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  1. What about the full address including house number,that car would be gone in a milisecond now days, and I don't mean it would be bought!
  2. Nearly as good as me buying my second car.......A 66 mk1 1500gt cortina, for the massive sum of £90! Oh happy days. That was in 1979
  3. You can enlarge this it will show you genuine mk2 spot lamp brackets, I found them on flea bay, a rare find! Hope this helps Col!
  4. I think he got a blue peter badge for that one, and all of the others he has "sorted"! Ant Antstell is no better! Bodge it and scarper!
  5. Omg I did not think you could possibly make an Austin all agro any worse.....I was so wrong!
  6. Well I can recommend the revotec fan system, easy install and never let me down when I had my RS.
  7. PeteRS8084


    He needs a drinking partner!
  8. Yet another pleasure that has disappeared into the distance!
  9. Just got to love a green scort, the only colour to have one
  10. You bloody spotter col, sure your where a rozzer in a previous life!
  11. So on kermit it was on the near side bulk head.
  12. Could be worse, this is chewing gum........you don't want to know about my Internet history!
  13. Great pictures, who knew there was so many avengers still going!
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