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  1. Thank you, all i done was copy and paste the details....? Bizarre, but cheers.
  2. So here is a list of what has been done to it, i have left out a couple of bits, but i think that what has been done is clearly justified in the price! car will be ready in the New year, just gauging to see if there is any interest....? KHK729V 4 door Mk2 1600cc Highly Modified VAUD Escort This car has been undergoing extensive modifications for the last 8+ years. Standard 4 door saloon, most parts that have been fitted are either brand new or very good quality second hand parts. The car has not been driven on the road, never had a wheel turned in anger since owning the c
  3. must have compression, as local to Essex as poss' but can travel, as complete as poss' no scrappers , and standard engines please nothing modified.
  4. Change of direction, car is in Terling area Essex just off the A12, i only have 1 old MOT and the blue logbook trailer required I have bought some parts separate which i will offer as a lot if interested, these include 2 x front glass wings, 1 sill, pair of rear lights, 1 poss' 2 wiper motors, and a couple of other odds and sods. i also have the rear seat and some interior parts but very shabby, but you can get a pattern off them.
  5. Sorry, i am colour blind, thought it was white with spots...... Curses Rally Pack!
  6. Always fancied a van, pref' the mk2 model, black & Gold, arches lowered, and no washing machine windows on the sides!
  7. The angle makes the car look huge!
  8. haha! small world eh? sadly no, i had the engine rebuilt in Stanford le hope by benchsound and done a swap later for a mk3 escort....? I know i know i know!!!!
  9. Hahaha! go get yer mouldings... you busy fella!
  10. No great rush, i am back on here now, thumbs up!
  11. That's just it, nothing has come through, this is why i had to use a different email address, obviously something has managed to crawl inside this machine and decide to play up! not to worry, i will continue as i am and press onwards, thanks anyway, Graham.
  12. Hi, even though i have been on the forum for a few years now, i have had to log in as a new user, how long or how many posts do i need to reply to etc... before i can post something? Thank you.
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