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  1. Shall have her running by the summer, then it’s Chuck the interior back in and it, wheel alignment and suspension geometry sorted then rolling road and all should be good keep the posts coming with your car as she will be a cracker
  2. As she has the exhaust valve fitted as standard she had a nice rumble but Silencer removed and H Pipe fitted in its place so rumbles along nicely 🤣🤣🤣 lights tinted and gt350 spoiler fitted so looks fine with the orange black combo
  3. The mustang is a blast as it’s spends more time sideways than it does going straight, bought it as a 50th birthday present to myself as I wanted something to enjoy and couldn’t wait to get the RS to get finished 180 is plenty fine as they only had 105 when they left the showroom and they were enough fun then, think I have just gone OTT as the standard ST on ITBs is enough I am in two minds about building another one but this time build it as a good useable car which is basically 2 seats and a cage inside and a zetec under the bonnet. Problem these days is finding a shell at a decen
  4. Loving your car by the way and will be a beast with the ST in the bay
  5. She started life as a black rs2000, the like many she must had had a shunt and was flat fronted. She then moved on and was running a cosworth till finally being totally stripped down and rebuilt from a bare shell with a vision of having a standard looking RS outside and inside with everything else modernised so starting at the rear she has a baby atlas rebuilt by RACE running an LSD, discs and cosworth rear callipers, type 9 gearbox rebuilt with taller first gear, heavy duty bearings and bigger oil ways, engine built by Northampton motorsport with ported head, piper BP300 cams, variable exhaus
  6. I changed the standard Oil breather system for something tidier so need to see how that goes as I have seen some good feedback and some not so good. Worst case I will weld an AN fitting onto the original breather and retain it Routed the hose behind the engine next to the bulkhead, below the ITBs and into the catch tank, then it was drill a hole in the cam cover and connect to the tank, system complete I hope Used AN10 fittings and hoses just to keep it all the same as the fuel lines were all black braided lines as well but AN6 for the supply and return with AN8 from the tank to th
  7. Fuel system installed under the boot floor, have since rerouted the fuel line from the tank to the pump behind the spring hanger just behind the rear panel
  8. She stated life in an estate, previous owner (Paul) spent a lot of time and money on it. Engine was built by Northampton Motorsport and it pulled like a train when in the focus she still isn’t running in the escort yet but not far away as I have an electrical fault I need to remedy once I find it, hopefully it’s just the crank sensor as it doesn’t go green when cranking but just as a precaution the ECU has gone back to emerald for a health check as it’s been in the garage for nearly 8 years waiting for the transplant to be completed
  9. Looking good and got to smile at the line projects always take way longer than planned, I am on yesterday eight and always say the same thing - next summer always worth it in the end just, quick picture of my bay with the ST170 sitting nicely at home - running emerald ECU which is about to be upgraded to the K6 so I can run the VVT the way it was intended
  10. Got be better looking than the standard ST Cover
  11. Looking great and looking forward to seeing it built up
  12. The joys of classic car ownership but will be worth it in the long run, not much left untouched now so you are getting there so keep at it
  13. Coming on well and glad you keep the site updated. Looking forward to seeing the seats done
  14. Great build and well done as she looks stunning and know what you mean about the cost of the Retroford parts, quality however expensive. Keep the posts coming
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