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  1. I have qpair of wings ive owned them for 20 years plus They are not genuine or chinese but in in the west mids. I do have a gen front panel unused £500 for all 3 items
  2. Rear bumper for saloon pre airflow Pref with brackets aswel 07721376649
  3. Wanted rear bumper saloon pre airflow And brackets if poss 07721376649
  4. Mk2 rs2000 wanted Pref needing little or no work 07721376649 Thanks paul
  5. Wanted a very good mk2 rs2000 Proper nose cone car Not a flat front 07721376649 Private buyer
  6. Come on surely someone has something nice for sale
  7. Wanted 2 Dr mk1 escort or mk1 2dr cortina WhatsApp or text what you have 07721376649
  8. Thanks Where would I find out if it's a 20.6mm? Will it be on the casting or is it a measurement ?
  9. Ok so if a escort is fitted with front drums and I wanted to convert to discs apart from changing the front struts and obviously discs and callipers can the original master cyl be used.
  10. No news yet ive been to avo meet today and asked around but nobody knows its whereabouts Gutted
  11. I'm like you but if it takes a reward to get my car back I would pay Fingers crossed
  12. Went in the motorhome as some little bastards have nicked my car Still had a good weekend
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