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  1. There are different ways to attack this, boils down to preference I guess. Personally I try to keep as much of the original arch as possible rather than replace the whole thing and butt weld with a gap, only thing is you can only do this by welding small bits at a time, literally just a load of tack welds, if you try to weld too much in one go it distorts like crazy so do a tack then move somewhere else while it cools, eventually you will fill all the gaps in. Also when you get a new arch they are quite wide, the wider you leave it ( in the direction of the arrow in pic below) it the harder it is to blend in to the body work so again replace as small a bit as you can. I recently read an old Practical Classics article about replacing arches and it suggested leaving the new arch big and 'tucking' it under where it joins the body work. I haven't tried this but I can see how it would make it better to weld as you have extra metal to weld to. The only problem I could see is that you could end up with a water trap on the inside of your arch. The other thing to bear in mind is if you have to repair the inner arch as well, this may dictate how much of the outer arch you have to remove for access. I always cut out the rot from both inner and outer arch, repair the outer arch first, then the inner one, but I see others do the inner arch first then the outer, again down to preference I guess. Anyway, hope this made sense!
  2. Thanks, like most things it will always take longer than expected!
  3. Haven't updated for a while, truth is I decided to stop working on the Capri now its back on its wheels. The reason being I don't want to rush it just to get it back on the road and I have an Escort which I don't want to leave outside under a cover for another winter. So I decided to start recommissioning the Escort to get it back on the road (not a full on resto just some welding repairs to get it solid and watertight). I might regret this but we'll wait and see. So here are some pics of Capri off the spit and back on Terra Firma.
  4. I bought a 2 door escort in 1993 for £150, used it for a year until the MOT ran out and sold it for £50! The next time I saw it was in the local scrap yard
  5. That's a bummer, I feel for you, but hopefully not too bad, pretty much anything is fixable these days if you're determined and it sounds like you are. Like you say there could be some extra funds for other stuff, not much help to you now but every cloud and all that
  6. Great tip, if it leaks again I'll give it a go, don't want to sound stupid but do you just fill it and empty it or leave it for a while before trying?
  7. Well, decided to remove the screen to start the scuttle repair, only to find more of the dreaded tin worm lurking underneath! this repair is going to be harder than I thought and I wasn't looking forward to it anyway!
  8. I have no idea but I would say the one on the far right looks better, but would guess that the far left is the genuine one?
  9. Last couple of jobs done while it's still on the spit, firstly a small A post repair Crud cleaned up and rust converter applied Awkward repair to do, but pretty pleased with the way it turned out, a bit of finishing left to do Finished welding the drivers rear arch that I'd previously tacked in place
  10. Shame yr selling it Bud, looks like you've done most of the hard work, I was looking forward to seeing this bombing around the island!
  11. Hi, welcome, I live on the Island too, look forward to seeing you out and about. Did you know there is an IOW Classic Ford Cub? We have a Retards Club page, someone in the club may be able to help with the bits you need.
  12. No not too much, front panel and both front wings to fit and a couple of small repairs to the drivers door, biggest job is a scuttle repair which needs the screen to come out.
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