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  1. hi looking for 1 x single 13" minilite wheel as narrow as possible (needed to fill spare wheel well on mk1 escort ) thanks
  2. Stone Duke

    help with front anti roll bar

    sorry .....it is a MK1 now fitted with bubble arches also
  3. anyone know anything about the below ? I have a set of coilovers with a set of adjustable track control arms and standard front anti roll bar running with 15" wheels problem I have at around 80% full lock the tyres rub the inner arch towards the rear (both sides) is there an adjustable anti roll bar available ? think I just need to get the front wheels forward about 10-15mm thanks
  4. Stone Duke

    facet & filter king problem

    got it up and running ......but cant get a pressure reading on the gauge fitted to the filterking constantly sits at zero psi no matter how much the adjuster is moved any ideas ? cheers
  5. Stone Duke

    type 2 gearbox quick shift

    hi anyone know if a quickshift lever is available for the ford type 2 gearbox ? thanks
  6. Stone Duke

    facet & filter king problem

    hi all running a 1600cc crossflow with a set of twin dellorto 40`s ,had it running fine with the standard mechanical fuel lift pump now fitted a facet and filter king with regulator and gauge ......wont start ! there is plenty of fuel getting to the carbs .....but just wont start ...... does the engine need to be running before the pressure regulator can be set ? , cant get a pressure reading on the gauge just with the pump running thanks
  7. mk1 xflow/type2 clutch problem wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction ..........clutch is very heavy as in nearly impossible to press I have a mk1 escort fitted with 1600 xflow engine with a 4 speed type 2 gearbox I have fitted bias peddle box with cable clutch ,new cable ,new pressure plate,new friction plate 190mm ,new release bearing bought the clutch from Burton who advised I also required an release bearing spacer , bought what they advised and fitted ...but still the same anyone help ? thanks
  8. Stone Duke

    Clutch problems on MK1 escort ,Xflow

    yes drive plate in correct way......marked flywheel side
  9. Stone Duke

    Clutch problems on MK1 escort ,Xflow

    it is the correct cable .........thinking the release bearing should be longer , thinking the lever is to far forward towards the clutch pressure plate ?
  10. have a 1600 Xflow , fitted a straight finger 190mm friction plate and pressure plate (all brand new ) fitted a brand new clutch cable also gear box is a std 4 speed (not sure what type of gearbox it is , think it may be a 1300 when every thing is connected up the clutch cable is nearly at its maximum adjustment ,and the pedal is had to press (as it will nearly bend the clutch lever) any ideas as to where I have went wrong ?
  11. Looking for and escort mk1 rear windscreen (non heated) cheers
  12. anyone out there got a Escort mk1 wiper linkage for sale ? thanks
  13. Stone Duke

    Engine swap plan(ning)

    would love to see what your oil burning/oil dripping zetec looks like !
  14. Stone Duke

    Engine swap plan(ning)

    send your engine up to me ...........can bling it for you ,most parts powdercoated
  15. Looking for a 52" rear axle complete with half shafts for a mk1 escort ? anyone ? cheers