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  1. FWD - I'm not a fan. However, on the subject of larger engine FWDs, the yanks have been making them for years. There was a 60s Oldsmobile Tornado that was about 7 litre and well over 300BHP. Don't suppose it was any good.
  2. The length of the TCAs needs to be the same as the distance between the outer track rod end and the pivot on the rack.
  3. I did post up a few weeks ago that I was going to County Mayo! Asking what OSF stuff there was to do. http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/phpBB2/vi ... highlight= I was in Ballirobe and yes the camper was red.
  4. Got back from my trip to west coast of Ireland and thought you might like a few pics. Raised the suspension on the Cortina by 1.5 inches so it would get on the ferry, checked the oil and then off we go! The first few are in North Wales: Found some Germans in Holyhead on a tour. Must have clocked up a few miles!! The house we stay in is rarely used and so all overgrown We climbed a mountain with my puppy Ygor. He was pretty tired at the end of it: Driving holidays are ace. Get your OSF abroad! I saw a clean Mk4 Zodiac and transit camper on a local classic
  5. I'm in Kent now, but I'll be in Ballinrobe from about the 5th-17th.
  6. Thanks. Doesn't look like there is much on. I was rather hoping for a nice local pub meet to trot along to in the Cortina
  7. Anyone from county Mayo? Any local car meets in that area? TA!
  8. Thanks Jo. I can indeed use joiners, but was hoping not to have to. Who would you get a quote from? I wanted more than one hose making up?
  9. I'm after some silicone hoses for the Cortina. Any ideas where to go? Rally design ones are with 90degree bends only have 3" legs. I could do with 7".
  10. Thanks everyone . Had a great time last night Just going to go and weld my car back together so I can go Sunday. See you all there
  11. I heard that Madonna is interested in having Harvey if neither of them want him
  12. Is your original problem due to the ballast resistor? If Capris have them?
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