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  1. Ray

    The Bells?????!!!!!

    something to be said for being deaf lol
  2. theyre a bit big and bulky to actually get on here Pau l
  3. ahh, would that spelling thing be like Right and Reet
  4. ok next one to upset the apple cart why are we limited to the amount of reactions we can use now
  5. ahh but you admitted to being a lot older than me mate, so I thought I was ok lol
  6. think that's the issue tbh, they were photos the wife took, and my new laptop near seizes up to see the sd card lol
  7. Hi Andy it was good to see you at the weekend, welcome to old skool ford
  8. Ray

    joining fee

    knew you was an old git, didn't realise that old, really sorry to hear that mate
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