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  1. Hiya I'm a newbie on here to get your bum into gear before she sells it lol
  2. Hi ray I'm a newbie on here to,love the car
  3. I can't wait to get the mk2 on the mountain if you hear of any pinto engines for sale down this way can you let me know,will definatly supply wagon wheels and tea lol
  4. No I'm not I know the one I'm in gelligaer wherer abouts are you from you may know my partner?
  5. Thankyou ill be sure to put up pics from start to finish can't wait to get started on it
  6. Hi everyone my name is gemma me and my partner are mk1 and mk2 escort lovers we've just got a mk2 escort shell that we're currently restoring
  7. I'm looking for a 2.0 pinto in the south wales area
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