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  1. My 1968 Transit is being restored, and the rubbers needed for the front quarterlights are different from all the other windows. Has anyone else experienced this problem, and found a window rubber that works in this case? Any advice would be very much appreciated!
  2. These pictures show Bill's unique solution to the problem...
  3. These photos show the old manifold which has been put in place just to see if we can get it started. The trouble is that the new engine is taller than the old one, meaning that the manifold doesn't reach up high enough. Conversely, the new manifold fits well, but the secondaries arch upwards meaning that they clash with the servo extension. It's the servo that's the problem - why does it need such a long extension??
  4. Thanks for replying Ray. The manifold I bought was actually sold as one specifically for LHD, and it was very expensive. I'm also told that there would be a problem with using a remote servo because the brakes are dual circuit? I tried contacting one supplier of brake system upgrades and they said "Unfortunately Brembo don't have a suitable brake upgrade kit for the Mk1 Escort.", but I haven't asked anyone else yet. Bill is now proposing to modify the servo by cutting away some of the extension and then reassembling it with some welded reinforcement. He's very good at making things, so I'm optimistic.
  5. Thank you very much for the advice. My mechanic has fallen really ill so I haven't been able to discuss your ideas with him yet, but I'm very grateful for them. Thank you very much for your time, and I will be back in touch as soon as I've had a chance to check what is/isn't possible.
  6. Due to my Escort being left-hand drive, I have many items gathering on the left side which can cause space issues. I'm replacing the exhaust manifold, which now clashes with the long extension (turret) supporting the brake servo. Does anyone know if there is another servo which would be compatible with my set-up, which would not extend so far back into the engine bay, please? Any guidance would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance, Lizzy
  7. You might remember that my Escort broke a record a my local MOT station last December by failing with 3 pages of faults? Well, 5 months later, and she was officially road worthy, but was still making some strange transmission-related noises. I thought, while it's out, I might as well fit a type 9 gearbox, and finally managed to source one from a Sierra 1800 CVH. (Interestingly, the previous owner had managed to fit the clutch plate back-to-front, so no wonder she was a bit hard to drive ). It was a bit of a challenge, with her being a left-hooker, and having upgraded from a dynamo to an alternator, there was no room for the starter motor on the left. I got a new ali bell housing (from Burtons) which would accept a starter motor on the other side, but the holes were drilled slightly in the wrong place on that, so more mods needed. And don't get me started on the wiring... (gaaaa!) Anyway, I'm REALLY EXCITED because I drove her properly for the first time today, and she goes like a dream - started first time, nippy, stops on a dime, makes steering my Cortina feel like steering a boat (...shhh - didn't mean it...) and the new free-flow exhaust sounds just like I hoped it would :) The question is - and please note, I haven't whinged or bleated for help with this project for AGES, but - can anyone please recommend where I might be able to get some new window rubbers for the re-spray? She's an 'ordinary' 4-door saloon with quarter-lights (1970). Thank you and good night Lx
  8. Someone gave me this Cortina exhaust (a few years back) when they saw I had a Mk3, but it's off a later one. Not sure which, sorry. But if you can identify it from the photos and would like it, it's free. I live in Hemel Hempstead. I did offer it previously, but it was walled in by a large amount of logs! It took me a while to get to it...
  9. It's not easy to see the details on the tape measure, but it's just under 4ft in length overall.
  10. Thank you very much to Vista for alerting me to this thread! I've been 'off air' for a while a) due to starting a new job (temporary but involving a very long commute) trying to finish a distance learning course I have to complete by August 10th - yes, last minute dot com! and c) because I've finally got demoralised about my Escort, after an endless stream of set-backs!!! I did manage - FINALLY - to squeeze her through an MOT, but OMG - what a nightmare. After working my way through the 3-page list of faults I was served, and the wheel nut saga, and several bodges later, she has a temporary light switch, and wipers that kind of work, but now HMRC are being (insert rude word) about letting me register her in this country. Anyway, that's another story... could I post a question somewhere about that somewhere? (they never answer the phone, so I can't ask them). Oh, and the person who offered to do my bodywork (i.e., proactively put a card on my Cortina's windscreen at a show) has disappeared.... So, overall, may I be forgiven for feeling a bit demoralised? But re. the light switch, I have just seen that the one on eBay is already £46.50, and so Cortinabully's shed offer is looking very attractive right about now. Yes please!!
  11. I can't return them - I promised I wouldn't as he said his profit margin is so low he would make a loss if he had to absorb the cost of posting them to me. We talked for ages on the phone and he measured them whilst on the phone to me and they sounded fine. (But not...) So yeah, a bit awkward. :/
  12. 'It's a 7/16" UNF open taper nut with a 60 degree taper' I bought a set of these, and they are the same size (width) as the ones I already had Does anyone want them?? On the bright side, I have since got the right ones from Speed Shack. Speed Shack works with a manufacturer who makes them specially, using a machine to add the extra width. I would highly recommend this supplier!
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