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  1. Looks great, hope you enjoy
  2. 6 wheel range rover yes! Shoving a mercedes front end onto it is a big fat no from me! Bet it went out to the UAE or simular
  3. Got to be a bargain, an old skool ford for less than 4k! Fingers crossed for a painless sale
  4. Blimey never seen a bonnet like that on a cortina, and I lived in Southend in the good old cruise days of the 70s..............
  5. Me too! Thought the bonnet vents were only on the mk3s too....?
  6. Nah, you have had too many tinnies!
  7. Pretty sure Dunlop D1 was the original spec on a savage mk2. But I may be wrong...........
  8. I may just add that the constant visits to the petrol station for the best fuel was a deciding factor in its sale, never did get bored with just how fast it got down tne road, nearly as fast as watching the fuel needle go from full to empty...........happy days!
  9. I had a VXR8 FOR a year,what a machine.........its all about the V8, there is no replacement for displacement as they say!
  10. Oh my god, they look like they have fallen of a 60s thunderbird set..............and not in a good way! Horrendous
  11. Can't beleive that col, you know the sun never shines in Hull LOL
  12. Looks great,, and 6R4s the only metro to be seen in!
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