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  1. What he doesn’t show you is it ended up on its roof after that, ambitions and capabilities......lol
  2. Got a boot spoiler for my sport through the post today from Australia, on the recommendation of RP to get one from this guy not far from him. Well to say it was gorgeous would be an understatement, it’s flawless. The spoiler was £225 plus £82 delivery so just over £300 Might sound a lot of pennies but when you consider they’re asking more than this for a years old one that’s distorted and half the studs missing, it’s a no brainer for me. No it’s not an original part but who gives a shit if it looks better and cheaper 😎 whoever thought you could get so exited over a bloody spoiler 😉
  3. I use dellorto carbs on my stuff, when I took for a rolling road set up the guy said he could more fine tune them over Weber’s. Apart from that they are usually cheaper than Weber’s which is a bonus. Vulcan have a very good reputation for head work, sure a few on here have had heads done by them and are very pleased with the results. My next head will be going to them.
  4. Must be having an off day....lol
  5. East Kent trims advertise roof kits. Just hope they’re better than their window rubbers.
  6. colr6


    Had a trawl round and the only info I can find is 1) for cooling possibly by the extra capacity plus the extra surface area of the pan itself to dissipate heat 2) with this sump it allows the engine to be fitted lower than with any other sump.
  7. colr6

    Required expansion

    I’d just be happy with a lottery win !!
  8. Due to accumulating so much crap over the years and needing space for the cars and bikes it left me with no working area. So got some plans drawn up to extend one garage and build another. All went well till the building inspector came down to give advice. The spec he required for footings was ridiculous, but you can’t upset these people 🙄 well not till it’s signed off that is 😜 so 24 cubic metres of concrete later the foundations and floors are in. Got the pre cast garage delivered Friday and today was the first dry day we’ve had, so called the boy in and cracked on. 5 hrs later it’s up !! Envisaged big problems as the panels come in at a bit over 100kg each. The 3 weetabix for brekkie paid off! Roof joists on tomorrow more than likely in the rain, but hey ho, us northerners get used to it...lol
  9. Carb should be 32/36 DGA manual choke or 32/36 DGAV auto choke. As for mirrors think two was an optional extra as most of the images I could find a definite answer wasn’t found, so that’s how I came up with this assumption. Sure on the Ghia carpets the soundproofing was attached to the carpet but not 100% on that one. Most cars of this era had hessian type sound proofing.
  10. colr6


    Off the net, Rally escort and caterham kit car.
  11. The original GT air filter housing is not a round fitment to carb, the one you have will be a std cortina one fitted with a solex carb. If the bottom of the air filter housing is flat, what’s to stop you cutting the round connector off and cutting it to the shape of dcd. With piece of rubber in between, repair washers on the studs in the carb and use nyloc nuts to fasten on. As it been a temp measure till the later mods why waste money on a K&n or possibly paying silly money for a genuine GT filter housing.
  12. For those hard to get to bolts, undos metric and imperial ! ....remove what you like easily.....LOL
  13. colr6


    Without finding a book to confirm, tappets inlet 10thou exhaust 22thou. (Cold) Timing 8 deg btdc may need pulling down to 4-6 for unleaded if any pinking occurs. Plugs 25-28 thou As above if it’s twins your thinking of fitting with your engine spec all it will do is sound nice and send the mpg through the floor.
  14. Most of the makers or borrowers Scott listed were companies that borrowed parts from other more well known manufacturers to construct a car in their own bespoke shell/ chassis. you could call all of them a bit of a Grey car really😜
  15. I was reading a few months ago on the varying spec you could have on a savage, depending how deep your pockets were ! From interior, wheels, brakes and engine spec. Until you put that pic up, I didn’t know they did an estate version. Every days a school day.
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