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  1. colr6

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    So really can't even be classed as remote ! Back to basic mirrors, even less then...lol
  2. colr6

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    So if I email the bloke on fleabay and tell him they were never fitted to a RS so knock the RS tax off and offer £50 the pair instead of the £300, do you think he'll take it?? Trade description act and all that....lol Y may have a point on the speedo front, ain't the cortina Granada speedo the same?
  3. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    Didn't think you bothered taking it it turns....just all have a go at once😩
  4. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    But most of its plastic !! Wouldn't be worth the hassle of picking it up 😜
  5. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    You know some weird people🤖👽
  6. colr6

    Just a quick check

    My personal preference wouldn't be to fit the cooler there, I'd fit it to the front crossmember infront of the rad. The two large holes in the front panel allow airflow. Fitting as oe in my mind blocks 20% of the rad where if needs its most cooling, at the top is where the hot water flows first. I've only ever fitted oil coolers horizontal and never had issues. Fitment on my Anglebox plus you can see oe fitment on the MG.
  7. colr6

    Just a quick check

    Just a quick note, when you fit the cooler manually fill the rad with oil before starting the engine.
  8. colr6

    Just a quick check

    What grade of oil you using ?
  9. colr6

    Just a quick check

    Quality of oil used? Hp/ hc pump? Thermostatic fan to control engine temps better? Milage on the engine?
  10. colr6

    Just a quick check

    Just as a matter of interest why would you think it needs an oil cooler?
  11. colr6

    Just a quick check

    It secures the pipes to the inner wing ( if required )
  12. colr6

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    Unless your putting them on a X- pack, don't make any difference. Not original fitment to a boggo RS anyway.
  13. colr6

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    Black spokes with polished rim and spoke edges, think it highlights the deep dish more
  14. Ensure the shaft is clean, lubricate the seal with brake fluid or rubber grease and slide on from the pointed end. It will stretch to go over the large parts.
  15. colr6

    Christmas Wish list....

    Clearly the escorts not quick enough for you then?