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  1. davey

    Old Skool Maths

    Really need glasses just one coilover 60 it is then
  2. davey

    Old Skool Maths

    70 defo took 2 looks tho missed the x first glance and hit 17 great eye baffling stuff
  3. davey

    Best adverts

    Carlos fandango wheels quality stuff remember it well what about the hamlet ad with rab c nesbitt aka gregor fisher in photo booth as the baldy man don't know how to link
  4. davey


    Hi mate I can answer this for you been there before with your alloy sump you need to use alloy bellhousing and rs clutch arm because the position of clutch arm is different because of the wing on the side of alloy sump on normal tin sump you wouldn't have your problem hope this helps dave
  5. davey

    ratmobile on ebay

    x-pack 100e would you drive it?
  6. davey

    old skool fordson chuckwagon

    looks like international harvester yellow school bus chassis if the alloy front wheel rims are anything to go by they had 5.7/6.4 v8 16v lumps
  7. davey

    What jars you off most?

    quality mate
  8. davey

    What jars you off most?

    constant ppi ,boiler scheme,insulation etc phone calls. its great fun stalling them letting them get through their speel. its a challenge too see how long you can keep them trying. they must get some abuse i give them some anyway
  9. davey

    mk2 on a budget

    cracking job bill come along way in a short time (i seen it when i bought exhaust recently). you wont be long with firing it back together now. cheers dave
  10. davey

    hi all

    jim its great giving it a blast road the backroads where i am. but roads are wrecked they dont think about b-road repairs here. done too many tyres in with potholes etc. and i dont like cleaning fresh dung off the motor!.
  11. just a big thanks to scott for helping me with a dating letter for my escort. all done with dvla now thank god, and hopefully april i will have some free tax cheeRS davey
  12. davey

    hi all

    thanks for the friendly welcome enjoying your site some nice motors on here cheers dave
  13. davey

    bubbled mk1 xflow

    quality metal work mate