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  1. If you go dumping the clutch at every set of lights, you will have problems. Apart from that all should be ok
  2. Just take your wallet out of your pocket that will lift the ride height and also give a boost to your power to weight ratio 😜
  3. You can do a few mods, anti tramp bars/ panhard rod/ spring bushes ( poly ) and the expensive bit a limited. If you go for a limited would suggest an ATB for road, fit and forget.
  4. My sentiments exactly. Bit of sawing bit of drilling maybe £30 to get it welded job done.
  5. Good one, that made me laugh 😂😂😂😂😂
  6. If you google shortening type nine, there is a pictorial guide with flicker from someone who did it for a midget. It is quite simple really. Just need someone who can alloy weld if you cant do it yourself.
  7. Might be worthwhile looking at chopping the top of the remote down to get the gear-lever forward, like they do on the mgb conversion.
  8. I won’t be waiting next to the letter box for my Oscar nomination to come through then ....lol
  9. There were only a handful of mk1s attended.
  10. They did a lot of filming before going off to the cathedral, that’s were mine was done. We sat for 25mins in stationary traffic while it was pissing down so did a U turn and left. We’d been there 3 hrs, very disappointed with the whole affair.
  11. That’s interesting, while they wer3 filming they did take close up shots of front and rear of mine. Whether it go5 on the episode don’t know.
  12. Think for £20 it makes so much difference, especially right on the front of the bonnet what everyone’s eyes clap an immediate view of. Get one bought👍
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