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  1. Certainly was Col, what a day........what a car, sadly missed, the car that is lol.
  2. And its all true!
  3. Go with what makes you happy, sod the rest LOL
  4. Having previously owned "kermit" a signal green flat nosed RS2000 I would advise you to keep the original nose cone and wings on if they are ok, people are funny about classics, and they do like to see them original...........just some of my personal thoughts
  5. Very good, and having served on a strike RAF tornado station in the 80s I can confirm just how right you are, but they also like plenty of bunting too. Oh and I was army serving on a RAF station, so much fun and wind ups!
  6. Sweet ride, welcome.
  7. Merry Christmas and a happy new decade too all
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