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  1. Starts and runs, tank/swirl pot & new fuel pump fitted, running very rich though! (expensive petrol!). Only the lambda part to fit and a piece of carpet for the tunnel, booked in for the rolling road next Month!
  2. I will have a 1600 crossflow comes with the Front bowl sump, has recently had a clean and replacement valves and a dab of paint. Bare engine, but i may have a new water pump/fuel pump as well? I don't mind putting on a pallet if need be. (Essex)
  3. Thank you, just relaying the parts request.
  4. Escort mk1 outer sill trims, rear hockey sticks,roof gutter trims, & internal door wood trims off the XL Models...(i think?)
  5. Yes, the guy i am trying to help out said the copies and the fibreglass one's do not fit too well, he is not too fussed about condition, as long as they don't come in pieces and can be repaired within reason! Cheers.
  6. N.O.S drivers door skin for the above, still has stickers attached, genuine Ford, Based in Essex
  7. Can collect within reason, otherwise posted will be required, what yer got guy's?
  8. 17th March North Weald, Essex N.S.R.A organised event, huge outdoor swap meet – from a window winder to a complete car, this is the place to buy and sell new, used and vintage / classic auto parts and accessories.
  9. Wonderful! Thanks guy's.
  10. Thank you, that's one off the list.?
  11. Any idea what these were originally fitted to?
  12. Been kept in a barn for far too many years, tad rough round the edges, but def' useable, offers invited based in Essex.
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