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  1. I would be inclined to go for 30/35k mark. Cost of any parts to reinstate after theft or accident could a fair whack which you have to put in the equation or an equivalent replacement.
  2. There from a car I stripped to go for a rally car, Had some great items on it that they didn’t need. For my days work I got full set of Ford belts front and rear, vinyl roof trims which cost a fortune, Single leaf rear springs, fuel sender unit, original mint boot carpet.
  3. Just put these on eBay, it’s something I’ve never seen or heard of before. Wash wipe kit for Square headlights. Also fitted to this car was a home plug in heating system that warmed the engine water up ! Got a few other items on there for sale.
  4. colr6

    Paint stripper

    Just ordered a pack of 5 discs, see how it goes. Never know unless you try.
  5. colr6

    Paint stripper

    The paint is so thick, I tried with orbital and 40grit disc and to do a small area took ages. As for blasting think even with soda there’s a good chance of warpage so with that it mind I’ll strip the bulk and have the edges blasted. I tried nitromors but it didn’t touch it unlike the Tina that was a doddle then had the awkward bits blasted. I learnt from the Anglia having them blasted it ruined an absolutely perfectly straight shell. So the stripper which Ray recommended I’ll give it a go and let you know the results with effectiveness and effort to carry out the job.
  6. colr6

    Paint stripper

    Thanks Ray, got the jist and found some 👍👍
  7. colr6

    Paint stripper

    Been trying to strip the paint off my bonnet with no avail. On a previous topic a stripper was mentioned that was supposed to be the dogs, but can I Hellas like find it. What’s you guys recommend.
  8. No one is any use to anyone without their health, look after yourself and mum that’s the priority.
  9. Got a job to go look at a boat fitted with twin 1.8 diesel ford escort engines believed same as mk3/4 escort Orion/ Fiesta First issue is cooling. Apparently no sea water going through heat exchanger probably why they get hot..lol I gather sea water goes through heat exchanger which has internal pipes inside containing clean engine water to cool engine. Correct ? Is this then bled into exhaust system and expelled with exhaust gases or separate outlet ? Obviously these have two separate water systems, clean and sea Long time since I did anything with these but the way the guy is talking he wants them re building. Has anyone a workshop manual for these they no longer need. Useful for torque settings and timing marks, would save me trawling the net for info and writing it all down and forgetting where I’ve put it. Or even a book on marinised ford engines. Going on Tuesday so will have a look to see if there is any conversion plates on them for more info. Any info much appreciated.
  10. The plastic piece is an anti theft device for mk2 escort handle marketed by Paddy hopkirk back in the day. And as you can see it wasn’t very good as was all his products. The cardboard box is a poor attempt at a wall mounted spongebob square pants See below.
  11. colr6

    What do you see?

    That old chestnut, asking for a friend 😉
  12. That’s cheating 😂😂😂
  13. Yes along with servo brakes/ power steering and radial tyres 🤔
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