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  1. Right I'm getting my peepers removed tomorrow!
  2. God almighty will this ever stop!
  3. Just love the seventies custom car scene, such a poor essex boy!
  4. It's like the bucket of flowers, oh hang on a bouquet of flowers lol
  5. Pretty sure that essex police had mk2 gts as traffic cars in the day, and in Southend few covert cars, one of which was a gold anglia with a lotus twin cam in, always made me laugh as we could spot them by the extra aerials on them!
  6. Hi Ben Fan sent today, parcel force signed for, should be with you Thursday. Tracking number is FWFX6497549GB Let me know it's arrived safe and sound. Regards, Pete
  7. I don't really know, I saw your post and just remembered I had one,what do you think? It's quiet weighty so posted would probably be e tenner i guess? Pete
  8. I have this one,brand new never fitted,any good for you? Pete
  9. Bad, xr3i mk 3 or mk 4 with a wide body rattleskin kit it, remember the 90s through all those Es lol!
  10. She's lovely, but I speak from experience. ...........Once she is gone you will be priced out from getting another one so nice. ........think about it........good luck whatever you decide.
  11. What about the full address including house number,that car would be gone in a milisecond now days, and I don't mean it would be bought!
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