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  1. that's that then cheers for letting ,me know
  2. have you still got the o/s front wing and front valance also looking for headlight binnacles and o/s front indicator cheers Rich
  3. needing front lower valance and o/s front wing if anyone has them for sale to fit this old girl cheers Rich
  4. any one got a solinoid for my 1979 Cortina its a 1.6 gl
  5. well just asked him and its the sport gear box they used them in lotus 7 kit cars back in the day
  6. right got her in the garage today to start drying her out, taken the plugs out and hay presto after 15 pluss years of sitting the engine moved with ease in gear not seized so going too hook a battery up in the week too see if it will turn over before I take it out
  7. cheers for the likes had a great day out
  8. Farther inlaw has a mk 2 escort gearbox for 1.6 any idea what they are worth and does any one want too buy it
  9. will put a few more up when I get chance
  10. £12 standing room on the train but loads there mate struggled too get it all in the day must of misted loads great day out
  11. well got it back from the farm, quick wash down too remove the cow shit and 22 years of sitting there grime ready for resto will keep adding the pics as I go
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