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  1. hope it don't get me, as I wont survive it
  2. Ray

    calling all 1300Es

    only really the NEC one for OSF RP
  3. Ray

    calling all 1300Es

    same way as I got them to and from the NEC kellye, transporter with trailer, using courtneys vehicle logistics, very good, very professional and very reasonably priced unfortunately even if you weren't busy mate, I would have to decline your offer, as you would Want to swear at me and use that word "DRIVE"
  4. Ray

    calling all 1300Es

    calling all 1300E owners not sure how many members we have with 1300Es on here, but im trying to get as many 1300Es to go to AVO national day as I can, the idea is to get the biggest gathering of 1300Es in recent years, on what is one of the clubs most special years, as it is celebrating 50 years of the RS1600, the Mexico, and the AVO plant, and 40 years of the club itself, so hopefully lots to see in the main arena, as well as with visiting clubs in the adjoining areas, the AVO national day is held on Fathers Day at Hatton World in Warwickshire, if your an AVO member arriving in your 1300E, then entrance is free when displaying your Havoc magazine in the window on arrival, and you get to display your car in the main arena, and stand a chance of winning a trophy, if your not an AVO member, you can still attend, but you cant display in the main arena, and it will cost you £5 per person to get in, so membership is we'll worth it, especially if your carrying passengers so come on 1300E owners, lets make it a good year for the 1300E at Hatton World, please PM me if your interested in taking your E
  5. and don't forget your CULT membership while your in the site shop guys and girls
  6. Ray

    funny signs

    this will make you smile
  7. Old Skool Ford will swap you £12.00 of your beer and fag money for 12 months of Cult membership that's just £1 per month or 23 pence per week or 3.2 pence per day now that's value for money guys, and they wont even tell your wife
  8. wanted, as many members who have not joined the cult to do the right thing and join up plleeeeeaaaasssseeeeee you know you want to
  9. RP, hope you've joined AVO club now mate, you do get the Havoc mag quarterly, and I reckon if you talk to Richard nicely, he may send you one of those air fresheners you like with the havocs
  10. I know my hearing is bad, but the silence is deafening Richard
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