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  1. Tabblink

    Mk 1 Escort / RS2000 Engine

    Sounds stupid but firing order? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Tabblink

    Mk1 1600 GT SA import.

    Bump, Anyone got even a rough idea?
  3. Tabblink

    Mk1 1600 GT SA import.

    Pics as requested
  4. Tabblink

    Mk1 1600 GT SA import.

    Hi guys, Just after a bit of info/advice on a car I'm looking to buy. It's a 1600GT 2 door South African import. It has a completely solid shell with only slight surface rust inside the boot/ engine bay. No rot. The interior is in pretty good condition with only a couple or tears here and there. Will need a re-spray but apart from that it runs and drives with no other faults. What would you roughly value the car at, A- as it sits B- when repainted and restored to a good condition (not concours) Don't want to end up paying too much for it. Thanks in advance for your help.