, hid a pair of 6x9 speakers under the front seats, works really good, and cant see any of it 😉
  4. so just a bit of an update, my bits i ordered from burtons have arrived, minus the ball stud lock nuts 🙁 so pretty pointless pulling it apart yet, i have found some nuts on ebay that might do the job as when i rung burtons to find out how long they might be, they have been on back order with there supplier since april 🙄 oh yeah and i been busy with the van fitting a leccy fuel pump and collecting a new rebuilt diff which i hope to fit this weekend 🙂 plan to do another test day in august, might chuck some bigger nitrous jets in, as we were really struggling to get it of the line, or maybe run on road tyres, and the rear brakes were groaning a bit so need to look at those, might have to skim a bit off the discs, and also trying to get another 6" rs alloy to go with the one i aalready have so we can run skinnys on the front more soon 🙂
  5. cheers Mark, was a really good day 🙂
  6. So we got a couple of ballstuds that are crossthreaded 😕 so weve ordered a new set, there not the longer ones either, so we got the longer ones coming from burtons, with a new set of valve caps and some new collets, dunno if were gonna pull the head off, as we have a tool to change the bits wiyh the head on 😁 Oh yeah and this came in the post today 😁 long time since i got a trophy for anything motorsport related 😎 More soon Cheers
  7. i did find that fella on fb, i did message him, but he didnt want to sell me one wheel 🙁 cheers though 😉 👍
  8. hi guys, rocking horse poo i know, but just wondered if anybody has a spare 6x13 group 1 rs alloy languishing in there shed that there willing to sell cheers 🙂
  9. It does normally tighten the valve's giving it a missfire, maybe i was revving it to hard, and its just shakin stuff loose, will be doing some investigations before anymore racing Cheers 😉
  10. Yeah, its a big effort to go racing now, was much easier when it was 25 mins up the road (north weald) had some issues with it for a while, we think its valve seat recession, it either tightens up or loosens off the valve clearances, monday we had 2 loosen off on the 7th run, and the followers have chewed the tops of the valve caps up, so we decided to call it a day 😕
  11. So we managed 7 runs yesterday before we had valve train issues, couple of shake down passes first as it had been in pieces, then with the nitrous on with the smallest jets, the quickest run was a 14.7 @ 92mph, my new gripper is the nuts, and my 4 speed type 9 is fantastic, thanks to Chris at bgh for that, also a big thankyou to my family pit crew for all the help leading up to the day and on the day aswell, was a brilliant day Cheers 😁
  12. So weve been a bit busy lately, spent today loading up and checking the last few bits ready for monday at the pod, a couple of pics with the a frame on and the brake applicator fitted You can just see the cable going through the window and across the corner of the bonnet More soon 😉
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