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  1. nope. brand new from a brake specialist. square edged, one side flat and one side grooved. I'll ask the guy I bought it off - but the Loctite sounds a good idea.
  2. or flip the o-ring over? does it matter?
  3. I'm sure I saw a thread here once, but I can't find it now. So, as the title suggests, on a P16 caliper with a pocket on one side and a flat on the other, does it matter the orientation of the square crossover o-ring? It's flat on one side and grooved on the other. thanks
  4. thanks. I did think it was from an auto. the car's a mk1, but I'm in Oz. Pics would be great though if you have any.
  5. hi there. I've got a 1600 xflow fitted with Cortina DFM carb on a GT manifold, but the throttle linkages all look very bodged. I'm looking for pics please so that I can fabricate something better. the car came with three different linkages and two brackets. I'm pretty sure one set is a mk2 pinto setup (straight linkage no spring arm square hole in bracket) but I think the others are xflow, but nothing really works - all the angles are wrong for the ball and spring arms pic 1 the angles look okay but the shaft is too short pic 2 the shaft is the right length but the angles are all wrong. have I even got the correct bracket? any pics and help much appreciated. thanks
  6. slowly the shell is pretty good (it's an Australian 4-door) and someone has obviously worked on it at some time in the past, so there's only a little welding to do as far as I can see. The front panel has been damaged to I need to cut a new one in, but phase 1 is to get it on the road again without a full resto. I've rebuilt the front steering/suspension/brakes and am just about to start on the rear. Then it's basically a case of bolting it together and hoping the engine fires!
  7. if you do need parts quicker you could try Mike at Yesterford in Melbourne
  8. I just realised I never finished this thread off. Here it is, all back together and a rebuilt carby got a long way still to go until it gets dropped into the car, but hopefully it'll run!
  9. I turned down the length of the sleeves a mm or so to make then a snug fit in the crossmember. tapped the tca into place with a rubber mallet and job done! much less drama than I expected.
  10. bolts fit through the sleeve, and I think the sleeve will go into the bush okay. I'm just worried about the length. I'm sure I remember reading somewhere it should crush in lengthwise - is that right?
  11. please forgive what I am sure is a really stupid question. I have some superflex bushes to replace the old rubber inner TCA bushes. When I first opened the pack I thought there was no way the bush would fit, but with some grease and a bench vice the poly cotton reel is in place. The inner though is making me think. It seems several mm longer than the old one from the rubber bushes, and longer than the space in the cross member. Should I grind it down to fit lengthwise?
  12. I think the difference in the two is the number of splines (20T v 23T?) diameter of the friction plate should be the same. Check the number of bolts on the pressure plate attachment too.
  13. so I wasn't planning to do anything to the gearbox other than clean it, replace seals and change oil, but now its out of the car I can see that the input shaft has some lateral play, maybe 2mm at the tip. Is that normal or do I need to replace the input shaft bearing? thanks.
  14. yeah, I've had a chat, I can't make the combination of bracket + rubber mount come out the right height. Never mind - I'll space them to fit. Maybe the car's wrong.
  15. anyone used these? I've got a set to fit to my 1600 x-flow into a mk1 Escort, but no matter what combination of rubber mount I use, I can't get the heights right. any thoughts?
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