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  1. Ray

    Garage Heaters

    unless your well insulated and draft excluded, along the same lines as your house is, then your going to smash your electric, no ifs or buts, youll be heating the outside world and garage doors are like my roller shutter, virtually impossible to seal, as theyre not designed to be
  2. i will bet you had them re trimmed at classic trim
  3. can we assume it was Boris that took the jam out of your doughnut then lol
  4. then series 2 bought the other colours
  5. this is the 1300E series 1 colour and trim guide, bear in mind series 1 cars only came in the 3 colours
  6. it exists, all 1300Es had beta cloth and in many colours, charcoal, blue, tan, orange (forget its proper name tbh) etc, and i believe it was an option on XL models as well my original E back in the day had blue beta, and there are a few still in existence with blue today, as well as the other colours but mk1 beta is a slightly different pattern to mk2 beta
  7. hi Guys, im looking for dark blue mk1 escort beta cloth, either new on the roll or used covers if the beta is ok, for both front and rear, even if you dont have enough to do a full set, im still interested, as i think finding enough in one place to do a set will be impossible, anyone got anything stored in their lofts or garages needs to be mk1 beta, not mk2 thanks
  8. its £1 sellers fees this weekend, so i listed a few bits lol, those seat belts among them
  9. mk1 mk2 Escort roller seat belts, good condition AVO Mexico RS2000 1300E | eBay mk1 mk2 Escort roller seat belts, good condition AVO Mexico RS2000 1300E (2) | eBay mk1 mk2 Escort roller seat belt, good condition AVO Mexico RS2000 1300E (3) | eBay
  10. youll find belts on e bay right at this minute, they are rocking horse droppings alone, so dont ask for hardware
  11. our area is suppsed to be zero on the Esso super unleaded, that was a joke, the last i bought it was to test it, on advice it was ethanol free. it was 2%, as i measure it when i do a de ethanol before putting it in the car, but it also it had a low octane of 97 for a super unleaded, our local Esso's dont sell the 99, but that may be because they all have Tesco mini supermarkets attached, we have a few small BP ones similar, not looked recently tho tbh, as i only tried the Esso as a test because i was told it was ethanol free, but the cleanest ive found is Tesco Momentum 99, i used to be agains
  12. its not pre cut RP, you cut your own, ive fitted about 5 of these now, and as Carey says, they are for both mk1 and mk2, if you go on their site youll see
  13. for some reason it wont paste as a link
  15. Ray

    indicator problem

    well ive pinned it down to the tow bar electrics, so disconnected them for now, and will look at that loom another day, as its absolutely hammering it down here
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