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  1. With some paint looks everything alot better , but try what mpdevelopments.uk last time said pump up the amps or just a little bit less wire , these things must be strong.
  2. So the engine is all most complete apart , i was thinking to use other 2,8i engine or the 4.0 ohv , but no i want tot safe the original 2,8i engine that came out the factory , and put in fast go stuff. I`ve had parts galvanized like the 26 mm front anti roll bar from a S suspention , so i will paint that black soon , the first thing that i gonna do is the rear anti-roll also from a S suspention bar and the fuel line protection plate and , and srew them on their place.
  3. Thanks BaileyMex , last couple of days i took the engine apart.
  4. Thanks , there is still alot work to be done , but slowly but sure we will get there. The RAL colour nr is 8019 grey braun semi-gloss it`s abit like dark chocolate from the spraycan that i used for the rubber top of the dash , i don`t have a paint nr of the steel part , becourse that is made at the paint shop and they kept that recipy them self.
  5. And i did paint it under the dashboar but als the metal piece with 2k paint and the rubber piece with a spraycan a brown ral colour from a constrution market and that right colour. There was a little crack in the dash , so did put but sealer in , and it work out not to bad , for now i am happy with it. I did also more pieces from the interieur.
  6. So becourse i have nothing to do , did some work on the granada , a couple of months ago i took engine/gearbox out. And did some welding on the engine bay.
  7. So i did make the brackets from the front anti-rollbar stronger , before they get the change to come loose. And i did not for get to weld 2 nuts for the bumperbreakets against the chassisrails.
  8. I did have the same problem with the GAZ steel ones , so i did bought the GAZ alluminium shorter ones and i did make the turrets longer , becourse i want the car as low as posibile.
  9. I have 2 rubberbusjes on the upperside on the picture you have 1 rubber and i have helpersprings
  10. Did check if the tyre have enough space , so it doesn`t touch the spring ?
  11. Yes plans change sometimes , i did knew a guy that did have a racecar like this with plat leafsprings , so the coilover springs does the work , may be a 4/6 link is better but i dont want to go welding again and if feels better , i never drove a car with a 4/6 link. I must look at the mounting breakets on the axle , becourse the U-bolts are in the way , so you have to make sure its stong enough and sits right.
  12. Hi Mash , at the moment its a bit slow , the headgasket was leak again , ik think i was forgotten to turn the headnuts 90 degrees when it was warm. It runs again but much to high , so thats something i must look at. And i am also working on the 4.0 ohv V6 , may be for sale or may be some day i will put it in mine granada mk2. If you want know something or pictures may be i can help.
  13. https://www.google.nl/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwi_yfzb7tjuAhWCwQIHHYxZD5cQxfQBMAB6BAgDEAM&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.omroepgelderland.nl%2Fnieuws%2F6749260%2FPolitieauto-maakt-donut-op-kruising-in-Zutphen-Sneeuw-haalt-kind-in-je-naar-boven&usg=AOvVaw2Nxg5nI7EEDpK-4yKsrlz7
  14. So i have bought another set gauges and there did have a red light , the ones that i all ready have did have white lights. But it must have green lights , so i did grind the the steel bezels and remove them , took a solderingbolt and melted the red disk visors and so with green hoses over the lambs , painted the needles and replace the plastic glasses for real glass and used new bazels made from brass so softer and easier to bent , but with only two hands it is not easy to get it nice , so with some clue i did get nice with a paintcan. So the left temp gauge is for the engine o
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