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  1. Is it an age thing and your going for a Morris 1000 engine 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  2. I’ve a gripper in the Anglebox, it’s bloody noisy when cold. Sounds like the props loose !! Once it’s warmed up it’s great. Supposed to be able to withstand more than a good thrashing and are very highly rated.
  3. I would use washers, from memory just over a litre.
  4. Castrol b373 oil, use gasket dry just make sure surfaces are clean, There quite a few lsd oils on the market, you could check out opie oil site. millers oils. Atb diffs can use normal gear oil.
  5. Going back a fair while, a John ally cage for a mk2 cortina went onto the rear parcel shelf. The bolt in cages had alloy bolt together clamps.
  6. Just a bit, normally they’re about £60 a rim but these came out at £85 when I considered they could be a total loss on the cutting front I was willing to pay that for the end product. To be fair on their behalf they did ask before continuing.
  7. Finally got round to picking my wheels from the diomond cutters and had the tyres fitted. More stuff to go in the loft 🤫🤫🤫 considering the condition that they were in I was well pleased, not totally perfect but bloody near enough! Fully expected them to refuse to do them or advise to powder coat. But apparently persevered and got them as near perfect as poss. Got to take into consideration these are 40+ yrs old. Had 185/60 Yoko a539 directionals fitted and we’ll see how they go.
  8. You’ll remember this Mark when they used to make new vehicle entries on the register by hand 😂 An incorrect entry was made and I managed to trace the wrong frame number back to the original entry on registration. But will be interesting to see what they make of that one 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  9. The DVLA are a world on their own and you won’t change that!! I’ve had two instances, one the MG which had one of the first style v5s mot certs the lot. They wanted to know the far end of a fart before giving me a new v5 in my name. No alterations totally std but months of wrangling to get one. The Harrier was off the road since 99 no logbook but applied for a book off the reg and chassis number, 2/3 weeks later log book in my name ! No consistency whatsoever. It’s just like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get 🤔 wait till I have a go at getting a bike registered
  10. Yes thanks mate, got sorted. But thanks for looking 👍👍
  11. Some can be a bit of a bugger to remove, perseverance with a good slide hammer and sometimes a bit of heat sorts them out. It’s alright getting the right good quality bearings but you also need the locking ring which is always advised to change. A tip in days gone by was to put a couple of spot welds on the ring if used again to stop it moving, as long as you don’t get carried away with the weld as you introduce a flaw into the shaft and we did have a couple snap off under heavy use. Don’t think you would get the same extreme pressure on normal road use.
  12. If it could be done, there would be a lot of takers not just on this forum. I would have thought the likes of Aldridge would have been able to source a supply by now or warrant having some made. I would consider there to be a reasonably good demand with the amount of Ford models using fishnet headrests.
  13. To edit, top right corner. Three dots, brings drop down menu.
  14. Sure they do a short stem rack on the Capri, so you could move the rubber coupling down to the bottom. Give you a little more space.
  15. I take it it’s free seeing as there’s no price 😂😂😂😂😂
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