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  1. definitely think you need to come round and do my two
  2. good idea, but if you get in trouble like that, just call me, i can walk you thru it, i can put that car together with my eyes shut
  3. thats where the junk i bought came from, never again
  4. RP, the repro heater matrixes you refer to are absolute junk tbh, i bought one a few years back, wrong physical size, incorect fpi and fluid channels, they basically hold half the amount of fluid a ford one does, i replaced that for a genuine ford NOS one in the end, what Dave aka jerrytom is after is a NOS genuine ford one, as most of the used ones usually leak, dave pressure tests them and most if not all hes bought have been leakers
  5. Greg, i hope for that money you got all the arts that are missing from that picture, ie, filter, pipe union and olive (there are 2 size unions) and next time ask, ive got a bag full of the dam things
  6. cheap dave, go for it, you know you want to, thats the first thing everyone sees, its a must
  7. as long as you know theyre bills, youll be able to give them back to him
  8. tbh, the area im in, and I cant believe much of the country is any different any more, I wouldn't leave a classic car of any kind on my drive un attended for a minute, nor a garage that dosnt have an alarm, cctv, and more locks that you can shake a stick at I just wouldn't be able to sleep at night
  9. well your going to have to doubt for a little longer before seeing her, unfortunately Penelope will be garaged for some while, as Nick is quite unwell, I wont elaborate on here, other than to wish him a speedy recovery
  10. if you can find one, the motorcraft part no is ERT9 theres loads of patterns out there to buy off the shelf but the motorcraft one has a hole in with a little loose float, you put that towards the rad and it helps prevent airlocks and aids filling and draining, most patterns don't seem to have it, but you may find a pattern with it
  11. and of course the special lowered stance helps make them
  12. the black grill over the aluminium finished one gives a nice contrast as well
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