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  1. don't know if theyre any different on mk2, but from experience, that grommet is an arse to change, I found it easier in the end to replace the pipe, because the pipe is hard plastic to start with, and has very much age hardened, even warming it dosnt work very well, it either stays too hard, or shrivels up in a meltdown as you try putting the fitting back in, you have to cut the end off, change the grommet and re fit the end, re fitting that end is where your problem starts, if you look at the AVO forum, you will see timo tomo's mex resto, on there he tells you how he did it, by making a clamping device, I would look for you, but I gave my membership up so cant access it I hate to say it, but I think burtons do a replacement pipe, but not sure it comes with grommets I got a couple of repro grommets years ago from a rally company, but they stopped doing them, not surprised tbh, as like all repro rubber, it was shite and split easy, and I ended up buying a NOS pipe to get over the problems, ive never seen genuine grommets for sale on their own, and not seen patterns for years now either its like the speedo cable, designed to be changed as a whole thing rather than be taken apart really
  2. for me, the words RED TOP, just conjure up the picture of a glass bottled pint of milk, with a red foil top, from when I was a kid, the type that used to be delivered by milkmen, don't seem to have any of those round here anymore either
  3. ahh its using your dodgy oil that's caused his need for an engine re build then, I know your supposed to re cycle , but that's taking it a tad too far lol
  4. you can buy an expensive kit from Fuzz Townsends oil site to remove the ethanol, its just a 20 litre container and a fancy tap, a 3 litre container (think its 3 lires from memory), and a funnel, you put 18 litres of fuel in, then literally just add water, shake it up and wait for it to settle, drain off the water and ethanol into the 3 litre bottle, and that also tells you the ethanol percentage that was in that fuel, then the funnel has a raised outlet, so any water/ethanol mix that you may have missed sinks to the bottom of the funnel and doesn't go into the tank had a little hair pulling time when I first read the instructions, that i was going to put water in my kin expensive petrol lol, but it works tetraboost is even easier, as long as you know how many litres of fuel you have, you just pour in a measured amount to that amount of litres, the higher the star rating you want, the more tetraboost is added
  5. tetraboost, mix up your own proper 4 or 5 star see the tetraboost web site I even remove the ethanol as well, as its not just the engine that's affected from that crap in the fuel
  6. yeah yours is pretty slick Kelly, or should that be oil slick
  7. there speaks the man with dot 5 in his mex
  8. TBH Chris, I wouldn't have a clue where to buy it, but the only thought that goes through my mind is, that perhaps in that size, its just not available, otherwise stage 1 would have sorted out the issue, rather than going down the line of dot 5 only, I know there were failures prior to that decision, as it was on the AVO FB page
  9. the hoses the Mexican gerbil has do leak with dot 4 colin, trev at stage one as had major issues because of it, takes about 6 months and they look like condensation on the outside, but its the brake fluid seeping thru the rubber, and as a result those hoses are only to be used with dot 5 silicon, the problem being, you cant get those yellow striped hoses any where else, yes they are repro, but originals are no longer available
  10. you either have the wrong alternator, or the wrong pulley on the correct alternator, simple as that, I have nicks car at the moment, he fitted a wosp alternator, and its sitting 2mm too far fwd tearing at the belt, its getting a Lucas ACR back on it with the correct pulley, correct pulleys are hard to find, as the ACR had so many fit types, but if you buy the alternator from AAP Oldham you will get the alternator with the correct pulley the bracket above is the correct one unless you have a mex
  11. im just doing similar thing with my blue car, going from 4 to 5, entire system has to be taken apart and all parts individually cleaned, ive seen that stage 1 has had problems with dot 4 seeping thru those hoses, im doing the change as I had a leak and it stripped the paint, but dot 5 is paint friendly silicone, but the fluid isn't cheap, the dot 5 dosnt soak up moisture like the dot 4, but if it gets water in the system it separates, which can cause other issues, im stripping the calipers and rear cylinders, and the master cyl, changing the hoses and flushing the pipes with brake cleaner, im hoping that will sort it most places recommend that classics go silicon these days, as it dosnt have to be changed every 2 years like the dot 4
  12. Ray

    had to share

    had to share this an odd way as fb wouldn't let me copy it The motorist's pal, millions of uses. Wheel Chock, Jack Lift, Pedal Weight, Step up for shortarse's Made from high quality whatever's in the yard.... 100% recyclable, dolphin friendly. Buy now before Brexit trebles my costs. Standard version £20 Sporty RS version £75 Ideal Mothers day gift !
  13. sooooo jealous, I would love one
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