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  1. voodoo57

    Struttin' what model?

    Wonderful! Thanks guy's.
  2. voodoo57

    Struttin' what model?

    Thank you, that's one off the list.😃
  3. voodoo57

    Struttin' what model?

    Any idea what these were originally fitted to?
  4. Been kept in a barn for far too many years, tad rough round the edges, but def' useable, offers invited based in Essex.
  5. As near to Essex as possible, but will travel for the right items, pref' a matching pair, and in good condition.
  6. voodoo57

    1300cc crossflow wanted PLUS +++++

    Crossflow no longer required, thanks to Fiestachaser!
  7. voodoo57

    1300cc crossflow wanted PLUS +++++

    Replied, Cheers fiestachaser!
  8. Looking for the above, needs to be at least 75% there, not looking for anything highly modified, but either standard or a mild upgrade. this is for a mk1 Cortina, so i will need the front bowl sump and pipe as usual. Also looking for the small grub type screws that hold the metal carpet trim in place on a mk2 escort. Finally, anyone with used rs/mex wings? as long as they are not rotten i may be interested. As near to essex as poss' but will travel for the right part (within reason!)
  9. Edited, wrong section!!!
  10. voodoo57

    Capri twin headlamps wanted

    This is my idea, hoping to get it sorted this weekend? I will try to incorporate the (dare i say it....) Marina grille, if not, i will cut the present one down.
  11. voodoo57

    Vaud Escort 4 door mk2

    junked the microsquirt, visited SBD motorsport, moved the throttle linkage, changed the thermostat sender unit, bled the system, hit the fuel pump with a spanner, fired it up, it rattled a bit, then the oil started to do it's job and it finally runs! just need to make a few minor changes and then there is no excuse for it not to be on the road by the end of February. Best £1500 that ever left my bank account! Big Thanks to Steve of SBD.
  12. £5,750 no offers.
  13. Advertising on behalf of a very good friend, very trustworthy, and in Malta! 1970, 2 door mk1, was an 1100cc model originally, pretty solid car, logbook is in his name, correct matching numbers also. No engine or gearbox or propshaft, comes with Compomotive 13 inch wheels, wide outer lip type, also comes with radiator and a dismantled exhaust. it did have a different engine before removal and being put into dry storage and so the radiator panel/section will need attention. To get the car over here, i think (I said THINK) it would cost approx £550 which covers handling, tow & shipping. Will need a clean and some minor cosmetics sorting, but overall... a solid example. Offers invited.
  14. voodoo57

    Capri twin headlamps wanted

    what did i end up with? 10 people answered the call, 1 out of the 10 replied and done what was asked, the other 9 didn't bother replying. i now have some xj6/40 twin jag lights complete with surround, wiring and looms. They are due to be posted to me on Monday. I had a guy with a pair of capri lights and backing plates in clacton who couldn't be bothered to get in touch but then again, maybe he is still at work...after 2 days? a guy with the e30 grille sections said and done the same, and everyone else talked the talk, but couldn't walk the walk! It's only for my B2500 truck front, i am going to incorporate a mk1 Marina grille in with the lights. not quite a classic, and not quite a Ford either but thanks for the suggestions.