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  1. You won’t go far wrong with Victor reinz seals
  2. How much you expecting to pay for a 205 block ? I’ve got one here on std bore, but I also have some Hepolite .05 overbore pistons new in box. Without stripping it I would assume the crank is at std
  3. With the drum off the only shoe that will return to its original position is the one done by the h/ brake lever. If the other one doesn’t return then the springs are weak. You will always have some bind till the small amount of run out on the drum knocks the trailing shoe back.
  4. Think it needs attending by the club. Once people stop comparing to the Pod it may move on. Hopefully the organisers get their act together with a few of the issues raised after last year. Tbh there isn’t that many worthwhile shows left to do with the invasion or allowance of newer cars allowed to attend. Still a fairly central place for people to travel from all directions.
  5. colr6

    Twin carbs

    If your chokes are of the correct size, me personally would have taken it to a good rolling road place and have it set up correctly. You can go on for ages spending money on jets and still have no clue how the car is performing. Most RR places have a selection of jets or can drill yours to suit and know what actions to take to cure certain problems.
  6. colr6

    New members

    If you go into new members instructions, click on any of the recents and where it gives the details on the left they are all the same. Purple member,64 posts and location. Just my observation, probably totally irrelevant and trying to live to my heading of instigator of TROUBLE.....lol
  7. colr6

    New members

    Is it me or am I missing something 🤔🤔 if you look at the latest new members, they’re all purple members, 64 posts and all same location ??? Have we suddenly got a new Ford town all owning OSF??
  8. Welcome to the forum 👍
  9. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    I’m not a Lambo man neither am I a Rat Rod fan, all I can say is the metal would have made a far better washing machine than a car and I use the car term loosely.
  10. Try webcon on internet, they should be able to supply everything. Don’t go buying one of the new Weber’s that are available. Ray will give you a little insight of the quality of those. Would suggest getting the swear box ready 🤭
  11. And to top it all, quick release hubs. Just one pin. Formula one has nowt on the old stuff !!
  12. Picking up on Friday now I’ve got the paperwork for it, it’s not a pretty sight. Everything is there and year dated, to say it’s suffered with rust worm would be an understatement...lol But just happen to have a shell waiting to be cut up and make the Harrier good.
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