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  1. update on this thing......ive been informed its being front end space framed and being fitted with rb25 skyline engine and box...not sure if the "styling" will remain
  2. ohhhh too many gems including interior bulbs dipped into red spray paint for the red glow look xr3i front seats in a mk 1 fiesta with the rear squabs covered in the same material and the baggy bits self tapered to the base lol peco big bore 2 exhausts on a 1.1 renault 5 vinyl sticker "twin headlamp conversion" home made blue peter stylee "i get goose bumpz when the bass pumps" and turbosystems graphics
  3. welcome to the site glad you tracked your old mex down
  4. ive got a protfolio like this of my escort turbo build will try to do the same with the wifes s13 and my mk2 more door
  5. too my knowledge this car is in a mates workshop in lincolnshire and is having a rb25 skyline conversion
  6. probably tell myself to train as a spark ( as they all appear to be minted ) dont follow your hobbies as a career keep the mk2 harrier that you sold for a 200 profit
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