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  1. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    Please, please, please no more it’s getting to much to bear !
  2. And I only thought it was southern tossers who could bend pegs,.......wrong again
  3. Good move Ian 👍👍
  4. Try autodoc on internet, they’re listing KYB at £29 each.
  5. Thanks to Scott for the couple of pics of mine on the track, one coming round the hairpin which reminds me I need to change the diff ratio as I couldn’t keep it on song round it. The other pic is overtaking I think was a v8 Capri down the straight. I’ve just looked at my go pro footage of the knob in a fiesta 🤬 who kept getting in my way to to a full quick lap. He should have been black flagged the amount of times he cut in front of me. But hay ho good day. I’m really struggling to blow the head gasket though even at 9200rpm 😜
  6. Think you’ll regret selling it, but if needs must then that’s it. You’ll be lucky to find another good one like that without re- mortgaging what you’ve just spent the cash on ! If you can keep it an use at a later date and enjoy.
  7. There are a few things that would sorting out for next year, more toilet facilities, improvement on the camping ground and more area, staff that know what they are doing. Entrance was a bit poor again better staff for directions in and out of the field. For me personally the track was good, better than doing just a straight line job by. Enjoyed it barring it pissing down which spoilt the day.
  8. Most screens are covered on your insurance with a 50/75 £ excess fitted. No effect on no claims bonus. Why go to all the hassle?
  9. As far as I’m aware, all from the same source.
  10. As said panel gaps awful, the welding on the panels must have been done by a blind child ! It has been mentioned the rear quarter angles are wrong. The rear parcel shelf is a 4 door one. By the quality of the welding and fit of things, I dread to think what the structural integrity would be like after a bit of spirited use. Poss why they group 4 them .......weld everything up!!!
  11. If it’s based on the Higgins shell, then it’ll be shite! Don’t care if it’s group 3/4/5/6/7 any group at all your still starting with a pile of shite. Rather spend my money on burgers tbh, might live a bit longer eating all those against having a crash in one of those recreations.
  12. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    Is it me or has she got something missing???
  13. I’ve had the Anglebox for 11 years, and still on the same head gasket !!! (eeb 43 ) The Tina a new addition @ 3 yrs. And finally the escort got last year.
  14. colr6

    Just plain wrong!

    I don’t Hondas 🧐
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