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  1. PeterMEscort

    Show the Critics the Door - Your 4 Door!

    Re: "add some Yank muscle" Sorry. All production V8's sold by Ford Australia were Australian manufactured V8's and had many upgrades and improvements over the US manufactured counterpart. In 1968/69 Ford Australia bought the patterns and tooling from Ford USA to manufacture the castings and forgings for the 351 cu inch V8 to be fitted to the XY Falcon. Soon after Ford Australia started manufacturing the 302 cu inch V8 which I understand Ford USA did not manufacture at that time. This was based on the 351 however had a shorter stroke than the 351. In 1972/73 Ford Australia bought worn out patterns and tooling from Ford USA. Ford Australia then added further improvements to the worn out tooling by adding gussets and strengthening into the castings. The engines produced were heavier and stiffer than the predecessors. In 1979/80 as part of the XD Falcon project (Similar shape car to the European Granada) Ford Australia designed and manufactured the pillar block engine block which was even stiffer than the previous. Also from memory Ford USA only offered the 2V cylinder head where Ford Australia offered the 2V and also developed and manufactured the 4V head. The Australian Ford V8 engines have long been highly sort after by enthusiasts from all over the world, including the USA.
  2. PeterMEscort

    RAF Fly past for Donald Trump

    Fact: George W Bush was re-elected in 2004 by less than 31% of all eligible voters in the United States of America. Hardly a democratic country.
  3. PeterMEscort

    RAF Fly past for Donald Trump

    Of course they have choice! They need to stand up within their own countries and fight for what they believe in and resolve their own issues within their own countries, rather than running away and playing victim and expect handouts from other counties. Plenty of evidences that it is Merkel working under the Shadow World Government who is openly promoting the mass immigration to dissolve forever the individual cultures of individual countries. Please do your own research if you doubt that. Mass immigration does not work except for world government and large corporations. Cross border trading does not work except for world government and large corporations.
  4. PeterMEscort

    RAF Fly past for Donald Trump

    I always thought the British loved the Americans and saw them as the savor's of the "free world" during Britain's darkest hours in 1940 when Winston bit off more than he could chew. Don't forget you've still got the 99 year lend lease agreements with the American's which still have another 21 years to run.
  5. PeterMEscort

    RAF Fly past for Donald Trump

    Dunno.....the second word doesn't have four letters. When I flew Spits in the RAF in 1940 we had more planes than that. Has the RAF shrunk?
  6. PeterMEscort

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    "How do you explain that to young children now "1970s Dad wasn't your friend but a slightly remote authority figure who earned the money, had a mostly separate social life to the family, and gave out physical punishment." " Dad always had the slightly remote authority, but only when mum wasn't in the same room at the same time. ......And if you were are smart arse at school you copped the cane from the teacher vertically down across the finger tips of your out stretched hand. And if you were a smart arse at the teacher holding the cane, at the time of the caning, he would then again cane you across the finger tips of your out stretched hand, then return vertically up to also get the finger nails. Unfortunately on one occassion the cane snapped on the up stroke. Mr Halsworth was very cranky that day.....
  7. PeterMEscort

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    That tv's were originally black and white, and we had shows that were both entertaining and interesting. Including shows like "On The Buses", "Hogan's Hero's", "Steptoe And Son", "The Two Ronnies", "Love Thy Neighbour", "Gilligan's Island", "Get Smart", "The Professionals" and lot's of Australian home brewed shows. These days tv is a waste of electricity. Seemingly all mind bending violent American rubbish.
  8. PeterMEscort

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    "Actually most cars over here are still manual transmission." Doubt if anyone could sell a new car over here in the penal colonies with manual transmission. Most appear to be minimum 5 or 6 speed auto's.
  9. PeterMEscort

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand.... That their parents do actually have authority over them (.....well some of the time).
  10. PeterMEscort

    dont use car wash

    Australian citizens are protected by one of the best Constitution's in the world. It is one of the few things that can protect us on the slippery slide down the path to socialism and totalitarian control. Unfortunately very few Australian's have ever heard of the Commonwealth Constitution. And even fewer have any idea of what is in it, and how it protects us, and our families every day. And even fewer have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and challenge the unlawful laws being contrived unlawfully every day by our elected representatives, and the courts, in whom we as little people are educated and conditioned to obey, and trust, and fear.
  11. PeterMEscort

    dont use car wash

    "Sometimes in Summer here there are water restrictions it becomes illegal to wash your car at home."  Sorry. But this particular state government "law" is infact unlawful under Commonwealth law here in Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 clearly states (loosely) no government can abridge the use of the supply of water for any reason.
  12. PeterMEscort

    Orange Is The New Black

    Re the orange Mk2 above ^^^^^^ What happened to the rear door handles?? Weight saving??
  13. PeterMEscort


    Ford Australia did a wonderful job with the long list of technical and structural improvements and vehicle options they chose to implement on the Australian built Mk2 Escort, compared to the Euro models.
  14. No plastic in my engine bay......