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  1. John escort mk1V6

    Escort estate mk2 with mk1 exterieur

    Oke thanks Colin
  2. John escort mk1V6

    Escort estate mk2 with mk1 exterieur

    Yes Colin , i think that is ATF , but now it got normal oil in it , when i did get oil for mine escort mk1V6 with a T9 Granada mk2 2,3 5-speed gearbox at the ford dealer it was also red.
  3. John escort mk1V6

    Escort estate mk2 with mk1 exterieur

    Thanks Ben , yes i want it to be , a bit time period , except the seats , steeringwheel and radio.
  4. John escort mk1V6

    Escort estate mk2 with mk1 exterieur

    And this is what have done the last weeks , i have put in a quaife gearbox , i wanted this for a while and mine old gearbox has a problem so the timing was good. Also i did have to exchange the rear form the old gearbox becourse the quaife did have a electric speedsender and i want to keep the cable. And i also did put in a new quick shift lever , so i have more clearance with the tunnel , and looks better than the orignal one with the quick shift kit. And on more litt;e thing i did was , welded 2 spacers on the steering rack , to prevent that calipers can hit the compresion struts.
  5. John escort mk1V6

    Mk2 Mexico

    I can`t help you with that , but when parts are hard to find , than i try to buy them if a get the change , on some accasions i didn`t have the money , and than the next day they are gone .
  6. John escort mk1V6

    Mk2 Mexico

    Yes that can be real dilemma , money wise , time wise , a good workspot
  7. John escort mk1V6

    Mk2 Mexico

    Those are the best jobs to do.
  8. John escort mk1V6

    Mk2 Mexico

    You have bought a nice car.
  9. John escort mk1V6

    Mk2 cortina

    It`s getting there.
  10. John escort mk1V6

    2.8 capri axle on mk1 escort bubble arches

    You can also play with the off-set.
  11. John escort mk1V6

    Trouble with Trays

    This what i was thinking alloy with vinyl.
  12. John escort mk1V6

    Pinto - The Resurrection

    Nicely done.. 👍
  13. John escort mk1V6

    Unleaded 2.0 pinto cylinder head id

    And also the 1,6 valve`s are smaller , a 1,6 GT or S they also have bigger 2,0 exhaust valve`s , so the ports would also be smaller.
  14. John escort mk1V6

    Escort mk1V6 upgrades

    And again i have welded a piece of rs/mexico reinforcement against the left innerwing , and i did cut of a piece from the plates becourse the innerwings have the battery cut outs. I made them a little bit shorter than necessary becourse that looks better , in line with the battery cuts outs
  15. John escort mk1V6

    So..Mk2 Escort Actual Differences 4 door 2 door.

    Rear door handle delete , just like Alfa and Seat also did … not a complete delete they just moved it higher up.