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  1. The valencia in my fiesta has gone sick, compression is down to 35/32/0/50. Any ideas what the cause could be? It's not smoking and there's no oil in the water or vice versa.
  2. Best hope you don't crash then, because they won't pay out if they find undeclared mods!
  3. I got one, it was useless. I found it easier to take the whole door off to do the job...
  4. Escort tec sold me one for £75. Seems to be the going rate.
  5. 7J pots on the 2.8i's chap.
  6. Brilliant little cars! Old skool. Lots of fun. Plus they're still affordable and insurable!
  7. Yup, you can only use your no claims on one policy/car.
  8. I've got a set of 7x13 Compomotive five spoke alloys, marked up as MS1370 i think. All straight, just need a good polish up. Several people have said they're quite rare, is this true? Anyone have an idea of what they're worth? They have good 205/60's on.
  9. Anyone got info on build dates? I'm trying to decode the tags on my mk1... Cheers.
  10. £350 seems a good price to me. Fizzy parts are still cheap...
  11. Imperial red. I've got one and only know of 6 or 7 others.
  12. Thanks chaps, just gotta cross my fingers nothing else is wrong. Going in at ten tomorrow!
  13. Are reversing lights part of the MOT? Mines due monday and the reverse light is knackered.. Its an 83 fiesta by the way. Thanks all.
  14. Ta muchly, found one on the bay in the end!
  15. Anyone know if the xr2 pad fitting kit is the same as the 1.1? I have the xr2 one kicking about, but cant find one for a 1.1. Ta!
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