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  1. Thanks for the info im getting carbs refurbished and fitted to a manifold that will give a bit more access then I’ll go to one of them.
  2. I took a look at your profile as I’m suffering with bike carb problems to but Wales is a bit far to go for a RoRo tune. The original spaced and horizontal set are massively overfueling and other sets are just not right, my thoughts are to either get one set refurbished then tuned or sell the lot on eBay and start again with a new DanST setup and get it tuned in His place in Bingley or at Northampton Motorsport. ive even got a set of bike throttle bodies on a Pinto manifold but need a new fuel tank, fuel lines with return, fuel pumps and ecu to make it work....Aaaaarh
  3. Car Builder Solutions do a selection of servo’s and I note they do a twin servo setup, it’s a beast and probably needs fitting in the boot.
  4. I run V6 Type 9’s in my kit cars using a spacer between bellhousing and box 1 Kit car runs a 3.9 diff and 195 60 14 tyres yes the 3.3 1st is still low but engine goes to 7500 so I can sort of mask the gap
  5. It’s all about the price Type 9 price for secondhand is heading north of £250 and that’s with nothing more than a visual check by taking the lid off. i have seen recon boxes on eBay for £750+ again no way of checking quality except eBay rating. BGH Geartech is well renowned, been in the business forever and will build to any spec or ratio’s Take a deep breath when you look at prices.
  6. Tins of Slimfast and you’ll save 5Kg for little money and feel better at the same time. weight saving on a heavy car needs to be everywhere not just 1 bit, alloy hubs, alloy engine etc. etc. etc.
  7. On my Lotus 7 replica the 4 Branch manifokd wraps round the drivers footwell. I glued glass heatmat to the outside of the engine bay bulkhead and inside the footwell . for your application andbif you have space a simple ally sheet heat shield with an air gap between the exhaust pipe and pipe tunnel will help reflect heat, glueing silvered heat mat to the tunnel helps with transmitted heat and another layer of heat mat under the carpet should reduce conducted heat. its never one solution
  8. V6 Type 9 is stronger and has better ratios longer 1st 2nd and 3rd standard 1:1 4th and slightly longer 5th just need a 30mm spacer and an in-line bellhousing
  9. R,L or P stamped on the head back end on the exhaust manifold face 2.0L 48cc combustion chamber 1.6L 38cc combustion chamber putting a 1.6 Head on a 2.0L block makes the combustion ratio far to high and a skimmed 2.0L injection head is a much better base to work with
  10. I would think you were told to do a dummy build not a dry build but that’s just semantics. i would do a dummy build with an old gasket to check for valve to piston contact. If your using original springs then the cams won’t have much more lift than standard and measuring spring binding can be difficult with bucket lifters but you can measure lift with the standard cams and then the new cams. i would always use oil when fitting components when I building an engine
  11. The only real options available are the Type 9 and MT75 Ford boxes both have different input and output size and spline count meaning you wil need a new clutch plate and shorten the propshaft with a new nose to fit the gearbox
  12. There is a thread on LocostBuilders builders on how to use the OEM ECU for a Zetec instal its an extensive thread with forensic deconstruction of wiring and it is just that, no opening the box just rewire
  13. RL of FR ? there is a massive difference between FR (fast road) or RL (Rally) The FR32 is a very good road cam once set up properly The RL32 is very peaky only really pulling from 4,000rpm
  14. I run an RL31 essentially a slightly newer version of the RL21 tuning the carbs helps but it’s mostly the ignition curve once the carbs are setup well. difficult to setup a dizzy but an acuspark has switchable curves and a Megajolt gives the ability to map the curve even better just my opinion after having experience of both
  15. As stated there is no point running a bias pedal box and servoing the front, you are completely defeating the idea of a bias box as you would have to run a much smaller bore master to the rear to have any chance of controlling bias. i like the idea of the Cosworth solution tgebotger option not looked at is an inline bias valve however in practice this only limits the rear bias, useful in lighter cars with rear discs
  16. The original RS2000 is fundamentally no different to a standard Pinto the only difference was a better exhaust manifold and a twin choke carb Ford would be unlikely to paint the basic Pinto a different colour just for the RS2000 if the head is a different colour to the block then it is most likely it has been added later, there is not an easy way to check for big valves without taking the head off. i have a fibre optic scope with mirror attachment that I got from Lidl that could go down a plug hole
  17. If it has a different cam in it there will be letters and numbers stamped in the back end of the cam just pull the rocker cover off and have a look if you are lucky enough to have a big valve head it would definitely have a better aftermarket cam in it
  18. Most catch tanks are just cheap boxes some don’t even have a breather filter. the best ones have baffles in the tank separating the crankcase and rocker cover inputs and also have wire wool to catch the oil fog allowing it to separate out most of the oil befor venting any pressure via the breather filter to the atmosphere
  19. Dipsticks are matched to the tube if you fit matched dipstick and tube you’ll be fine The dipstick measures a level not a volume so if your current engine has oil in the sump that was correct before the old dipstick and tube were removed it should be ok now. i did a thread on a kitcar site showing the different Pinto dipsticks and tubes short dipstick has a short tube, long dipstick has the long tube Pinto dipstick Critical measurement is from bottom of dipstick tube to minimum mark Short tube 24.8cm Min mark to tube 14.7 Max mark to tube 12.5 Long tube 31.3 Min mark to tube 14.5 Max mark to tube 12.2
  20. Kit car builders rarely use a heater so on the Pinto we just run silicon pipe from carb or inlet manifold to water pump. the water flow is required for engine warm up and some hot/cold spots can form without it. i also put a T piece bleed cap in the pipe to aid easy system air bleed.
  21. Kit car builders rarely use a heater so on the Pinto we just run silicon pipe from carb or inlet manifold to water pump. the water flow is required for engine warm up and some hot/cold spots can form without it. i also put a T piece bleed cap in the pipe to aid easy system air bleed.
  22. Well the joy that is the current POTUS is certainly enriching the UK’s special relationship like never before. mind you making the Queen wait which she has never been made to do by the previous 12 presidents (she did not meet Lyndon B Johnson) has somewhat dimmed our view of you current democratically elected President.... Or was he, he rather like Putin does he not?
  23. What ECU and software did you use?
  24. My recipe for a fast Pinto does not include boring out to 93, I would spend on forged piston and Cosworth rods as the basis for a strong engine that can be upgraded again and again with just heads and cams. my budget engine is an injection Pinto with injection rods and injection head with an FR32 cam and bike carbs 135 ish bhp
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