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    just an update, today kellye got the e-mail from the nec offering us a pich, which we have officially declined given the situation, tbh, I would be very surprised if this event actually goes ahead, as the restrictions, I would think we are the first of a big line of refusals also this year theres no live stage, the 4 main tv restoration programs appear to have pitches in hall 5 though, so I assume just displaying past works, and they intended to put us in the far corner, right in the corner, where what would have been back stage of the live stage, with and area each end against the wall that we couldn't use, as these were/are a pillar and electrical outlets, this giving 2 un useable areas, they recommended to only display 4 cars to be able to adhere to covid restrictions, but I think size wise we would have been down to 3 short cars, and a stand that no one would have visited due to its location a shame, but hopefully next year we will be back with a vengeance, and a better pitch
  2. make sue he welds the shell balanced on propane bottles, so we can have a good laugh again greg, think hes become quite famous now
  3. aha, see just 10 miles from me, although I wouldn't probably come in an osf, I may just go to say hello
  4. I know its only at the idea stage, but Essex is a big place, any idea where your thinking of, what sort of day/time of day etc, may just get you a little more response
  5. apart from cleaning it, that's about as far as youll get with it, either buy a new or exchange unit, or give it to someone that's set up to do them, there a special tool required to remove the Bendix and the brushes are really not easy to do, if the commutator or windings are fubar, then so is the whole thing
  6. provided theyre not too bad, you can get the hockey sticks and boot trim repaired
  7. Katana has a good point there Greg, and forgetting every H&S bit, that boot needs sandblasting but the way hes carrying on, anything you have in there wont be long before its up in smoke along with him
  8. whist agreed they are corrosion traps, they are part of the GTs markings, now you have a leopard without any spots you need these Greg https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Old-Stock-Mk1-Escort-Hockey-Sticks/133482544586?hash=item1f142dfdca%3Ag%3AZh8AAOSwjT5fAPgt&fbclid=IwAR2YFL7h0PwiGhwQdtpJx4hRMsYQwutQuEwlLG-dET006Ody2ZJjpZbehB4
  9. right, nicks been a tad lax with the photos on this one, well Penelope isn't far off finished now, still have some interior wor to do, brakes, and start her up, but shes nearly there, this is her a few hours ago
  10. now you just found a good use for that cheap manky old oil you bought the other day, rather than put it in your chip fryer, spray it all over the bottom of the car to protect it from the rust lol in al seriousness though, hard to tell from the photos as your close up, but it looks like you've cleaned off the zeebart, that was actually put there to protect it
  11. get genuine ford, or pattern rubber, silicon are junk, ask Nick to his cost, lousy fit, leak and wrong shapes
  12. it maybe just the photo, or it maybe its not an original exhaust, but those rubbers don't look like theyre actually supporting the exhaust, ie its too high up, or theyre the wrong size rubbers, how easy were they to change, mine are a bar steward to get on and off
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