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  1. That narrows it down to anytime between about 1975 and 2020 😆
  2. Wanted as per title, please get in touch if you have one available, thanks
  3. Obviously you have not been privy to the weeks of discussion, debate, raging, mud slinging, rants, insults, trolling, polling, memes, fake news, etc. that has dominated the UK's social media, traditional media, print media, work places, homes, schools, pubs, etc. The last thing any of us need is another venting platform haha. What would be far more cathartic at this point is for everyone to step away from it all for a while, put down the iphones, walk away from the keyboards, ignore TV screens and to not bring up the subject amongst family and friends!
  4. Because that was the national vote share. I wasn't quite sure why we were having a poll about it given that there is so much metadata, relating to the election, available elsewhere.
  5. If everyone on here completes the poll, roughly 43% will choose Conservative. Ask me how I know 😂
  6. It does feel a little bit like they have shifted the goal posts and then also decided we are playing rugby not football! I agree with RP2K that a polite refusal to their terms is required. You may find that they turn round and lower that figure. Surely they must see that their best bet is to cut the OSF group a deal and be assured of a decent lump sum up front than to hold out and see how many pitches they fill on the day. Are they really going to have all 35 pitches fully booked for that weekend at £33 a night? I doubt it.
  7. There is no need to cancel! Provided that option 3 is still on the table. I would like to attend on a Tour Only Pass again this year as camping is not a legitimate strategy for my other half.
  8. Pretty much the only classic car related media worth bothering with these days is the Barn Find Hunter series on Youtube with Tom Cotter as hosted by Hagerty. https://youtu.be/hRMAQj0yA44 There is zero bullshit or fake drama in the vids. Even the clickbait titles aren't just clickbait, they actually do find incredibly awesome classics!
  9. My Dad just bought 2x K11 Micra service kits for our cars, one for his and one for mine. Absolute bargain off eBay - spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, particulate filter and oil filter all from decent brands in one kit for £12.99 with free delivery!
  10. You just need a push switch which is activated whilst the gear stick is in the reverse position. You won't need to modify the GB at all hopefully.
  11. Count me in. As someone who was very excited initially to hear that the tour would be moving around to different venues/moors I am very much hoping for something new from the tour itself this year if the venue will be remaining the same.
  12. Many thanks for sorting out delivery of my slam panel Chris. Hope you had a good day there mate. Let's be honest, if it will on raining hard at a car show, a rally day seems like the most appropriate?
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