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  1. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    Certainly no design skills and Going by the plant pots he ain’t got green fingers either 😂😂
  2. Well at least that’s not me on the horse, I’ve got more hair!!!.....lol
  3. They say The old ones are the best but jousting is even before my time RAY! 🤫
  4. No it’s you lot that drive on the wrong side.....lol
  5. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    I’ve just finished my extensive browsing through Wikipedia, and it’s come up with monstrosity!!! Rare or one off it should be crushed 🤮🤮🤮🤮
  6. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    I’m just consulting Wikipedia for a suitable description, been looking for a while now 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  7. No need, the std escort is quite easy to drive with normal wheel tyre combination, same as the Tina. TheAnglebox on the other hand you needed arms like Garth to throw that from lock to lock even when it was moving. So that got the power treatment and tbh it works spot on and after initial setting up I’ve never moved the control knob since.
  8. I dare say with a bit of thought on the parcel shelf front you would be able to nearly hide the whole thing from sight
  9. You hear nothing at all 👍
  10. Something I never knew, will have to try and add one of these rare things to my collection. Maybe a new thread more door bikes ??....lol
  11. Is it a focus keyfob ??........lol
  12. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    If I’m not mistaken it’s the same guy who did them both, there was another feat of engineering he did but can’t find a picture.
  13. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    I’ll raise you on that one......49 cylinders......try locating the mis fire on that!!!!!
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