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  1. That scort ute was for sale near me about 18 months ago, I do sort of like it, but the badge would have to go.........what's not to like about a v6 escort!
  2. When I was in the army but stationed at RAF Laarbruch (no longer there) our exercises always had ended at mid day on a Thursday so the white coaches could pick up the RAF guys and girls and get them back to their rooms to pretty up for the Thursday night bop!
  3. And your issue is? Lol Whoops the next post came up before this hit, it was about the lovely transit
  4. Looks great, paint you could dive into, and I'm an ex Essex boy so for me the cibies work!
  5. If you look in car for sale section, about ten down with the titlemk2 mexico pretty sure this is the one. Pete
  6. So I see, alas my mk2 rs was sold about 3 years ago, bit I am sure that your items will be snapped up quick smart! Good luck, Pete
  7. Blimey some bargains there, they should be snapped up.
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