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  1. colr6

    Struttin' what model?

    So on that then, you can decide on mk1 or to by the tre taper. Good point forgot about that! .....it’s an age thing...lol I was unaware of the different bolt pattern, your meaning on the steering arm .yes?
  2. colr6

    Struttin' what model?

    Not 100% but think all mk1s have removable arms along with the Capri. So off the mk2 range.
  3. colr6

    CLASSIC FORD SHOW - 2nd June 2019

    The temptation of my knock knock jokes got the better of you then??.....lol
  4. colr6

    Cant get on

    Rather you than me !! Think if I was looking for the problem it maybe more than a while......good luck and thanks for trying to sort it👍👍👍👍👍👍
  5. colr6

    Poor Panel Fit on Alan Mann Mk1 Replica

    The reason for discrepancies in fit is they used a Higgins shell for datum points!.....the engine ....well its a zetec with the vvt removed the engine that fitted in everything these days......lol
  6. colr6

    Cant get on

    I to experienced it this morning, gave up after a while and went and laid some more bricks....lol Still came up with parse error at 12-15 but refresh opened it up.😀
  7. colr6

    Best aftermarket panels.

    If there from Higgins, they’ll be Chinese shite that don’t fit. Welcome to the forum 👍
  8. colr6

    wheres col?

    Nah, got one leaking oil though. NOT a manufacturing error I might add. A Honda Civic type R driver got his ambitions mixed up with his capabilities at Cadwell and destroyed the Armco barrier thus chucking the concrete on the track, one bit went through my sump!
  9. colr6

    Raising the Insurance Value of my Escort

    I wouldn’t let my wife drive any of mine, she is a disaster on wheels! She puts radio 4 on and that’s it, suffers with tunnel vision. No idea what the car is doing or telling her, not a bloody clue!!! How she got a license I don’t know. As for parking ...well.....if there was a parking spot in between two cars...the tax would run out before she got the car in🤔 I can only say this cos she don’t know the password on my I pad.....ha ha
  10. colr6

    wheres col?

    I’m still here, just up to my neck in building at the moment. Not car building but house renovations. Not that we needed most of them, but got to keep her indoors happy. My proposed garage extensions are on hold at the moment due to planning, without these I ain’t got no space to do anything really. The escort was booked in for paint end of March but that’s been cancelled. So that’s buried at the back of the garage, just accumulating parts as I see them, keeping under the radar of the wife.....lol Its nice to know I’ve been missed or is it the case you ain’t got no one to pick on😜...lol
  11. colr6

    Hello from Wigan

    Welcome to OSF
  12. colr6

    1300E resto number 2

    Wasn’t the name I was thinking of whilst I was picking swarf out the bottom of something🤬🤬🤬
  13. colr6

    1300E resto number 2

    That begs the question,......who’s Alvin ??
  14. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    You lot don’t want me to bring it to CF this year then????.......party poooopers