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  1. thanks for the recomendation Ray, they did a nice job on the bolts and bits, quick turn around aswell cheers 👍
  2. ok, didnt know that, cheers for the heads up 👍 all the bolts we had plated are just engine stuff, to make them look pretty, cheers 🙂
  3. So weve booked tickets for the Saturday night special at the pod on the 23rd oct, got the light bar fitted and finished the wiring, also fitted the passenger seat, my youngest son has never had a drive of it, he is only going round the pits in it, but i still dont fancy crouching in the passenger side without anything to hold onto, so the seat is in for now, might even chuck a belt in it so maybe could take a passenger up the strip, got a couple of bits to do still, but also got a week off leading up to it so should be ok More soon 😜
  4. looking good mate 😎 wish i could just jump in mine and take it for a spin down the street 👍
  5. Got the rest of the stripes fitted 😠 poxy job, weve decided to try and get to the pod for one last blast this year, aiming for the 23rd of October its a saturday night special so racing in the dark should be fun, hopefully will get some good pics, as we got no lights i ordered a 20 inch led lightbar off ebay, so tonight ive been wiring up a relay for when it arrives More soon 😁
  6. cheers for that, ive got a blast cabinet at work, so i could give them a blast before we send them over, will give them a call cheers 🙂
  7. can anyone recommend a company to plate some nuts and bolts, my son is restoring a 70's toyota and wants to plate the nuts and bolts. he has rung a local company, but they didnt seem very interested in the job cheers 🙂
  8. they are family mate, its hard when you lose them, living on a busy road is always gonna be a risk.
  9. sorry for your loss mate
  10. I been a bit of a busy boy lately, took the door off and managed to get it painted at work inside and out, got it re fitted tonight, so made a start on the drivers side stripes, rear brakes have new brackets made and the discs have had a bit of a skim more soon 😁
  11. Cheers mate Been doing a bit more, so i just bought some vinyl off ebay and cut all these out by hand, no fancy computer cutter here at brownyspeedshop 😁. I do have a new found respect for guys that do vinyl graphics for a living, Jesus it takes forever, bearing in mind i made paper templates and placed them on the car and moved them about till we were happy with the look, i did cheat and copy a pic off google and fast car mag that i found on ebay, but still a load of work, need to get some paint on the drivers door so we can get the other side done 😎
  12. yeah maybe, the yellow is not that visable in the photo's but it does show when your in front of it, i might try a black line to see what it looks like 😉 cheers.
  13. cheers Mark, wanted to put em on it for years, but never got around to it 😁
  14. Had a swop about so i could play escort, pulled the rear brakes apart as we had some grinding at the pod, looks like my super lightweight caliper brackets are a bit on the skew, as the pads are not making an even contact on the disc, looks like im gonna make another pair of brackets 😕 Didnt fancy that today though, so been playing with some sticky vinyl 😁
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