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  1. as far as I was aware, and I could be wrong, and stand corrected if I am, but when I looked into doing mine, no mk1 ever had the stars, that was a mk2 thing, the stars is something that seems to be offered by the people selling their services on e bay
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MK1-MK2-ESCORT-CAPRI-CORTINA-GT-1600E-RS-GENUINE-FORD-NOS-THERMOSTAT-HOUSING/323848353124?hash=item4b66ddb564:g:qnwAAOSwb2xdGfTO
  3. having just got Nick through this with an English car, you cant talk to the person, as they send all the info to one of their ford specialists, and they have the final say as to you getting a V5, now having read recently that 3 genuine Mex's have been refused V5s even after appeal, and that the DVLA are now issuing their own vin numbers and to get this the car has to go through an SVA test (think that's what they called it). the source of info was a good one (killing a good cars value) now again the one thing the DVLA wanted on Nicks, was photos of that top plate with vin, his car had had the repair plates welded on, and under it where the vin originally was, was rotten, so all i did to satisfy them was rub the plate down, stamp the vin number in with 7mm letter/number stamps, rubbed it down a bit getting it dirty, and took a photo, so that it looked like I had rubbed it down to reveal the number for that photo, that satisfied them don't make a fuss, just give them what they want, copying the style of Colins, not sure on mk2, but mk1s had the vin installed after paint, then that was then brush painted over and left, but you can always re spray the top plate also, from a lot of reading, to get the V5 without too much hassle when they ask for all this, the car needs to be as complete and as original as possible, so get your V5s before spending money, Nicks car came to me as a jigsaw puzzle, so i re assembled the car like original before taking photos, it still took a couple of months
  4. lol, TNT recompense ?? the 2 don't mix Scott, cost you more to fight them than the thing was worth, TNT are one of the worst carriers out there, not one employee cares, if it says fragile, they will jump on it, ive seen the drivers do it in frustration at the TNT loaders who load it in the wrong order I wouldn't use them again unless they were the only ones who will take it
  5. not sure if mk2 is same as mk1, your wire colours to the heater fan switch are the same as mine though, on mk1, the heater has a constant positive, the switch centre pin goes to the heater, the fast speed side connects direct to earth, the slow connects to earth via a resistor, (on a mk1, this is on the column support) the switch switches earth, not positive your wires have browns in, brown usually resembles earth
  6. Ray

    Happy Birthday Vista!

    Happy manufactured day Scott
  7. hockley enterprises in southend on sea re chrome the bumpers for £140 each and mine look fantastic, I tried the rear bumper from neil fletcher and had to return it as the holes were in the wrong place, it arrived with him bent and he wouldn't refund, dam TNT re exhaust, if you want cheap, try a sportex system, yes you will need their manifold, PM Jerrytom, I believe he has a nearly new sportex system for sale
  8. last time I bought std, I bought KYBs from motex at approx. £50 the pair,
  9. they are good tbh, they do the pressed ones as well, and restore your old plates if you want, and tbh, ive found their restoration prices very cheap
  10. https://www.tippersvintageplates.co.uk/phdi/p1.nsf/supppages/tippers?opendocument&part=5
  11. i havnt posted any updates on my blue beast lately, and to be fair i havnt been taking any photos either, so i took a few tonight, engine and gear box re overhauled, prop all in, new front struts, and an original steering rack all overhauled and fitted, replacement rear springs and shocks, although i may change the shocks again yet, rear arb in place on the axle, but not connected to the chassis yet, to be done on the ground,heater all been out and re done, the list goes on tbh
  12. if you look on the webcon site, the DGAV is an auto choke carburettor for pinto engines, the DGV is for the 1.3 and 1.6, which ford mainly fitted to the GT crossflow on the mk1 (uk), the DFE is in the Haynes manual, but was a very early carb uperseeded by the DGV, tbh, ive not seen a DFE in use, only the DGV, and theres no sign of support for the DFE on the webcon site that I can see, but the early GT engine had small bore exhaust, and that ceased production in 1970 for the larger bore and different manifold, perhaps that's when the carb was changed
  13. the 1300GT carb is a 32/36 DGV, that im 100% on, and std mex was same unit re jetted I thought, but could be wrong that the DGAV was an auto choke carb for the RS2000
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