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  1. Removed from a low mileage vehicle, no bell-housing but comes with gearstick, collection only or can meet part way within reason, Box is in the Wickford area.
  2. Hi, Yes, still looking, but have already had some right wallies try and sell me a non compression 1600 trying to tell me it was running when removed? What have you got ? Thanks, Graham.
  3. All sorted guy's, a good friend sold me a type 9 and I just bought a pinto in bits from notenoughtime, both top guy's! Thanks to all the rest also! Time to dump the diesel lump! (can you still get 4 star?????)
  4. i have a 5 speed now, just a pinto required, what do you have in bits? I take it it is the engine? is it all there? Any reason why it's in bits? Thanks for the reply.
  5. gearbox has been sourced, just the engine required, come on folks!
  6. needs to be complete or at least 90% there, not an old smokey lump! pref' in the Essex area, but will travel within reason for the right item and right price.
  7. Reconditioned many years ago, removed from the car about 10 to 15 years ago, been in a barn since removal, transfer box still attached, this also comes with the Alloy bellhousing, collection only, sensible offers considered. (Essex)
  8. The hockey stick trim wanted, does not need to be mint, but useable just the same, thanks in advance.
  9. not fussed regarding 711m or 691m etc etc, needs to be a working engine/turning engine with compression, clutch not important, but needs to have most ancillaries as possible, pref/ as near to Essex as possible, and not too high a price, thanks in advance.
  10. I don't think this is worth anything of real value, kept in a smoke free home, no idea if it works, has plenty of track sections and barriers, photo upload of these parts was not allowed????? come and collect, Wickford area, Essex.
  11. ok, there ,ay be the odd item that's not an Escort, but 99% of what is here is, joblot, ideal for the seller, i really need the space, even at a couple of quid each for what is here, there is a lot more to be made. Tried to upload photo's but only the 1 came out! 3 heads not 2, 1600cc i believe, mk2 bumper, mk2 indicators, couple of inlet manifolds, a carb, rear mk2 lights, mk1 brake servo, lots of odds and sods, about 4 or 5 Type E gearbox mounts, couple of manifolds, x flow/pinto, all have been used, spares/repairs/resale, collection only
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