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  1. Ray

    number plates

    I now know that im looking for the number 1 as in the piccy below, if anyone has any for sale I would greatly appreciate it
  2. Ray

    number plates

    wicked, as long as I know the straight is correct then that's ok just seemed that they went to a lot of bother to get the others correct, that I found it hard to believe they didn't with the 1 or I
  3. Ray

    number plates

    ok, here's one for the old gits on here, its a question regarding classic number plates I'm in the middle of making a pair of number plates for my blue car, the ones on there are Tippers classic 70s style, as the car came with modern plastic junk, but the tippers repro plate is still far from how Hills or Bluemels done it so I've bought 2 Hills number plates, (random, they weren't off the same car), removed the letters etc, paint stripped them, they are having all the holes welded up at the moment, then once all the correct digits are sourced, I will send them to Tippers for their number plate restoration service, as they seem to be the only ones that can paint them in the correct reflective paint, and hey presto I have proper classic plates problem I have, I've sourced all the digits bar a matching pair of 2"s and 1s, the 1s being the bigger issue, i.e., harder to find, unless I'm barking up the wrong tree, so the question I have, did the number 1, look like a 1 or an l, bear in mind these are the 3D raised black letters approx. 3" high, I can find them that double up as 1 or I, i.e. look like l, but I cant find the 1 itself, which I find strange when they went to a lot of trouble to make all the other digits quite complicated by todays junk, so which is correct, and if its the 1, does anyone have a matching black pair to sell
  4. you didn't ought to be allowed a machine like that Sean, you should be made to give it to me
  5. Ray

    Ford parts price surprise !!!!

    we fell foul of that one Colin, Peugeot 207, 2 yrs 11 months old and the head gasket started leaking oil out of the corner, it was picked up on the first MOT, so off to the dealer as per the MOT stations advice, got told very rudely to go away as the car hadn't been serviced with genuine parts, basically, we were allowed to use any garage to do it, as that's the law, which we had, but the parts have to be genuine and all the correct part numbers on the invoice / service sheet, as well as the complete amount of parts as listed in the Peugeot service schedule hence, weve never bought another new car since, and still have that car ford might be different, but I would check
  6. Ray


    this year and last year
  7. Ray


    well chuffed with the latest edition of classic ford, thanks to Ian for letting me know it was in there
  8. Ray

    Carello vs Lucas

    it that what they call keeping your hands to yourself in Yorkshire
  9. Ray

    Carello vs Lucas

    fit the lucas and sell the corellos to Colin, he has deep pockets and corellos usually fetch big money, I sold some what I considered scrap fiesta ones, that were in the boot of a car I bought, on e bay a few years ago and nearly fell thru the floor at what they made
  10. Ray


    well I took it as a compliment, but clearly Colin didn't lol
  11. Ray


    have tbh, even without sound I did notice he paid more attention to the trabant and wartburg stand next to us when they started those sunday night, they were solely responsible for this years emission problems
  12. Ray


    so skoda as the next project is the way to go then lol damn and I was thinking mk4 or 5 cortina
  13. Ray


    lol, i cant hear the sound, so don't have it on, didn't know he said that
  14. Ray


    not far into this video and you see the osf stand