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  1. Mk1 escort handbrake set up I'm sure
  2. I thought these were free certainly not straight rot free
  3. X7? Loved those had a few in the 80s can't buy them now
  4. Really need glasses just one coilover 60 it is then
  5. 70 defo took 2 looks tho missed the x first glance and hit 17 great eye baffling stuff
  6. davey

    Best adverts

    Carlos fandango wheels quality stuff remember it well what about the hamlet ad with rab c nesbitt aka gregor fisher in photo booth as the baldy man don't know how to link
  7. x-pack 100e would you drive it?
  8. looks like international harvester yellow school bus chassis if the alloy front wheel rims are anything to go by they had 5.7/6.4 v8 16v lumps
  9. constant ppi ,boiler scheme,insulation etc phone calls. its great fun stalling them letting them get through their speel. its a challenge too see how long you can keep them trying. they must get some abuse i give them some anyway
  10. cracking job bill come along way in a short time (i seen it when i bought exhaust recently). you wont be long with firing it back together now. cheers dave
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