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    I think I just had a 'crisis' as top gear call it. Is there a better sound than that! fine line between big V8 and BDG on full chat, but I think that topped it there!
  2. I liked the other video of you doing donuts in it, but this one's awesome! Just nice!
  3. 105Nick


    No, its an Imp and historics are Appendix K, revvy little Coventry Climax in the back.
  4. 105Nick


    I love that! I grew up watching the ICS Classic Touring Cars at Brands along with the Super Tourers, as a guy who worked with my brother built the engine for John Young's unbeatable Mustang Notchback. That was great, the money some teams had with articulated transporters and he'd pull up with it hitched to the back of an old citroen, go out and win with it. The car was reliveried with the Demon Tweeks team, Young recently drove Alan Mann's Mustang. Also a very familiar Purple/White Anglia driven by Gordon Streeter got me into 105Es, plus seeing the Imps, Coopers, Cortina's and 2002 BMs against the big Yanks. I remember a very large Ex Willment 63 Galaxie and a Genuine Hertz Shelby GT350 I came across again a couple of years ago. Awesome fun
  5. That looks a lot of fun to be had. If it were me I'd go 2" drop Lotus steels and caps and badge it as a 1300 Sport
  6. A bloke at work kept calling my Mk1 a "kit car" cos I fitted bilstiens, genuine Mex wings and 1300GT/Ashley etc. In the end I was gonna nut him lol. At the end of the day its what you want it to be and makes you proud and happy to drive.
  7. Damn right! My brother spent 13 years building his Cobra replica, and once its painted I doubt anyone could tell it from an original, though with genuine S/Cs worth millions at least a true petrolhead can own one, as all the originals reside in some sheik's collection. And it can be driven, without the fear that 'I'm gonna smash (or get a stone chip) up a million quid car. And remember how much ex-works RS1600s are going for? Roger Clark's Famous Esso Blue (LVX 942J) and the Cossack car are still seen at Goodwood etc, yet Esso Blue was rolled once Ford sold it on and I recall an article on the Cossack car by the guy who restored it saying he re-shelled it and cut the original battered shell in half before loading it in a skip ... So although the numbers match ... might as well say they're just very good replicas
  8. Remember when i was a lad, my now brother in law took me to maccy-d thurrock cruise in his blacked out tina, the 1st uk lowrider pulled up, a juiced silver Mk2 Granny an everyone went mad lol.
  9. Payed £135 for a whole load of stuff for my anglia, the only thing that f8itted was the screen rubber and rear screen rubber. HJad to take it back to Autoglass twice as it still continued to leak. The boot, door and window trim that I ordered was completely different to that from the car, the Anglia has trim that is shaped to fit on the doors and the boot aperature and the stuff he sent was thin strips that would only push fit the door aperature (so completely different) and a thin strip for the boot, which would have resulted in standing water and the boot/door pillars to rot, the window brushes he sent were 2" too long and about 1cm too wide for the slot it slots in, which it wouldn't fit in no matter what, and no instuctions, fitting guide or adhesives were supplied. When questioned he said I should have ordered adhesive through him, that the stuff needed cutting to fit despite being listed as anglia 105E replacements and being nothing alike what was fitted and after trying to explain that something that is about 1cmx50mm wont fit into a 10mm slot, he produced the theory that I should have bought some mounting clips, how that would work other than mounting it above the window I dont know. He then told me to get some super glue from B&Q - end of conversation. I returned all items along weith copy of reciept and letter demanding a refund and got nothing in return. Bastard. If its escort stuff I just recieved window rubbers within two days of ordering from GS Escorts and would highly reccomend them, Anglia stuff I'd go straight to the Owners Club. Cost £135 for a screen rubber and rear window rubber in the end.
  10. Bet they were proper fooked cars when they came to earth though
  11. coool ..... might be a good idea to loose the deck chair if you can
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