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  1. Immigrants that look you up and down in your own street that you lived in all your life!
  2. Hi looking for the original nut that tightens carb cover on, or a carb cover with original nut. Pm please if you have one for sale cheers
  3. Mine is a 1.1 super,what are u gonna do with engine? I could prob salvage bits if your ditching it or selling?? Cheers
  4. Is it ok to trek up from south Wales and meet u all? If so if anybody is going from my end of the woods and plan a convoy up I'm defo up for it?
  5. I have now got the mk1 running good and stopping good..The little 1.1 is ticking like a clock and I'm in two minds whether to bring to show untouched as I found her or carry on with getting front seat padded back like new,and front carpets need changing. Slight bubbles on headlight and little stone chip on door and tidy engine bay up..Things I will do but do I just bring her out after a good clean and Polish? I do want people to see her like I found her and get some good advice off u guys at the shows but what's best to do in your opinion? Cheers
  6. Got all the cylinders and shoes replaced today as I did go through a red light as my brake pedal was as much use as a handbrake in a canoe was thinking it was master cylinder but that hasn't been replaced very long, cheers for mike in pontypool who is old skool mechanic to fix them on.. On to the next to get her running sweet for show time..I will post another question on what to do for the mk1
  7. Good advice!! Fire extinguisher no1 priority
  8. Took my girl out yesterday for a short trip to garage for some servicing,got half way and a real strong smell of petrol coming through vent and car was juddering like no fuels was getting in. So coasted her to garage and my mate lifted carb cover off to find the carb housing was squiting petrol out of a broken seal He said very lucky it didn't squirt on a hot part and boom up she would have gone aaahhhh!! luckily the service carried on and he ordered in a carb kit to fix it so now after new oil,sparks and leads,coil etc she's running sweet.. Although the new shiny parts do stand out a bit in engine bay,so next job get car detailed and a good clean under bonnet
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