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  1. Omg I did not think you could possibly make an Austin all agro any worse.....I was so wrong!
  2. Well I can recommend the revotec fan system, easy install and never let me down when I had my RS.
  3. PeteRS8084


    He needs a drinking partner!
  4. Yet another pleasure that has disappeared into the distance!
  5. Just got to love a green scort, the only colour to have one
  6. You bloody spotter col, sure your where a rozzer in a previous life!
  7. So on kermit it was on the near side bulk head.
  8. Could be worse, this is chewing gum........you don't want to know about my Internet history!
  9. Great pictures, who knew there was so many avengers still going!
  10. The Saxon looks like a early thunderbird.............
  11. PeteRS8084

    Off my head ?

    As always with you Col very clean and tidy!
  12. Looking really good Col (for an angle box obviously). If you sell her it will be regret time! And break her........you could not. What ever you do enjoy, and fingers crossed it does not get any concrete fatigue at Cadwell.
  13. Cobras......from the seventies......had a set on my cortina gt mk2 back in the day, did not really like them that much so swapped them for some rostyles! Happy days
  14. Bad luck mate, but think it could have been a lot worse!
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