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  1. I'd get a capri mountney/aftermarket boss and ask a machine shop to make up an ally adaptor plate. I've got a new style collapsable boss fitted to an old skool mountney 3 spoke wheel with a custom adaptor in between.
  2. She was proud to be representing at the Ace The mk2 is the best of the capris , especially with the right rims. The chrome work brings out the finer points of styling and the rear lights look cool
  3. Hi djrichie_stix, sounds like an interesting idea. Fair enough if you can't take on an american muscle car. The Capri is value for There was a satin black Mk1 3L with single, round headlamps. I asked the owner what they were from; a Mk2 Golf. Have a wander around a scrap yard
  4. Hi Chris, my MkII Capri was sucking air through an Edelbrock pancake filter. The previous owner's mate, who owned an RV8 motor, ordered a pancake filter. He somehow ended up with two and gave one to the previous owner. It fitted the Capri Try Edelbrock
  5. Was the Ace Cafe Capri day documented in Retro Ford?
  6. Hi all, My inner TCA's seem to need replacing. Also I've noticed the front ride height has decreased over the last 12 months. It looks good but makes for a bit of a barge round corners I'd like to replace the front springs, inserts (shocks?), bushes and anything else you think is worth replacing while I'm at it. I've already got a front set of HD rubber bushes. I'm thinking of going -1 or -2 inches on the springs. Those I understand but what do I need to order for the struts? I've seen inserts for sale on PL and Ralldes but I'm not sure what the numbers mean? Please help me to order and fit the right parts for fast road use. Do I need any special tools? Links and tips much appreciated Cheers Mk2 2L Capri, 15x7J wheels
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