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  1. And the next thing i did was , i put en boot carpet , but it was 30/35 mm to short , i don`t how a original carpet fits , luckly the battery and the jack sits before the end. But it looks much better than the old mk2 boot carpet , the only to do is to place some isolation under it to fill it up.
  2. Part 2 , i did wanted this for along time alloy wheel hubs , to safe some fuel , everything for the environment. They are 1 kg lighter.
  3. Yes Minilteman yourè right and i must say it wasn`t cheap. 🤑
  4. yes i thought so , but Austria , Japan , Saudia-Arbia , Turkey also very wet , here in The Netherlands is not so wet , last week in down south Limburg , but Belgium Ardenne was yesterday very bad.
  5. I see footage of floods in London , how bad is it ?
  6. Yes i think you are right , i bought these dashpad 30 years ago , and i think the colour was the reason that i could buy it , at the last ford parts meeting about 1.5 years ago just before the corona BS i could buy a black original one , may will try to buy buy it if it`s still for sale , becourse this one is not a 100% nice one. I thinks it`s a early one , i bought also a early escort mk1 bonnet with the screenwasher hole from the same guy for mine escort mk2 estate.
  7. So i have done some work on the interieur , first the dashboard , i took of the fake leahter , the reason that it was on it , was becourse it was green when i bought it years ago with damage and it wasn`t looking right anmore it came loose so did i paint it and it`s looks better. And i did paint ohter pieces of the dash and steering wheel. Also i bought a original brown center coin tray and brown klok and i did paint hem black , but the chrome line was not so easy to do , it`s not super but for no i leave it like it is. But before i could install it i , the handbrakelever and cylinder did need go backward , so did drill new holes and weld the old holes shut. The next things to buy are new switch housings and kickpanels.
  8. The questions should ask before you take the jab ,, https://brandnewtube.com/watch/uk-doris-goes-undercover-at-vaccine-centre-quot-asking-questions-shocking_fArAStQSlxJ3Exv.html
  9. The grinders are not very good anymore i mine first one a Metabo did his work for 10 years it was not cheap , but after that i buy cheap one`s and also Metabo Hitachi they last for 2/3 years
  10. With some paint looks everything alot better , but try what mpdevelopments.uk last time said pump up the amps or just a little bit less wire , these things must be strong.
  11. So the engine is all most complete apart , i was thinking to use other 2,8i engine or the 4.0 ohv , but no i want tot safe the original 2,8i engine that came out the factory , and put in fast go stuff. I`ve had parts galvanized like the 26 mm front anti roll bar from a S suspention , so i will paint that black soon , the first thing that i gonna do is the rear anti-roll also from a S suspention bar and the fuel line protection plate and , and srew them on their place.
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