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  1. wheelynutz

    Mk2 Saab Powered More Door

    So not much has happened as life has been happening, but last weekend i popped down to wales to pick up lots of bits: x2 B234R's x3 Bmw Gearboxes BMW to Saab adapter plate Garrett GT3076R Ball Bearing Turbo Modified inlet mani Siemens Deka 630cc Injectors and 3 Bar map sensor And much much more Just got to weld up my mk2 mx5 and get that all mot'd then fix my bloody van, then maybe i can get some time back on the escort.
  2. wheelynutz

    Mk2 Saab Powered More Door

    Not much has happened, welded up and made panels for the drivers quarter, and bought a whole omega gearbox, prop, mounts, shifter etc.......
  3. wheelynutz

    Mk2 Saab Powered More Door

    Cheers guys, i've been into saabs for years and a mate of mine (who i share my workshop with) has a bat shit crazy 9000 aero so he knows his way round them too. For the moment i will be using a r28 vauxhall omega gearbox that will bolt straight onto the saab lump, from memory its saab flywheel and pressure plate and vauxhall friction plate, but i'll have to double check that, and that will come nearer the time. The plan is for it to go on the road yes, and also many track days and back to drifting too. I don't really have a time scale tbh, i've got a lot going on and also in the middle of trying to get my rx7 fc back up and working again and rebuilding my mates turbo'd mx5, and playing with racing lawnmowers and jollies such as lemans etc..., hopefully this year as i really want to get it done, i just need to pull my finger out and get materials ordered and get shit done.
  4. Hi everyone, i'm new to the ford scene but have always loved old fords. I have finally got my hands on a mk2 4 door which some of you might know already, being it's trigs old more door. I bought it with no engine or box and other little odds and sods, the original plan was to go back to its throttle bodied 2.3 duratec with dry sump etc..., but then i came to terms that i cant afford to do such naughty things, so i decided to take the chance of being beheaded by purists by not putting a ford engine in it, and not keeping it N/A, but to go for a bit of saab power. I have been into saabs for years, there strong, reliable, powerful and cheap which seemed a very good base for a saab powered project. The other day i bought a Saab 9000 anniversary off a friend of mine for the full sum of £200, Its got the B234 2.3 lump in it which is the basis for the project, the plan is to use the saab engine and wiring, td04-19t turbo, and bigger injectors which'll take it to around 350bhp ish, that in a mk2 escort, that doesn't weigh that much, should shift. Any way the car Picked it up one evening And got it to the workshop in the morning where it will turn back into a working car I took the battered up front wings off and i managed to pick up a set of slot mags off ebay for a whopping £50 so couldnt resist putting the r888's on and putting them on the car And managed to pick up a few bits while i was at race retro, including this new old stock grille I started attacking the little bits of rust it has (which it actually doesn't have much of) Ground this back to find lots of filler covering a few more holes up, so kept grinding until all filler was gone and cut a big hole I didn't have any materials so i kept taking it apart and undiscovering what ive got to fix Stripped the rear end down so i can pull the rear quarter back out and make it smooth again, and uncovering holes round the windscreen aperture. So the list is adding up, i want to get the shell sorted first and then move onto the drive train. Here is the donor car (it's been sitting with the front of it in a hedge for the past 6 months) And it in its former glory This should be fun