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  1. Does lewis hamelton got corona or has he got a ankle bracelet ?
  2. You can grind it and weld it again , and grind it all so again.
  3. One word stunning , you may call your self an expert.
  4. Thanks , thats way its taking so long when its done , i am not allowed to drive any more.. 🦼
  5. Oke thats possible , these brackets are used in combination with 4 links , becourse the leafsprings u-bolts are in the way , the one that you have sits normaly under the axle and at the rear
  6. Hi Mash when you are going to weld the shockbrackets make sure that the tyre has enough clearance
  7. Hi oldskoolnutter thanks , nice to hear about it , thats how it work when you search for info pictures. A few weeks ago i did watch a video about the atlas axle with a watts and the guy was buiding a escort and did show some pictures from the web and mine axle was in it. So the web makes the world smaller and it is much easer now to find things out. I did make the anti roll barr on the estate at the rear of the axle and on the mk1v6 at front of the axle , becourse the floor and exhausts are different and also the watts sits different.
  8. And what have i done now , a few weeks ago , i was to late buy a set audi gauges so that must wait. But there is enough to do and i made a coldstart systeem with a injector from a Granada 2,8i , becourse when it sits for longer time it start no so good , the carbs have no chokes and some times its runs out of petrol. It seems to work , i did conect it to the startpushbutton with a time-relay , first turn on the mainswitch and than turn on the ignition the electric petrolpump starts for 6 sec ajustible 0/60 sec , push the brake pedal and push the startbutton the starter starts and the
  9. Thanks Paul , i do mine best and sometimes to hard , and i try to create something different , but i am happy with how it looks and it seems to be faster on rpm and may be its make belief.
  10. Thanks dt36 i did weld it with a normal mig weldingmachine with other gas and stainless wire , but after its done with filler and black paint it will look better. With a tig weldingmachine it looks much better , but the cutting must be correct also , and i dont have one , and i did try it one time but it is not easy.
  11. So after some masurements cutting thinking and welding , and the weldings are not nice and it welds bad this thin stainles steel , the air intake is done , except the paint that comes later. I did want try to make both side the same length , but that did not work out , but its done. The right long one gets warm from the heat of the radiator , so maybe i make a plate between them. But the right airflow meter needed to be ajust , becourse the sucking airflow lost power due the extra length , and the door - airvalve a bit nervous. So i did set the door-air valve under le
  12. Why dont you go for a oldskool uni colour , if you have a damage its more easy to repair than than a metallic paint , I was thinking on Britisch racing green metallic , what was on the Jaquar F1 cars , but like i said if have stone chips , rust or a dent its more trouble to get it nice.
  13. Yes something like that , but the last weeks we have enough light showers
  14. I think i will drill a 3 mm hole in the lowest bend , so water can leak out.
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