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  1. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    It’s a transformer
  2. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    Would be ok without the bee hive on the bonnet 😳
  3. How can the bellhousing fit when the flywheel is bigger than the block mounting holes ?
  4. Just measured the Sierra flywheel, tooth to tooth 11 1/4 and 135 teeth. That’s from a 87 2.0 injection.
  5. Yes it does or near enough 🤔
  6. I don’t know, all these lights !! Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy a pair of specs to see where your going ?????
  7. The flywheel you have ain’t for a pinto, cast or alloy bellhousing it won’t fit. I’ve a 205 Sierra engine in the garage I’ll measure that flywheel and would say without looking it will be the same as dt36s. poss the big flywheel is off a v6?
  8. See if you can get 97 Ron fuel or super unleaded, that should help.
  9. Have you tried adjusting the gun to get a wider fan ? you need air circulation to get rid of the fumes, extractor fan through a tube onto a bucket of water.
  10. Not a problem to me, I don’t know more than six people....lol
  11. colr6

    finally got 1

    I’d like to know how you open the bonnet with the air filter on ???
  12. colr6

    finally got 1

    We built one in 72, reg CAT 754K 🤭
  13. colr6

    finally got 1

    An Angle bug
  14. That’s what I used and sold the mint opening windows for a guy to chrome
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