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  1. AND THEN Colin & joe found barry a mk1 capri happy days
  2. hi Jo , coming up Saturday mid morn when I pay on gate do I ask for quiet camping area ? as I have had some issues getting round before ? feel free to P m the best option cheers
  3. top man look forward to some heads up pics this year bring it on nick !!!!!
  4. Got to say a big thank you too Colin & Joe and the ashton team ! for the last 6 months of drag racing . firstly they found me the car so after buying an Anglia and then the mk1 capri came up I jumped ship back to what I drove in my teens ! then came a few mods and a re-spray through the year started of with first run at pod 15.7 -15.2 ended with pb at shakspear county 14.2 so well chuffed but the best moment was winning round 4 and best reaction and the team taking 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th !!!! cheers TAM !!!!
  5. Well ended up with a Pb of 14.2 chuffed with that but most of all Joe managed to run a 13.6 at Shakespeare county last month top man gives me something to aim for next year !!!
  6. Various mods through the year and a go faster paint job
  7. First season in my mk1 started at 15.7 secs and now today it's run a 13.6 sec
  8. Is this the fastest mk1 2.1 pinto ???
  9. looking forward to last round hope to beat my pb and get car into low 14 secs
  10. Looking forward to next round
  11. Hi all anyone got some videos of the runs from sunday ? as didn't mange to get any ? cheers barry ( verb72 ) or maybe react 72 lol jo.
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