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  1. Merry Christmas and a happy new decade too all
  2. And there is my chrissie present, but they would have to sort out that wayward tacho for £65k plus lol!
  3. Omg a blast from the past, pretty sure I saw that in real life my youth! Good find!
  4. 6 wheel range rover yes! Shoving a mercedes front end onto it is a big fat no from me! Bet it went out to the UAE or simular
  5. Got to be a bargain, an old skool ford for less than 4k! Fingers crossed for a painless sale
  6. Blimey never seen a bonnet like that on a cortina, and I lived in Southend in the good old cruise days of the 70s..............
  7. Me too! Thought the bonnet vents were only on the mk3s too....?
  8. Nah, you have had too many tinnies!
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