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  1. Hey.. don't worry Rally Pack.. I have just found it Mr Man?
  2. Any chance of a Link Rally pack.. I am struggle to find my way around on this new forum setup?.. many thanks RallyPack?
  3. Pictures or it never happened!!
  4. Gartrac make custom anti roll bars .. I spoke to them recently and they had so much time for me on the phone.. something you don't always find these days .. give em a call and ask them.. I think they will be able to help you ... Grant
  5. All Beautiful cars above .. I just love old cars especially Old Fords I have a couple of Interceptors and have made one of them a 4 speed Manual too .. I love fords so much but I also love my Interceptors .. not more but the same >>> >>> >> >>> >>> >>> >> and I know this isn't a car but most may well remember them ... something I have had since I was 18yrs old and I am 53 now!! >>> >>> >>>
  6. Hi Rayy Pack, have often used old bottles, I give them a good clean with washing up liquid and then leave them in bleach overnight, it brings then up as best as possible I find, not perfect like new but always so much much better than when you started anyway
  7. Hello Mr Netherlands Man Do you have a thread on your conversion or any pics at all? With kind regards Grant
  8. Wow lovely ovely Job there Job .. Well Gel!!!
  9. That looks good in there Paul... Love it
  10. I think you might need to have a little tidy up "My Ole Fruit"
  11. Met a chap last week who now has a Mk 2 Esc RS1800 (very rare and worth a fortune as you all know) .. anyway we chatted for a good couple of hours, we were talking about the small script on his number plate of the RS, "RS Dealer MIKE YOUNG" it said, anyway I asked him "did you know Mikes brother was John Young the propietor of "SuperSpeed", "Yes he said" and began to tell me a story, he saw a cheap Escort for sale in 1987, it was advertised as a V6, out of curiosity he went to have a look as he loved Escorts and always had Twin Cams back from the age of 18yrs old, anyway when he got there he opened the bonnet to have a look and noticed the odd things that pointed to it being an original Twin Cam, so he bought it, he said he pulled the V6 out, sold it and put a Lotus Twin Cam back in, he then sold the car as a Lotus Twin cam and made a few pennies .. happy Days ... he now realises it was a Genuine SuperSpeed complete with Twin Petrol tanks, although not all original interior etc..he gave me a few Pics I have added below, he sold in 1987 soon after he bought it and converted it back to a Lotus engine... but it hasn't been taxed or sorn since.. maybe it got broken, who knows... >> Here some Pics of it >> >>> >>> >>> >>>> >>> >>> With kind regards Grant
  12. Maybe Ray's correct here, I did use the Fernox central heating descaler and slude remover, I think it is designed for rust aswell but have a google about it, I did say by PM to Stephen that is was F1 but that is a inhibitor designed to used after cleaning in a central heating system.. please note that Stephen
  13. Although rarer than twin cams the twin cam have more of a following so I guess they are more desireable as a twincam, as we know things are worth only as much as people will pay, so with a bigger audience for the twin cam maybe they would fetch better money, but who knows as superspeeds very rarely come up for sale as there are so few left
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