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  1. You can widen your search, same box as a 2ltr Cortina/ Granada hopefully without the RS tax. But every type E box seems to miraculously come out of a RS2000 🤔🤔
  2. Try Speedograph they rebuilt my Lotus clocks a lot cheaper than speedy cables.
  3. Not seen you on here for a long time
  4. You’ve got a new battery???!🤓🤓🤓 oh and a new set of leads.........now who’s been spending some pennies
  5. Up and running by Friday 🙀🙀
  6. Yukspeed made a specific for this conversion as the engine in its original fitment was laid over at 7 degrees. The escort fitment can be done at upright position or 7 degrees. You can use the Opel manta big winged alloy sump if fitting at 7 degrees but needs chopping to suit and they command a fair price to start with. Would say most of the oval race cars plus Ford conversion use these in the upright position.
  7. Have a look at yukspeed, York. He may still do the steel sump for the escort / XE
  8. I have 🤓 seem to remember commenting on the info contained in your posts before, always a pleasure to read.
  9. I’ve not heard of someone changing a prop when fitting an atlas after an english.
  10. RPs posts are a novel full of well researched and informative info, I know I couldn’t find so much detail and put it into terms we all understand. Keep em coming RP 😍
  11. Doing the Harrier which be my last car to build, nearly time to put the tools away. Selling some of my bikes as well. Just keep the Anglebox for track days and time put my feet up.
  12. Be my first day out in the Tina tomorrow, to the MOT station!!.....get a couple of jobs done on it in the near future then it will be up FOR SALE 😢😢
  13. Welcome to the forum John, certainly looks a tidy example 👍
  14. They only fitted one badge on the Tina, see cost cutting started a long time ago...lol
  15. I’m going to bring up a topic on ecu,s I need some info as well what you using yours on engine/ carbs/ injection ?
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