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  1. The available wiring diagram for the mk2 escort is the worst I’ve ever seen. It may be me but I’m unable to follow the wires from where they go into a central line as it looks on the drawing and get where it comes out 🤔 unlike previous wiring diagrams I’ve had you can follow every individual wire from start to finish inc colour change and T offs to supply other things on the same circuit. If I could I’d be re- making my own harness as I did on the Tina and the Anglia also the engine loom on the cossy. With Katanas reports on the issues he’s had with his harness I would be having more than second thoughts on paying a lot of money for a harness that basically a lump of wires and no traceable connect ability to switchgear or other units using the original a Ford drawing.
  2. You give him 5k and I’ll give you 6k 🤫
  3. I’ve mentioned mine in previous threads, something I’d like to own. Pref the saloon or coupe whatever you want to call it but the estate would also be nice. Take the single cam 2300 unit out and drop a Jensen Healy twin cam in them for a little bit more grunt and the wow factor when you lift the hood.
  4. Got you a pic Dale, to give you some idea of size it’s next to the battery in the boot
  5. I’ve got a small trolly jack in my boot, got it from the local motor factors. Will get you a pic tomorrow night.
  6. 140 mls....BLOODY HELL think of the fuel man😳😳😳😳😳 No probs the wife will have to push it a bit further 😅😅 Put me down for it👍
  7. Pity the tracking gear hasn’t got the swivel mirror head, otherwise I would have had them. Could do with a swivel head set to set twin steers up on trucks.
  8. Some are two but others up to three, if you have a spouse then just alternate the policyholder on a normal policy thus keeping your NCB active.
  9. You don’t loose your NCD if you don’t use it for a year or so, just keep your last renewal with proof of NCD for a future policy
  10. Cherished/ footman James / Adrian Flux
  11. The policies I’ve had don5 have a no claims facility, it’s just a set price.
  12. If it’s a Capri 1/2 it’ll have fine unf threads and the struts will be metric taper. If the Capri mk3 has metric threaded arms the normal mk2 t r ends will fit. If the track arms are the same length as mk2 escort just swop the arms to get the metric thread. Again if you get some measurements of rack arms and inner tca mounts I can tell deffo if it’s a Capri rack and also if mk2 escort arms are the same length.
  13. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    Every days a happy day.......lol
  14. Got plenty if you need some Dale, use them on my trucks. Supposedly ip67 so watertight. Not the make you’ve quoted bu5 same thing.
  15. Not sure if Capri had welded steering arms, the escort did. Tcas could be escort or Capri as they are the same. If you get a measurement between the inner tca mounts I can tell you if it’s Capri or Escort crossmember.
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