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  1. i can almost guarantee, youd spend out the money having them done, and most of those askers would walk the other way
  2. was going to tell him to ask his wife for her stockings, but the gay vest is far funnier
  3. there was a firm on the BBC news about 2 weeks ago, that were complaining that the price if a container had risen from around £1500 to £10,000, if you can get one, which was ruining their business, again this was blamed more on the corona than Brexit, as so many containers were sat around parked up full at docks around the world, empty ones werent available
  4. yep, the new spanish ones are total and utter junk, ive fitted 3 brand new ones, all had the same problem, overhauled original italians ones, and theyre fine, if you do a search about them youll see not many people have found them any good
  5. i have Nicks stardust metallic silver mk1 in my workshop at the moment, original acrylic paint from 1974, as it has A2 marked in the boot, there seems to be a lot of blue in it, its had a few repairs over the years and the runs from those the blue has really run out, not sure if the Mk2 would be the same
  6. if its the spanish one, which it looks to be and would explain the flat spot, then Free to toss in the bin is about right
  7. the only uk mk1 to use the valve as far as im aware, is the RS2000, from there its possibly fitted to LHD cars,. and or late mexicos etc with tandem, but cylinders im not 100% the mk2 haynes manual there, squarely puts all RHD without and LHD with, but that manual does not cover the special models my 1300Es do NOT have the valve, and neither do any of the lesser model mk1s, dont mistake the valve for the 1 in 3 out junction on a mk1 and 1 in 2 out on a tandem mk2, that you see in the top picture, thats not a valve all the Mk1 RS2000s also have a test switch on the dash, to basic
  8. As Colin said, make sure the rear bleed nipple isn’t blocked if it is you won’t get anywhere until it’s clear or replaced that needs to be your first point of call try removing it and press the pedal slowly and see what you get
  9. i read not to put it in pre 1980 cars as the seals wont like it, yet ive had no issues and know people been using it for years in classics without issues, but i probably wouldnt put it in a daily tbh, im assuming the seals that didnt like it werent cleaned properly it does have a big downside to bleeding as well, as it airates very easily, so much so you can very easily airate the reservoir just topping it up, so you bleed it and 24 hours later the air has come to a head in parts of the system nick did have an issue with the level in the reservoir going down dramatically, but no lea
  10. DOT 5 is silicon brake fluid, and its this that cannot be mixed with any other, and the system has to be totally cleaned prior to using, its main benefit is, if you spill it, or get a leak, it dosnt harm the paintwork, and reportedly you never have to change the fluid either, and at the price of it im pleased with that as well have read reports that some seals in older designed systems dont like it, but ive not had a problem as yet, other places say ideal for classics that dont get used much not readily available in shops though, usually need to buy it online being purple
  11. very hard to find a good genuine one now a days, expressed steel panels make a brand new steel one tho, or at least they did last time i looked lol, not cheap tho, but they do sell the skin separately as well
  12. apologies RP, LHD is a tandem cyl, told you Alzheimer's setting in lol, but if you look attached picture, uk cars dont have the valve
  13. the haynes manual for the mk2 shows a picture of the braking circuits, and the top picture is for uk cars, has tandem cylinder with 2 pipes to it and no bias valve in the circuit, the lower picture is for LHD cars, has a bias valve exactly as you describe in the circuit, but only has one pipe to the master cylinder, the circuits are split at the valve yes agreed mk1 RS2000 also has a bias valve if i remember, as Alzheimer's is setting in, i will scan it it tomorrow and post it up
  14. if you look at your haynes manual, uk cars dont have the bias valve
  15. tbh i was always taught farthest first as well lol, i use a vacuum bleeder off of compressor to suck it thru tbh, makes like a lot easier, especially if your working on your own im no mechanic, but this is my take on it i also thought, and ive just checked the haynes manual, mk2 are tandem cylinder, so in theory, you shouldnt need to clamp the rear hose, as the whole idea is, that if you loose the back circuit, the front still works and visa versa, so an inoperative rear system should still give you front brakes, therefore no real excess travel on the pedal, unless the front wa
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