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  1. When I was in the army but stationed at RAF Laarbruch (no longer there) our exercises always had ended at mid day on a Thursday so the white coaches could pick up the RAF guys and girls and get them back to their rooms to pretty up for the Thursday night bop!
  2. And your issue is? Lol Whoops the next post came up before this hit, it was about the lovely transit
  3. Looks great, paint you could dive into, and I'm an ex Essex boy so for me the cibies work!
  4. If you look in car for sale section, about ten down with the titlemk2 mexico pretty sure this is the one. Pete
  5. So I see, alas my mk2 rs was sold about 3 years ago, bit I am sure that your items will be snapped up quick smart! Good luck, Pete
  6. Blimey some bargains there, they should be snapped up.
  7. Far too many toys Col!
  8. Excellent, my first rs2000 mk2 in Germany in 1984 cost me the equivalent of about 1200 squid!, sold it and bought the first xr3i in Germany for the princely duty free price of 4400 squid fully loaded! Happy days!
  9. Gits! Will keep my eyes peeled as it's round my area! Fingers crossed for a safe recovery
  10. Jeleous! Pepare to have your wallet raped, oh and get some decent breakdown cover. Good luck and use and enjoy!
  11. PeteRS8084

    wheres col?

    Yeah all ok thanks Paul, still hard at work, rs focus was brilliant but alas had to go, so back to st180 fiesta, waiting til lock down sorts itself to get mountune upgrade for it. Alas any thoughts of any thing old skool has seen it's day, unfortunatly! Hope you and the family are ok?
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