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  1. is that because you beat him to it lol
  2. happy manufactured day
  3. Ray


    for some reason i cant paste a link
  4. Ray


    dont trust the electric Row of electric busses catch fire in China (yahoo.com)
  5. both mine and Nicks purple car will be there
  6. wtf, why do so many of you men watch women's tv personally I don't watch any tv as I'm half deaf, but the wife and daughters watch the junk its defo a doris's thing
  7. tbh i was taught the same way by my father, but these days im on my own, so that sorta kills that one
  8. i use a snap-on compressed air vacuum bleeder, tbh at times not really the best, but ive also found it draws air thru the nipple threads, as it seems to rely on the bleed nipple being opened up so much the nipple becomes loose, so you need to apply a little pressure to the rubber cap so it pushes on the threads, only a little or youll block it, i also find you need high pressure in the airline, no good being a little low, ive also had the issue on a few cars where it pulls the pistons back and for some reason that slows / stops the flow of fluid, dont ask me why, but mine does, just on a few c
  9. looking for 1-2 sets of the correct 1300GT crossflow engine to gearbox bolts (the M10 ones) and the similar design 3 starter motor bolts, which are a bit shorter and longer head, not bothered about the tiny one for the plate, or the top 2 or bottom 2, an extra starter one would be nice tho, as i dropped one and lost it PM me if you have any you want to sell please, must be original as pictured the 4 bellhousing ones are approx. 53.5mm long, thread length approx. 46mm long the 3 starter ones are approx. 37.5mm long thread length approx. 28mm long
  10. the 1300E is basically a 1300GT with 13" wheels, close ratio GT type 2 box, 4th is 1:1 (haynes manual says all the type 2 box are a 1:1 4th gear) diff is a 4.125 as std, we put a 3.89 diff in nicks, but it dosnt lower the revving much at all tbh, so yes the std is quite high revving in 4th, nicks speedo says 4000 at 70, but this is not that accurate because of the tyre size hes running, the 1300GT as a car, used same close ratio box, but as mentioned above the speedo drive is different as it used 12" wheels may be worth looking at a tyre calculator online as well, this will tell you the d
  11. up until about a year ago, you could find solicitors online that would trace the cars for you, for a fee obviously, that seems to have stopped, but you may know a solicitor that is prepared to do it, im assuming a law change stopped it as it was a sudden halt of them advertising the service
  12. agreed, but i bet it was stupidly left, and its not far from tilbury docks, be on a container on the sea by now
  13. lol, thats what nick does, go to a show where he knows he will be the only one there so he can win the trophy
  14. i can almost guarantee, youd spend out the money having them done, and most of those askers would walk the other way
  15. was going to tell him to ask his wife for her stockings, but the gay vest is far funnier
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