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  1. Looking tidy, will look good once done
  2. Like you I was chuffed with the reproduction shelf and looks even better fitted. Car is coming on nicely
  3. Makes me laugh as back in the day people modified them as much as they could, if it was a standard they fitted all the custom parts, plenty parts in those day as they were getting written off every weekend, cut the door cards, big speakers, stereo, lowered, sunroof, 40s, airfilter and so on I am building mine the way I want it but as stated all the original parts are still there, ie struts instead of coil overs, English instead of atlas and so on She was originally black but now yellow as that’s the colour I always wanted
  4. Good job, what a difference working in a decent sized garage and looking forward to seeing the car coming on
  5. Looking tidy, looks as if you will have fun with it in the summer as it’s not far away cracking job and keep the updates coming
  6. Rear screen only require as I managed to pick up the other parts so any help appreciated
  7. Last update was 2017 with an empty bay stating it wouldn’t be long till she was filled but took a bit longer than expected
  8. Needing some help, looking for rear quarters for a 2 door and rear screen as well as front screen, have doors however would buy full set if available Must be Sekurit, already have triplex and reproduction Any help appreciated even if it’s the odd item
  9. Great start I no point and bonnie car, looking forward to seeing this come together
  10. Stunning build and great workmanship. Looking forward to seeing her done
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