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  1. That’s the same as what I’ve used on my floor, as a precautionary measure I’ve always used a sealer beforehand. Does seem to last longer and not flake up as much.
  2. colr6

    Corona virus

    How is it when you get any spare time it’s always consumed by power wash the bloody drive !! Got my patio done lol. Seeing as we can’t get any builders, started building my own garage Yes another one. Got the trowel out and some lines crack on. Been looking through some old paperwork and found an old pic. What do you do with 16 sport back in the days of normality 🤭 Oh yes knock the windows out and strip the interior, drop a 1700 twin cam in it and blast it round a field...lol
  3. This came up and thought you might like it @PeteRS8084 think this was silverstone a few years back
  4. colr6

    Corona virus

    I sent my lads home last wed, most of our sites closed also. Seems greed is overcoming common sense though.
  5. colr6

    Corona virus

    So what’s peeps getting up to with all this time on their hands ? Who’s working and who’s staying home ?
  6. It must be bad, even the distastefully modified get through the net.....lol
  7. Don’t look to bad shell wise, think the biggest problem may be the dash. That depends on how much has been chopped at the back of it.
  8. Why do you think I got a big log burner, DIY cremation....lol
  9. colr6


    Put them on Retards Club Mark, it’s full of knobheads with the saying ‘ I’d save that’
  10. colr6


    Are these going to be filling your new sheds up ??
  11. You’d have to get a bigger garage Phil....lol
  12. I’ve a mate with a Caroliner and measuring system which he said I could borrow. Got a date sheet for the measurements for the mk2. Hopefully all to spec once it’s put back together. Won’t be ordering any panels till all this corona crap has finished. Getting all my outside peoples jobs done in case I pop my clogs 😳 can’t leave people with boxes of bits now can I...lol
  13. The list is reasonably long, although a lot can be restored. Body will require full floor, lower bulkhead, chassis rails, n/ s A post, front inner wings, o/s/ rear quarter, rear panel A lot of the stuff I have due to cutting a knackered sport up I had which was bought last year. Cut up a sport you say, it was so badly repaired in its life and I couldn’t get the correct paperwork for it from an importer who will remain nameless but if I come across him a rather large bat will wrapped round his skull. This will be put on the back burner for now till I can borrow a jig to build it on.
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